A True Game's End

**WARNING: This may contain spoilers from the Hunger Games trilogy**What if there was never a "Wrinkle"? What if Katniss, Peeta, and all the other victors never went into the Hunger Games again? In this story, Katniss and Peeta train two 15 year old tributes, Willow and Rye, who are also childhood friends. But, of course, these games are different because its a Quarter Quell. How will these games end? Will friend turn against friend? Or will being friends be their winning advantage?


9. Willow- The Parade

Rye doesn't understand. And he may never understand.

I put aside my petty girl problems. Not in these Games.  I will be the strong Willow Benford. No more crying. No more scenes.

I open my door and walk into the main room and let out a little gasp. Rye was in the middle of the room with his parade costume on. He wore a black tuxedo with a red-orange tie that matched the inside of the jacket and his gloves. His hair had been done, like mine. He looked nice.

He smiled and walked towards me. "We need to stop meeting in these type of situations, Wil. You look like a little kid eating sugar for the first time." He grows a huge grin as my cheeks heat up and I look down.

"Sorry," I mutter. He just laughs, links our arms, and brings me over to the crowd of people.

"Wil, this is Portia, my stylist. And he's Cinna, your stylist." Cinna walks forward and the first thing I notice is his gold eyeliner. Peculiar, but it suits him.

Rye lets go of my arm when he takes my hand. "Nice to meet you Willow. Shall we get you ready?" I give a nod. He smiles at me and brings me back to my bedroom.

I sit on the bathroom ledge as Cinna pulls up a chair in front of me. "You will be alright. I know you're sick of hearing 'I'm sorry this happened to you', so I won't give that advice. I will say, though, that you will be alright." He flashes me another smile. "You're in good hands."

He walks out of the room and returns a few seconds later with a dress. A dress almost identical to Rye's suit. It was the same shiny black, but with strands of the red-orange in the fabric. There was a red-orange headband that matched the color of my gloves. It was beautiful.

Cinna assisted me in slipping into the tight fabric and buttoning the back. He also put the headband in just right. After I slipped on the gloves, I was ready. I felt so light in the fabric. It felt like nothing on my body.

I walked out of my room and approached Rye. His mouth hung open a little when I came out. When I reached him, I pushed it close with my finger.

I lean into his ear. "You're right." I breath. "We do need to stop meeting in these situations." A smile crept onto my face, slowly followed by a smile on his face.

"Now Willow and Rye," Katniss says. "You need to act sort of happy. It'll help us win you Sponsors. Okay?" We both nod as we step onto the carriage.

Cinna leans in between us. "The red-orange fabric is special. Grasp hands when you want to see what happens." Rye and I give Cinna a look of confusion. But, he leaves without another word.

Soon, the carriage is moving forward. I put a hand on the side of the carriage to keep from falling, but Rye's hand on my back steadies me.

"Don't fall now. I don't think the sponsors will like that." I smile. I tickle him behind the ear before we go out, his one true ticklish spot. He giggles like a girl and puts on the goofiest smile. I can't stop from laughing, but immediately make it into a genuine smile.

A few moments later, my fingers intertwine with his and a light arises from the red-orange fabric in our clothes.

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