A True Game's End

**WARNING: This may contain spoilers from the Hunger Games trilogy**What if there was never a "Wrinkle"? What if Katniss, Peeta, and all the other victors never went into the Hunger Games again? In this story, Katniss and Peeta train two 15 year old tributes, Willow and Rye, who are also childhood friends. But, of course, these games are different because its a Quarter Quell. How will these games end? Will friend turn against friend? Or will being friends be their winning advantage?


12. Rye- Curiosity Leads to Discovery

I ride the elevator up to our floor, awaiting peace and maybe a conversation with Willow. If I'm lucky. But I've seen Willow like this before. She acted the same way when Penny yelled in school how she had a crush on me.

But no, there was no peace.

As the elevator came to a stop, I heard the music. Beautiful music, as if professional musicians were playing on the 12th floor itself. After some walking around, I found the source of the music; Willow's room. For a moment, I stood dumbfounded. Willow plays an instrument? Since when? When I quietly peeked into her room, I saw that she wasn't playing, but dancing.

Though I knew that Willow didn't dance, her feet moved with such a grace. Her eyes were closed and she was surrounding herself in music. The short hair she had was softly bouncing with her movements. She seemed at peace. She looked... happy.

For a moment, jealously washed over me. Wouldn't it be nice to experience some peace a week before the Hunger Games. But, I'd need to find my peace.
It seemed like hours as I watched her, debating whether or not to go in and dance or talk with her.

Eventually, my legs grew tired and I walked to my own room. I quickly changed into a white t-shirt and sweatpants and laid in bed, thoughts running crazy in my head. About Willow. About Penny. It was all too confusing for me, especially a tired me.

I won't get mad. Penny's words bounced around in my thoughts. Leaving Penny for Willow, even if it was for the Games, couldn't happen, and the three of us knew it. Yet, I had kissed Willow's cheek without even a second thought about Penny. What did that say about me?

A tear making its way down my cheek, I crawled into bed, pulling the blankets close to me, and went to sleep

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