A True Game's End

**WARNING: This may contain spoilers from the Hunger Games trilogy**What if there was never a "Wrinkle"? What if Katniss, Peeta, and all the other victors never went into the Hunger Games again? In this story, Katniss and Peeta train two 15 year old tributes, Willow and Rye, who are also childhood friends. But, of course, these games are different because its a Quarter Quell. How will these games end? Will friend turn against friend? Or will being friends be their winning advantage?


4. Rye- A Promise

Willow and I are put in separate rooms for goodbyes. I could read her expression like a book. Scared. Upset. Mad.

The first person to come in takes me by surprise. Penny.

She just slammed open the door. You could tell right away that she was crying.

"Rye McDean." She grasped the collar of my shirt, standing uncomfortably close. "You need to promise me something."

I nod. "Anything."

"I don't care what you have to do. You and Willow are coming out of that arena. Both of you." She let go of my shirt and turns her head to the side. "Even if it means love her."

I grap her hand. "Pen-"

She kisses my cheek. "I won't get mad." And she walks out.

Anne walks in next and tells me to live, to keep Willow safe. She tells me to do the right thing. My dad doesn't come to say goodbye. I don't want him to. He's a lost drunk cause anyway.

As I am dragged onto the train, my thoughts go between Penny and Willow. Penny was telling me to keep us both alive. Even if it meant loving Willow. But I couldn't love Willow.

I loved Penny and Penny loved me.

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