Slutty Mother

This is a story about a mother named Haley. Her life is basically about sex, drinking, and her two kids Cait and Claire. Read the story to find out what happens.


1. Meet the Characters

Haley Carvalo

32 years old

I am a substitute teacher at high school and i teach seniors, and the only reason I do that is because I'm a cougar and hook up with my students. Usually all night I go out and party. I had my Claire when I was 17 and I had Cait when I was 27. Me and my boyfriend broke up a few years after I had Claire but we decided to raise our kids together and decided to have sex again and we had Cait.

Claire Carvalo

15 years old

I go to the school my slutty mother teaches at. Yes, I love my mom but i don't even get to spend one day with her, i feel like i dont know who she even is. I take care of my little sister everyday and we usually stay at my dads everyday to get away from the bullshit. 

Cait Carvalo

10 years old

Rita Herrara

29 years old

I work at a nurses office and I am best friends with Haley. We went through high school together either drunk, high, or ever sexually attracted to each other. 

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