Harry is an outcast at school, Chrissy is an outcast everywhere. Two outcasts one town and a whole lot of trouble...


5. chapter 4

    I sat there until morning afraid that if I went back to sleep I would have the same dream. By time the morning alarm went off I was about ready to sleep, I was exhausted. After about another hour of me just sitting there, someone knocked lightly on my door. "What?" I snapped. The door slowly opened and Harry looked inside.

    "No offense Chrissy, but you look like shit. Did you not sleep at all?" He asked behind the safety of the door. I groaned and laid down. He was probably right. I most likely looked like I died three times. Fucking hell, stupid fucking dreams.

    "No Harry, I didn't sleep last night. I don't need your shit about it either. Now please leave. I'm staying home today." I said before closing my eyes. I heard the door open more and footsteps come closer. Then I felt the bed slightly dip down beside me where he had probably taken a seat.

    "I'll stay home too then. Not that I don't trust you just I kind of don't trust you to not drink or smoke. Now how come you couldn't sleep?" He asked while he looked at me. I could just feel his eyes on me. This kid and staring, he needed help.

    "Bad dream. Just freaked me out a bit. It's fine. I'm just going to sleep and maybe then I won't look like I've died. I can do this as soon as you get out of the room."  I said before he laughed and stood up. His heavy footsteps made their way out the door, followed but the shutting sound. I got comfortable and soon fell straight to sleep.

    When I woke up, I stretched out before getting up and getting ready for what I had left of the day I wore the usual outfit, tight black tank top, really tight ripped jeans, my ankle books, and my leather jacket. I curled the bottom of my hair and quickly put on my makeup before making my way downstairs to grab something to eat.

    As I walked towards the kitchen I could hear Harry on the phone with someone. "Yes I'm bringing her. Gosh why are you so bitchy about it. I'm taking her to buy an appropriate dress for the occasion. No, there isn't anything wrong with her personality. Shut the fuck up Sophie. I never wanted to go with you. You're fucking annoying that's why. Fuck off, it's my sister's party. I'll bring who I want." He sounded pissed.

    I walked into the kitchen and when he saw me he hung up the phone. "I'm sorry if you heard that. But I guess Sophie, one of my sister's best friends, knows of you." He said looking pretty sorry that I had overheard everything and could basically tell what she was saying.

    "Sophie Callahan," I stated knowingly before Harry nodded, "yeah. She hates me because in eighth grade I made out with her boyfriend and then in our freshman year of high school she caught me and her new boyfriend experimenting with oral. Good times."  Harry looked at me, shook his head and almost  started to laugh.

    "I don't know why she would've been mad. She cheated on them more than they probably cheated on her." Harry laughed. I laughed and nodded before opening the fridge and grabbing some juice. Harry sat for a moment at the table and was typing vigorously on his phone.

    "We should go get your dress while we have the chance. We're going to be busy the next few days." He said while standing up and throwing his coat on. I looked at him confused, what did he mean, we were going to be busy the next few days.

    I think he noticed the look I was giving him because he spoke up once more. "I've made a few plans to show you that you can have fun without drinking, partying, and having sex." He smiled as he said so and I nodded. I followed him to his car before he had opened the door for me. I smiled as thanks before taking a seat on the passenger's side.

    He got into the driver's seat before starting the car and driving off. I looked out the window as we passed by all of the shops that I would normally shop at for dresses. About twenty minutes later we were in the wealthier part of town and I was very confused. Harry parked outside of a very fancy looking boutique and I was kind of nervous.

    "Don't worry about price, dress and shoes are on me. Just pick out what you like." He said before getting out and opening my door once more. We walked inside and I immediately noticed that these were designer dresses. I know this because I use to thrive off of such dresses, only hoping to own one. Harry smiled when he saw my face and pulled me by the hand further into the store.

    "Hello, may I help you?" A women in her late twenties asked. She wore a black suit outfit and her hair was in a high ponytail, she looked very professional. Harry nodded before explaining that I needed a dress for a royal ball themed party.

    "Sir, you're looking for a gown not a dress, and they are right this way." She stated politely before leading us in the right direction. I admired each of the elegant gowns I passed before she stopped and looked at me for a moment.

    "May I recommend something in a shade of dark blue, it will really bring out the blue of your eyes since they are such a light color."  She said before leaving us to look. I took her advice and grabbed a few different dresses that were dark blue. I walked into the fitting room while Harry took a seat outside of it. I tried on dress after dress until I came across this one gown. It was a royal blue strapless gown that had sequins around the waist and a slit in the side that went up to about mid-thigh. I opened the door and looked at Harry to get his opinion on it. He looked up at me and gave this weird look.

    "Is this one okay?" I asked while biting my lip ring. He slowly nodded before I did the same and went back into change back into my normal clothes. I grabbed that dress and joined Harry back in the waiting area outside of the fitting room. Harry picked out a pair of plain black heels to go with the dress before we went to the counter.

    "Chrissy, can you do me a favor and go start the car, I'll meet you out there." Harry said. I know he had me do this so I wouldn't see what the dress and shoes came up to, but I decided not to argue. I took his keys and did what he asked. It was a few moments before he joined me and drove away from the boutique.

    "Thank you Harry." I said while we drove back into our part of town. He smiled and told me how it was no big deal before he had pulled back into his drive way. I rolled my eyes before getting out and walking inside with Harry behind me for once.

    "You should go change into warmer clothes before we go to the thing I planned for tonight. It's going to be a bit chilly." He stated before I took my dress and shoes up to my room. I placed it in my closet before grabbing sweatpants and a sweater. I quickly changed before throwing my hair into a ponytail. I quickly changed into a pair of Ugg boots before heading downstairs. Harry sat there in same clothes but a sweatshirt instead of the t-shirt he wore earlier.

    "I have a few places to go to before we go do that thing, did you want to tag along?" Harry asked when he noticed that I had joined him in the living room. I nodded while he smiled and led the way to the car. We got back in the car and Harry began to drive. We rode in silence for a while before he pulled up to a shop.

    "I just have to grab something real quick. Wait here. It'll be a few minutes and then the drive to the thing is about twenty minutes." Harry said before getting out of the car and walking into the shop. I couldn't tell what the shop sold and honestly I was curious. But like I was told I waited in the car.
    About fifteen minutes later Harry came strolling out with a women following behind. She looked pissed. Harry on the other hand looked like he could care less. He turned around and said something to the women before getting in the car and driving off. I was thinking about asking but I thought maybe it was best if I didn't.
    He was right though, about twenty minutes later he pulled into the parking lot of an ice skating rink. I looked at him confused. "Harry I haven't been skating since I was like eleven." I said while Harry smiled and got out of the car. I did the same and walked beside him into the rink.
    "That's the point. The happiest times in your life will always be through out your childhood. Stuff like this will remind you, you don't need some random ass party to have fun." Harry said while opening the door for me. I stepped in and looked around. I smiled as I watched some little kids on the ice having the time of their lives. It was amazing and I couldn't wait to get on the ice.

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