Harry is an outcast at school, Chrissy is an outcast everywhere. Two outcasts one town and a whole lot of trouble...


4. chapter 3

    I walked around my new room and tried to take in everything that had happened. By the time I looked at my phone it was seven thirty. I had been pacing forever. I groaned before sitting on the edge of my bed. I kept asking myself why the fuck I would agree to something like this. What could this stupid fucking transfer student show me that I haven't already seen? Like honestly, I knew fucking everything.

    I was starting to become stressed so I grabbed my cigarettes and walked out of my room, down the stairs, and onto the back deck where I found Harry sitting. "Did you forget the no smoking rule?" He asked smugly while holding his hand out for the package. I sighed while running a hand through my hair and handing it to him. He nodded before pointing to a near by chair, that was literally his way of asking me to sit. Fucking moron.

    "I know this is going to be hard on you, but I know this will help." He said while looking at me. How the fuck would he know what's going to be hard on me. I could have given this shit up anytime I wanted to but just not when he wanted me to. It just didn't seem right to me.

    "Why do you care so much?" I snapped unintentionally. Force of habit. Harry shrugged before standing up and offering me a hand in which I politely took. He helped me up before walking inside with me behind him. I followed the asshole transfer student into his lavish dining room where a meal was already set.

    "You made tacos?" I asked while he nodded and pulled out a chair for me. This whole not talking shit was getting old pretty fucking fast. I sat down before he did the same across from me. We began to eat in silence before I spoke once more.

    "Why aren't you fucking talking? This shit is fucking awkward." I stated before he laughed and used his napkin to wipe his face. He looked at me for a moment and oddly enough I got butterflies. This shit didn't make sense at all. Guys don't give me butterflies, I give them fucking butterflies.

    "Chrissy, can I ask you a weird favor?" he asked while looking at me nervously. That made me nervous, again, no sense made.

    "Go ahead." I stated while finishing my food. He cleared his throat while looking down at his empty plate. He seemed as if he didn't want to ask me after all.

    "My older sister, she's having this party, a birthday party, and her friends are throwing it for her. The theme is royal ball, as weird as that is considering their age. I know I said no partying but this isn't the typical party. I'll be the only guy there alone if I don't bring someone and I was hoping maybe you would come with me. I know we just met today and the party is in two days and I can buy you the outfit you need. You don't have to go but I just thought I'd ask you incase you were maybe interested in going to something like this." Harry rambled on as if it was his first time asking a girl to accompany him to a party.

    I almost laughed and said hell no, but every part of me said go for it, get to know him. Maybe you two could be friends. It wouldn't hurt just for one night. "Yeah, I guess I can go but I don't really dance and if it's required I'm gonna look like a fucking moron." I said before he grinned and thanked me. His face was a bit red.

    "Harry, I'm just gonna head to bed. Today has been so fucking long thanks to some asshole. Goodnight." I said while standing and as I left the room it sounded as if he had said sweet dreams to me and that made my face go red.  didn't want it to but it just did it anyways. Annoying ass emotions not listening to what you obviously want.

    I went to bed that night confused as all hell. Nothing was right and I couldn't even smoke to get my mind off of it. It honestly fucking pissed me off. So I laid down, closed my eyes and went to sleep. It didn't last long, I was woken up about twenty minutes later to someone sitting beside me. I looked up and saw Harry staring down at me. "If only you knew, if only I could tell you." He repeated, over and over again.

    "What the fuck do you mean Harry, you make no fucking sense, you're a fucking dumbass and I'm tired. Please just let me sleep." I whined but he just continued saying those words as if he couldn't hear me at all. Then, after a good ten minutes he stopped, leaned towards me and in his eyes I saw my brother. Next thing I knew I was sitting up in bed, alone, wondering what the fuck that all meant.

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