Harry is an outcast at school, Chrissy is an outcast everywhere. Two outcasts one town and a whole lot of trouble...


2. chapter 2

    "So you were going to just have sex in the back of his car?" Harry asked while we walked away from the place I wanted to be so badly. I nodded while trying to keep my cool, but honestly, I was extremely mad and if I opened my mouth I would have flipped shit on this asshole.

    "You could do so much better than a back seat hookup." He stated as if he truly knew me when he so obviously didn't. I could feel my face growing red with anger and I was about to burst, and I did.

    "You don't know me you stupid fucking transfer, you don't know what I could do or how I should be. Honestly just shut the fuck up and back off. One last thing, fix your fucking staring problem it's super fucking creepy!" I yelled in the middle of the open parking lot. I really didn't care if anyone saw or heard, it meant nothing to me.

    "I do know you. Your name is Chrissy, brown hair and brown eyes, five feet tall, you party, you drink, you smoke when stressed, and you hook up with Zayn who wants a relationship but you don't work that way so he just goes with it to keep you around. I also know that when you're sober and not hung over, you're shy, you're smart, you're nice. You're best friends are Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. You would do anything to protect them and make sure that no one hurts them. I know that you love to paint and write and be creative. And I also know that you act the way you act to get back at your mom for leaving you with your neglectful father all those years ago. I know all of this because a high Louis Tomlinson has a very big mouth and answers simple questions rather thoroughly." He said and I only got more pissed off.

    "You got fucking Louis high to get answers about me you fucking stalker!?" I screamed before going to hit him. Louis was such a pure person and he went and got him high. Like who fucking does that?

    "He was high when I found him. He said your buddy Zayn back there was more than willing to share his pot brownies without telling him what was in them because he said and I quote, 'it would be so fucking amusing to see how much you like these things.'" Harry said while stepping out of the way of my fist.

    "What do you fucking want?" I asked still aggravated but calmed a bit more than I was a few moments before. We continued to walk and for a little bit it was in complete silence until he finally answered me.

    "You fascinate me. I have never seen someone act the way you do when you are honestly a completely different person. I have a challenge for you, and I also heard you love a challenge." He said with a sly smirk. His green eyes glistened as he waited for my response.

    "You have my attention. What is this challenge that you speak of?" I asked before his sly smirk broke into a full out smile. He had something up his sleeve and  I was curious as to what exactly it was.

    "Spend time with me. I can make you see how great life can be. Three months, spend three months living with me and see what happens. It can't be that bad." He stated before stopping at a silver car. I sighed, I thought this challenge might have actually been some what interesting.

    "My brother is going to hate the idea of me basically moving in with you, a complete stranger for three months. But I don't back down from challenges, especially stupid ones like this." I stated while rolling my eyes. I honestly couldn't believe that I was agreeing to this stupid little challenge.

    "I have a few rules though. No drinking, no partying, no hookups, and no smoking. A completely different life. I want you to see how much better life could be. That is, if you can handle it." He said. At that point I knew  he was just trying to con me into it but like I said, I don't turn down a challenge. So of course I bought into it.

    "You're on. But right now, I have to go visit Danny at the state penitentiary." I stated before trying to walk away. But as I did he just opened the passenger door and nodded for me to get in.

    "I'll drive you." He stated before I groaned and got into the vehicle. I could already tell he was going to be a pain in the ass. Why was I deciding to go through with this? For all I know he could be out to get me. 

   He got in the drivers side and waited for me to buckle up which was fucking ridiculous before he began the fifteen minute drive to the prison that my brother was being held in. It didn't take very long to get there and every inch we drove closer the less I want to be there.

    "I'll wait here. After this we'll go pack your stuff and we can head home." Harry stated after he had parked the car. I nodded slowly before getting out and making my way inside. The guards gave me these weird looks as I walked in and asked for my brother.

    "You actually came." Danny said with a smile before I nodded and took a seat across from him. He took in my appearance and sighed at me. I rolled my eyes at his fucking audacity. He's in jail and still has the nerve to judge me. Honestly, who did he think he was.

    "Don't even start Danny, you have no right to judge me when you could possibly be in here for life if you screw up again. I don't want to hear you even comment on my life at this point. I don't need it." I snapped before he could even say anything that was on his mind at that moment.

    "Calm down Chrissy. I asked you here because I missed you, don't make me regret it." He snickered as if this shit was a joke. He was in fucking prison and still trying to make jokes. He was honestly such a fucking dumbass.

    "Danny I'm done. I came here today to tell you that I won't be visiting you anymore and that you'll be lucky if I write. I can't handle this anymore. I need to focus on my life and what makes me happy. I love you but I came here to say goodbye." I said before standing up. Now I won't lie, I was crying a little and so wasn't he, but unlike him, I sucked it up and left.

    I know it was super bitchy and everyone hates me and yadda yadda yadda but I didn't fucking care, I needed to focus on my life, not when should I visit my brother in his cell. I made my way out to Harry's car and got in without saying a word. Mostly because if I would have I would have cried.

    Harry automatically took notice in my change of mood before driving off to my house where I quickly packed everything I would need and then went to this unknown location. Well, unknown to me. He drove cautiously and based off the way he looked , you wouldn't think he was like the way he was. He looked sort of badass but he was really nice. It was weird in a way I suppose.

    The drive was about twenty minutes and his house was immaculate looking from the outside. Harry got out and opened my door while I continuously stared at his house in awe. He held his hand out for me, which I took, and helped me out of the car while I still admired his house. "Do you like it?" He asked while I simply just nodded.

    Harry grabbed the majority of my stuff before leading the way into the house. As soon as I stepped in I realized that the inside was more beautiful than the outside. I smiled as I looked around and took in every part of the house. I simply couldn't help it, it was stunning. I glanced over at Harry who smirked as he watched me admire the place.

    "I hope you don't mind that I live alone. My parents still finance me but they just live over in England. They sent me here to get experience and learn about the culture. So here I am in this rather nice house." Harry explained as he led me up the stairs and into a bedroom.

    I looked around and the room was really plain but in an elegant sort of way. Harry placed my things on the bed and I did the same. "So the bathroom is over there, closet through those doors, mini fridge over there. This remote controls the everything in here and there is some paint in those cabinets if you wanna make this room your own. My room is down the hall. It's the door at the very end. I'll leave you to get comfortable. Let me know if you need anything." Harry said before leaving me in what was to be my room for the next three months.

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