Harry is an outcast at school, Chrissy is an outcast everywhere. Two outcasts one town and a whole lot of trouble...


1. Chapter 1

    "Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy." my friend nagged as we strolled down the hall. I had a headache already. I loved Louis, I really did but he just needed to shut up this one time. I was so extremely hung over and I couldn't handle his loud speaking at the moment. He knows if I'm wearing my sunglasses that means that he needs to tone it down.

    "Please tell me you aren't hung over right now. You went to Zayn's party didn't you? Niall and Liam are gonna have a fit." Louis whined while shaking his head. I groaned and held my head before taking my ponytail out. The hair tie was making the headache worse and my head was pounding. I shook my hair out before adjusting my shades and continuing walking with Louis.

    "Look, you guys knew how I was before I began hanging with you all. I warned you guys I wouldn't change my crowd or my behavior. Not my problem if you guys don't like it." I stated while opening my locker and grabbing a notebook and pencil for class. He sighed and shook his head while waiting for me.

    "We just want the best for you, and Zayn isn't the best. You could have such a better life but he got you into partying and drinking and all this stupid shit." Louis stated while I shrugged. I looked across the hall at Zayn who was standing at his locked looking just as hung over as I was. He pulled his shades down to wink at me before continuing to check out the girls passing by.

    "Chrissy, he is literally checking out girls right in front of you. What kind of boyfriend does that?" Louis asked before I broke out into a fit of laughter. That had to have been the funniest joke I had ever heard. Zayn and I, a couple? ummm, no.

    "Louis, we literally just hook up, yeah we make out and shit, and don't do it with anyone else, but we are in no way a couple. Never would be. If he wants to look, let him look. Heaven knows I do."  I said making Louis gasp. I thought I had told him this before. Guess not.

    "Chrissy, what the fuck." Niall said while him and Liam joined Louis and I. I shrugged while continuing my stare down with Zayn who was now intently watching my friends and I. He was a jealous little bastard but hey, I wasn't into that relationship shit. He honestly wants to but I said no and he was cool with what we had.

    "At least she came to school today, that's an improvement." Liam stated before I flipped him off. He rolled his eyes before laughing. I held my head before looking back up at Zayn who was laughing. That asshole. He knew how hung over I am and not an ounce of pity.

    "Come on guys, we're gonna be late to class. See you there Chris." Louis stated before they left me. That cued Zayn to make his way across the hall to me. He smiled before grabbing my face and kissing me. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, well, not that I minded and bit my lip piercing as he pulled away.

    "Hey sexy, how's the hang over treating you?" He asked with a smirk, knowing that a hang over plus my friends equals a pounding headache. I rolled my eyes before fixing my ripped skinny jeans and then my black skin tight strapless shirt. Zayn took in my outfit and smirked as I fixed my black leather jacket that Zayn bought for my birthday. It was one of those cropped ones.

    "About as good as it seems to be treating you." I said while he bit his lip and held my ass while we talked. He smirked once more before lightly tugging my long brown hair. He always did this when he wanted something. He some how thinks it turns me on.

    "My place after school?" He asked before kissing my neck and harshly biting it, not caring one bit that we were in the school hallway. I didn't mind either, and everyone kind of just expected it at this point.

    "I can't, Danny made me promise that I would visit him today." I sighed wishing I could just go back to Zayn's and do the usual. He huffed and I was willing to bet there was a very sexy eye roll hiding behind his glasses.

    "My car last period?" He asked while I nodded. He knew I couldn't turn our special meetings down. He smiled before slapping my ass and kissing me again in such a heated way.

    The bell rang but that honestly didn't stop us. If it wasn't for the principal we probably would've hooked up then and there. "Last period." He reminded me before I nodded and went off to class. I was always late to class but I think my teachers were just sick of dealing with me in detention.

    I walked through the door and went straight to my seat while my teacher continued the lesson. There was some new kid sitting in the back staring at me and I just simply smirked in response before taking a seat. I looked forward and I could honestly feel his eyes still on me.

    I turned around and stared back. His curly hair was kind of long, his tattoos were showing through his white t-shirt, and his bright green eyes still bore into me like I was some exhibit in a museum. I shook my head before turning back around and tapping Liam on the shoulder.

    "Who the fuck is that?" I asked while ignoring the rude stares from my teacher as she continued lecturing the class. Liam quickly looked at her and then to the new kid.

    "If you would've been on time you would know that his name is Harry Styles and that he is a transfer. Now if you don't mind I would like to focus." He said before turning back around. I shook my head.  Stupid transfers, stop acting like you've never seen a hung over person before.

    Every period of the day I was stuck with that stupid transfer and every period he stared at me. Last period couldn't come soon enough and I basically ran to Zayn's car where he was so happily waiting in the back seat for me. I climbed in quickly before shutting the door and kissing him. I licked his lip asking for entrance which he took as an invite to shove his tongue into my mouth before battling with mine.

    His hands moved up my from my ass to the hem of my shirt before removing it and sucking my neck. Things were very heated and moving very fast until there was a knock on the car window. "What the fuck?" Zayn said before handing me my shirt which I quickly put back on. He opened the door with me still on his lap. There stood Harry, looking in the car.

    "What the fuck do you want transfer?" I asked while he looked at me. He was completely ignoring Zayn which I could sense was pissing him off. He motioned for me to get out of the car and I was so confused. I honestly wasn't sure what he wanted.

    I groaned before kissing Zayn quickly and grabbing my jacket. I got out of the car and promised to make it up to him later. He groaned before shutting the door and watching me walk away with the transfer student that had a major fucking staring problem.

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