"MATE!!" I hear growled, from not one but 2 different ALPHAS.


I know for a fact that my BOYFRIEND wont like this.
Not to mention that a Royal vampire seem to love staring at me.
Colin Powell. ( Vampire royalty.)
Zack Ryder.(Eddies twin, king of Werewolves.)
Eddie Ryder.(Zacks twin, king of Werewolves.)
All mates, of Carrie Greyhound.


7. The Ceremony?

As I mounted the steps to the stage, I felt an array of emotions, I felt nervous, anxious, uncomfortable. My pack felt doubtful, uncertain, angry, and some even felt sad, now that really boosted my ego. Note the sarcasm.


        As I walked Kat, my wolf, walked with confidence, power, she showed the pack that she knew what she was doing; I on the other hand, felt nothing like she was feeling.  The pack had a couple different reaction to this little show she was putting up, some felt pride, love, and some felt outraged, why I have no idea.

                I walked to the middle of the stage ready, I put a small tiny, barely existent, smile on my face.

                “Lincantropi mi sento ora,

      Io sono un alfa orgoglioso di sapere che tu sei mi pacco,

      Sara sentire gioia giu per le dita dei piedi,

Se me accettano,

      Acceto questa posizione con giola nel mio cuore e sempre messo in primo luogo,

      Non lascero qualsiasi nemico prendere male su di voi e accetto te e tutti voi,

      Come il mio il mio pacco.

      Prometto sempre pensare il pack prima e di mettere sempre prima.

      Accettarmi cosi,

      Accetarmi nel vostra cuore?

      Ma soprattutto, mi acceti nel tuo lupo?”

      Werewolves hear me now,

      I am a prideful alpha to know you are my pack,

I will feel joy down to my toes if you accept me,

I accept this position with joy in my heart,

And always put you first,

I will not let any enemy take harm on you and I will accept you and you all,

As mine, my pack.

I promise to always think about the pack first,

And to always put you first.

Do you accept me as well, in your heart?

But most of all, do you accept me in your wolf?

As I uttered the last word I felt as if the worst part was almost over, well kind of. Now, I have to wait to see if someone challenges me, or if they accept me.

“Io ti accetto. Non solo nel mio cuore, ma nel mio lupo, ti credo. Offro la mia presentazione a voi ora.”

I accept you. Not only in my heart but in my wolf, I believe you. I offer my submission to you now.

I almost fist pump the air that I hear that, now the hardest part is over. They all, in unison, tilt they’re head to my right showing they’re necks.

“Mates,” I begin, but stop and almost fall over when I feel the overwhelming hope the pack has for that one word. Now, I know for a fact that over half the pack has a mate, maybe even kids. They hide it from Alpha Grey, he’s banned them. The story on Grey is that Luna Lisa, left him why no one knows, he was sad heart-broken really, but then he got angry, like really angry. He exiled all men with mates, he executed some. Lots of other packs have been angry over this detail, but Grey, is smart. Smarter then I give him credit for, he built up this pack, to a size that no one would be able to beat. Most packs are about 10 members most. Grey only took in men, who have yet to find, or have been rejected by a Mate.  Now tons of the men in this pack have found they’re mates, and I know for a fact that none have rejected them. Some even have second chance mates. But they are petrified of the big scary Alpha.

“Mates, they are a gift. We need them to survive. They are allowed to be in the pack as long as you let me meet them.” I hear howl of joy and love roar through the crowd, “If anyone disagrees speak now.” I put a command in my tone; I don’t want a rebellion now do I?

“Alpha, I disagree.” Grey says the word Alpha like it’s a disgusting thing in his mouth.

“On what terms George?” I ask in a All-Business-Like voice, my father used. George Grey opens his mouth to reply but I cut him off, something I haven’t been able to do since my parents died. “And, Your mate leaving you is not MY packs problem, if it brings you sadness to see others happy, the doors right there.” I say pointing to the back door I used to escape my soulmates a few hours ago. He looks down to the ground, whining he tilts his head to the left, showing submission.

“I apologize Alpha Carrie.” He says quietly. I smile, well I actually grin, a wolf-y grin with all sharp teeth. And then nod. I feel happiness my pack has accepted me! I know my emotions are magnified right now, but I feel happy. Like really happy.

“Any last changes you want made?” I ask and the pack shakes they’re heads, I feel happiness from my entire pack. “I have one more change; anyone under 18 will be attending Rosewood high. No argument. Those older then that will stay and watch the territory. The high school is a 10 minute run. I will lead all of those, in a run to the school, you will keep your school stuff at my house, you will all achieve passing grades and you will report any unusual activity there. Your werewolves so, that means unless you and I agree to some other arrangement, you will all participate in school sports. Your mates are also going to school.” I hear a groin from the pack, they haven’t had to go for a year, and although most are extremely intelligent, I know they hate the idea of their mates going to a place, 5 out of 7 days a week around hormonal teenagers.

“We have a long day tomorrow, anyone without patrol, go to sleep early. Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be signing you up.”

(A/N) I was going to end it here, but since I haven’t been updating that much lately decided to make it longer.

                I sat in my comfy office chair spinning in circles while my body guards lay on the couch.

RING RING   RING RING   RING RING! The phone finally rings.

                “Talk to me.” I answer the phone.

                “This is Alpha Finn from Moonrise pack, I am calling about the changes made to your pack.” His voice is surprisingly deep for a 19 year old. But it still isn’t half as amazing as a certain pair of twins.

                “Yes, do you have concerns?” I ask politely like my father used to, he told me that Alphas are hot headed and get offended easily, so you have to always be polite, always.

                “Well, I actually wanted to congratulate you for finally taking control of your pack! My pack and I are requesting an alliance, we didn’t want Alp- George, I mean, we didn’t want an alliance with him for obvious reasons. But we want your pack as an ally.” He states in a calm voice, but I can hear the barely contained excitement in his voice. I feel a vein in my neck stand out. My guards are glaring and growling at the phone.

                “Finn, can I call you Finn?” I ask but continue not waiting for a answer. “George, is a member of my pack, and no one Alpha or not can insult my packs former Alpha. Finally? How did you expect a non -shifted wolf to stand up to a Beta-turned-Alpha? He would’ve eaten me. No we are not an Ally of yours, you cannot disrespect my pack and expect our resources.” I ground out between my fully extended canines. I expected a growl, maybe yelling, cursing, maybe even hanging up. So imagine my surprise when he laughs, loudly.

                “I forgot, how emotional female Alphas get after they’re first shift, and you’ve found your mate… I feel just awful for those around you, they must be scared shitless of those pesky mood swings of yours. I apologize if I’ve offended you.” He says the last part sincerely.  I don’t know how he managed to calm me down, by insulting me, but he did.

                “Okay, Finn, lets meet Sunday 12:30, at Green meadow. We’ll sign the treaty then.” I say and hear him hum in agreement. The next two hours are spent making treeties, and scheduling meeting places. Sunday, I will be in Green Meadow till 8:30.

                I finish my calls at 1:30. I march to the door of my office, with Chace and Christian, my body guards, hot on my heels. I get down to the cell I so graciously put my soul mate in.

                What I see makes my heart stop beating.


What do you think she sees? I will update right when this chapter hits 3 votes. The language spoken was Italian. 



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