"MATE!!" I hear growled, from not one but 2 different ALPHAS.


I know for a fact that my BOYFRIEND wont like this.
Not to mention that a Royal vampire seem to love staring at me.
Colin Powell. ( Vampire royalty.)
Zack Ryder.(Eddies twin, king of Werewolves.)
Eddie Ryder.(Zacks twin, king of Werewolves.)
All mates, of Carrie Greyhound.


3. Killings?


It's like an out of body experience, one minute I was writhing in pain, worst pain I've felt, it was a good kind of pain, like painful, but yet fulfilling. I looked as an outsider, watching myself in wolf form, the she wolf march's to the leech, sniffing him, she shoots a glare at our vampire mate, she smells some slightly different. It's slightly less as amazing as the twins scent. Weird.

'let me out Kat! I have to take my alpha position, reform treaties, discuss tho change with witchs clan, and confront Alpha Grey!' I whine. Then I think about myself in human form, letting myself get into control. At the moment I or we are in a pretty clearing close to the pack house. I feel the same pain as before, slightly reduced. I let out a whimper, tears flow down my face. My mother say after the first shift you should shift about five times to get used to the pain. I also am supposed to feel a jumble of emotions, as I adjust to carrying all of my packs emotions. Technically I am alpha already but if Alpha Grey doesn't think I'm up for it he can 'challenge' me.

I asses my body for the damage done from the shift. I looked at myself in awe for a moment, I had never seen a she wolfs change. I've been told they were beautiful, but its like every flaw I've had is not just gone but better than ever. I feel the tugging at my heart strings that signifies my mates are near. My minds in over drive. I suddenly realize, jumping into action. I need clothes, I cant have a conversation with men that have a crazy bond for me, naked. It wont end well.

'let them see! Then they'll mate us!' She sighs in content to her disgusting thoughts. I scoff at that.

'Stacy, I need clothes. Like now! It's an order!' I mindlink. Praying that would work. I was always told to picture the person you'd like to mind link and it would be sent straight to their heads. His response is immediate.

'Alpha? Your my new Alpha! That's bitchin'' he tells me happily using a wierd statement used, years ago. "I'll be there in a sec.'

I waited patiently for my new beta. He arrived five minutes later, I could feel my mates getting closer to me. He had underwear and a huge shirt that smelt like him. I smiled as I saw him, my smile fell as he gave an appreciative glance at my body. I could sense that he liked what he saw, I gave him a disgusted look. He smiled sheepishly turning away and giving me my clothes.

"We barely see she-wolves and you are already, showing faint signs of your heat coming in..." Ah, yes heat, said to be more painful than your first shifts, not to mention any werewolf, with any dominate bone in their bodies wants in my pants. Well unmated wolves at least. And some mundies get a strange yearning for me. Basically any unmated supernatural creature wants me.

" Well, that will change, women will be a very important part of our pack." I say cheerily. Our numbers are disintegrating quickly. Alpha Grey has only allowed one female other than me, Lisa, his mate. I intend to get those numbers back up.

"Stacy," I said feeling my mates even closer,"Get beside me, we have some very angry alphas after me." He was at my side with a stony expression, on thing I know for sure, is an alpha is home to any pack member, so they feel protective of the alphas. Almost as much as mates feel for each other. Almost.

" Hey, there you are! Dude those guys are going crazy tring to find you, they said something along the lines of, I can't smell her. It was so fu-" Blake stops talking and glances at Stanley aka Stacy, "Who is he?" It's supposed to be out of jealousy but he only sounds curious. I resented the fact he never gets jealous. It made me yearn for a guy who was insanely jealous of a guy who even talked to me. Blake, knows about the mates thing, and him and I both know its over. Stacys looking at Blake disgusted and superior, any supernatural creature looks at mundanes that way. I don't answer but instead motion for him to stand next to me. I hear an argument in the distance and my ears perk up.

"She fucking disrespected us! She ran! We have to show who's the man in this relationship." I hear an angry Zach tell Eddie. I feel my eyes burn telling me ill soon be crying. My wolf whimpers in the back of my mind. I blame my emotions on my first shift.

"That's our fucking mate your so angirly discussing not Rachel!" Eddie says Rachel with so much venom I instantly know they had a past with her, it causes the need to sob stronger. I don't have a right to be mad at Rachel, whoever the bitch is, because I already lost my virginity to Blake. But I can't help it.

"I know." Zach says with a defeated sigh. "sorry" he muttered quietly. They both become silent. Walking towards me a little faster, they stop ten feet away from me staring, at me then at Stacy and Blake glowering at them with the jealousy I love but will never admit liking. They get in defensive positions, and in seconds I smell him.

Collin, I remember reading his name on the guest list.

"Hello, I haven't got to introduce myself. I'm Collin it's an honor to me you. A hybrid, and a leader. And my mate, never thought I would have the honor to have one." I shiver at his deep amazing voice, and to my horror, everyone sees. I blush a violent crimson then for the sake of my embarrassment put on a emotionless face.

"Yes well. I wish I could say it was nice to meet the three of you, but its not, now I have to arrange a ceremony and re astablish treaties, you know, all that jazz. But I do believe that we all need to discuss the um situation at hand. I believe it should be at ten tonight, you know before the umm sacrificing twin thing. Well, I will meet you all here in 1 hour and 27 minutes." I walk away leaving all of the gaping at me.


"Alpha I have amazing news!!" I say loudly getting everyone's attention. I was only announcing this because I wanted to not because I neede. They all felt the change. "I shifted. I'm alpha now!!" I say confidently. The crowd goes silent, the music stops and the alpha turns to me. He looks..... Mad. Really mad. Damn.

"Cassie that's great!" He has a stone face set. I stand in front of him, and cross my arms. I intimidate him as much as i can, which isn't a lot because he's big, I mean he's a huge guy. Huge. He doesn't look intimidated. That makes Kat mad. Really mad.

"Bow down. Gary. Now." I growl furiously. I hear a whimper and everyone bows their heads and some whimper by the amount of power I put in my command. Gary tries to stand tall, but even as a Alpha, or use-to-be-Alpha he eventually bows. I bet it was because I have alot of power in my blood. Being a prima and a alphas daughter.

"We will have a Meeting Tomorrow at 6:00pm. I expect every pack member there. If you aren't. You have to spend a week in the holding corters. I expect every male in a white suit. If you need money. I will provide you that. We will have a pack party after. The ceremony will be dedicated on my new position along with my betas new rank and any others. You are all dismissed. Out." I shout when nobody moves.

"Gary, lets talk in my office bring the new and old Beta, Third, and my body guards. I expect, all of you in my office, ten minutes."

I walk to Gary's office, that is now mine. I havent been in here since Gary took over. It's less homey. I sit in the big comfy desk chair and check the time. They have two minutes.

" Alpha Carrie. I'm here.we all are." I looked at Stacy my Beta. He is bigger than me. Next I look at Derek, my third in command, he is only slightly smaller. Then I look at Caleb. My guard. He's buff but, not as big as Stacey and Derek. Then Christian. My guard. Big, very big.

" Hey, guys we have a problem." I say. They all straighten up. "The Elders, are late."

"We can see that, Sir-Mam-Errh" I giggle Stacy looks terrified. I laugh harder. I get silent for a moment thinking, but then I decide to break the ice and asked a question raising a perfect eyebrow for effect. "What happened to my nickname? Care-bear." Ah yes the ridiculous nickname when I was obsessed with them, at five.

"Since you got scary.." Scott claims. I laugh, and they join in. A knock on the door stops my laughing. I put on a stone expression. I walk to the door and open it. "Your late! I said ten minutes not fifteen! I am fucking Alpha. You will show me respect!" I barked at them, pun intended. They whimpered.I open the door wider and step back.

"Take a fucking seat!" I order. Everyone sits. I have a long black couch, two chairs and my desk chair. My guards, sit on the ground because they have no where else.

"Caleb, Christian, asses up now! By my side untill I order you away." They nod. I smile and sit in my seat.

"I want to see all our prisoners. I will go through their memories and then I will determine they're fate. I want all treaties, or ally's we have, all the paperwork. I want my own mansion and I would like to speak to the warriors. Now, elders out." They were gone in two seconds flat.

"I believe we have some rogues to visit." I said a little too cheerfully. "Well, don't all run to the door at once." I muttered sarcastically when no one moved. I walked out of my office to the cells. The prison underground was so silent you could hear a pin drop. It smelled horrid. I walked up to one of the four guards actually standing outside the cell doors. I nodded in acknowledgement. I looked in the 11 occupied cells. There are 7 men and 4 women. 3 of the men are Vampires, who have obviously not been fed as they stare longingly at my neck. Werewolves blood, to vampires at least, is like alcohol to humans, burns and it actually makes a vamps head spin like crazy, so for a vamp to want my blood. I was outraged would be an understatement.

"How long has it been since you fed the prisoners, guard?" I spoke in a surprisingly calm voice, but anyone could see I was furious.

"5 days. Alpha." He stuttered. I bit back a growl and bit my lip.

"Get me twenty bags of blood. You have twenty minutes if you take longer, ill let one of them feed on you. Understood?" He nodded and scurried away. I walked to a male werewolves cell. I had the guard unlock it for me. I walked in looking at the buff man with a fiery glint in his eyes. I locked my eyes with his dark brown eyes. I walked a step closer to were he sits at the edge of his uncomfortable looking bed. He followed my movement.

"Hello. I need to see in your mind. I need to see if you are a threat. If you aren't, than we would love if you would join our pack.i just need to touch your forehead for a moment." I had kept my hands forward while stepping toward him. I was standing in front of him,I gently pressed two fingers to his temples. I let the Witch in me, take over as I let myself see his memories. Now you might be like, wow you can go through memories, well the truth is that I can only see into those who let me and I would have to have to have akin on skin contact. If they closed they're mind to me, then id get a killer headache, but they would be in ten times more pain then me. This mans name is Cain and he become a rogue because his mate rejected him, the beta of his pack, for the Alpha, his brother. His brothers mate died in a car accident, and the alpha chose to except Eve his brothers mate as Luna instead.

"I'm sorry." I replied softly, lowering my hands. I don't show emotions often but when I do I try to show all of them. He nods. His eyes that had once been grey were now a steely silver that continued to change back and forth. He nodded to my unspoken question and I struck the knife home. Feeling my eyes Change to red, my first kill. Done.


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