"MATE!!" I hear growled, from not one but 2 different ALPHAS.


I know for a fact that my BOYFRIEND wont like this.
Not to mention that a Royal vampire seem to love staring at me.
Colin Powell. ( Vampire royalty.)
Zack Ryder.(Eddies twin, king of Werewolves.)
Eddie Ryder.(Zacks twin, king of Werewolves.)
All mates, of Carrie Greyhound.


5. Decisions?

Love is selfish. They lied to me, my mum and dad told me that when your in love, it means to wish happiness for one person so much you'd let them go. But as I sit there, biting my lip a nervous ha but I got from my mum I realize. That love, its consuming, selfish, it has no boundaries, it crosses every barrier, it alive. Love is like a fire. So I do what any other rational teenage girl would do. I mindlink a pack warrior, and ask him to say, urgently that they need me for pack business.

Two more minutes of painful silence later.

"Alpha Carrie!!!" Mason, one of our strongest warriors comes in with a look of terror on his face. "Rogues are close, we need you!" He says with a slightly higher pitched voice then usual. Note to self, Mason is a horrible liar...

"Of course." I say steadily. I turn to the yummy, but looking confused boys fate paired me with. "If you'll excuse me this'll be a while. You can stay here of course but" I walk towards the door with my guards and Beta at my side. "I wouldn't recommend that."

Derek stays to watch the royalty in my office along with Mason. My beta Stacy, my body guards Christian and Caleb, all walk me to the 'Rogue' problem. We walk all the way to a clearing before I signal them to stop. I don't speak for a moment. I just let myself enjoy the forest and the beauty that I couldn't see clearly untill my first shift. The guys watch with curiosity, while I begin to pace.

"This is so fucking frustrating!! I can either chose a Vampire God, who happens to be amazingly powerful, or twin kings who look like big yummy carrots, with that yummy ranch I like.." I'm a vegetarian, don't judge.

"I say go for the twins. We don't need an Alpha bonded to a blood sucker. I don't think its possible for someone to have more than one Mate. It's just..." He struggles to find a word that describes this but that also doesn't insult his new Alpha. "Unique." He finishes. I snort.

"'Unique my ass!" I mutter. We all stay silent for a moment, just soaking in the silence. I turn to my beta.

"What? Have I got something on my face?" He asks wiping at his face. I shake my head.

"I wanna shift. I need to practice, and I like wolf form!" I squeal, they stare at me like I'm an alien.

"We've got you back, so I guess go for it. But be careful you don't have full control of your werewolf and your wolf is going to want your mates. Okay?" He asks. Looking at my petite size and sizing me up.

"Stacey, hun, no matter how strong you think you are, I'm an alpha. You will never beat me.. Like, ever." I tell him in a stone like voice, my wolf wants his submission. He hears the threat in my voice and quickly bows. I smile, but my smile quickly fades away when I catch a smell. Like a sickly sweet smell.

"Do you smell that?" I ask. I have alpha abilities so I know it will take longer for them to smell the sickly sweet smell, but I still had to ask. They all simultaneously smelled the air. I almost laughed at the sight of three grown men, well teenage guys sticking their noses in the air. Almost. They all, showed in array of emotions; recognition, hate, determination, revenge, and sadness. I felt it all, alphas feel the packs strongest emotions.

"Vampires! On our land!? Must die!" It was my beta Stacey, well his wolf, his eyes are pure black as his wolf takes control. I am immediately surrounded by my guards. Well, time to meet the intruders...


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