"MATE!!" I hear growled, from not one but 2 different ALPHAS.


I know for a fact that my BOYFRIEND wont like this.
Not to mention that a Royal vampire seem to love staring at me.
Colin Powell. ( Vampire royalty.)
Zack Ryder.(Eddies twin, king of Werewolves.)
Eddie Ryder.(Zacks twin, king of Werewolves.)
All mates, of Carrie Greyhound.


4. Choosing?

I stare into nothing for a second letting myself drift off. My wolf has a sadistic side that she has used a lot in the past 45 minutes. I killed all the women, they were mated widows with they're wolves in control. I killed all the men except a mateless were who was simply just passing through. I glance back down at the paperwork on my desk, I had gone through half the stack. There is only so much i can take before I explode with to much knowledge. My wolf is pacing restless, she says it time to meet our mates. I can't just leave half a stack.

 " Stacy go to the grass valley clearing and tell the alphas to meet me here." He nods once and is gone in seconds. I let Caleb and Christian take a brake from standing, so know they are spraled out on my couch looking rather bored. I don't blame them, I mean all they get to do is sit there.

"By my side, Alphas are coming." I tell them sternly. They stand on either side of me looking alert. Derek is sitting in front of me helping with paperwork. He finishes one of the rogue forms and comes to my right defensive all of a sudden. I hear three light knocks. Go time.

"Come in." I say tersely. First Stacy walks in then Collin and then The twins. Stacy looks at Derek and Caleb and Christian and he is at my side narrowing in on the alphas standing akwardly by the door.

"Lets talk about my priorities, shall we?" I asked politely which brought a grin from Eddie and a small smirk from Zach, but Collin remained blank.

"Are we gonna talk," Zach coughs before continuing "Alone." I shake my head stubbornly. He sighs dramatically.

"so you choose us over the leech right?" Eddie asks. He glares at Collin slightly.

"Umm uhh ye-n- Mmm nn I I i-" I sputtered I had not expected that question first.

"Well? Yes or No." Zach demands receiving a low growl from Eddie. My bodyguards balled there fists and glowered at there princes. I almost luaghed at how everyone in the room wanted to tear Zack apart.

"I choose..." Just then my office phone ring incessantly I picked it up. I turned my body towards the wall in a hope of a little privacy. I knew well that all of the guys in here could hear every word, but I wanted the illusion.

"Alpha Greyhound, this is Alpha Stone from Dark Autumn pack. I wanted to discuss your new position." I almost growled at the name my father despised. But refraned knowing them as friends is a lot better than them as enemies.

So for the next twenty minutes I talked to an alpha I despise, my wolf begged me to grab the twins and never let them go, and everyone watched silently waiting until I was finished.

"Choose now. I'm not going to wait days for you to figure it out. Now or never." I knew I had to answer because Eddie is the one who spoke.


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