"MATE!!" I hear growled, from not one but 2 different ALPHAS.


I know for a fact that my BOYFRIEND wont like this.
Not to mention that a Royal vampire seem to love staring at me.
Colin Powell. ( Vampire royalty.)
Zack Ryder.(Eddies twin, king of Werewolves.)
Eddie Ryder.(Zacks twin, king of Werewolves.)
All mates, of Carrie Greyhound.


2. Chapter 2- Running?

Running in a dress and heels. Bad idea. Running from a Werewolf in a dress and heels. Bad idea. Running from 2 Werewolves in a dress and heels. Really bad idea. Running from Royal king Werewolves, in a dress and heels. Really, Really bad idea. Running from 2 Royal Weres, and a Vampire with the speed of light. Worst Idea ever. Running- You get the point. So how I got past the back door, I have no idea. I look around realizing this is where the pups play which means there is a ten foot Siler fencing all around the yard. Fucking great. I hear footsteps and the door clicks shut. There standing in all there yummy glory is my "mates" my "beloved" and my boyfriend. "Hey." I cough awkwardly. "So, uhh, hows it going??" Stupid Carrie,they are your soul mates and all you have to say is hows it going!! Stupid stupid stupid!! "Carrie." The twin with the green eyes said."I'm Eddie this is Zach. Do you think we could talk alone for a minute?" My heart started beating a mile a minute and I paled. "I have a boyfriend!!" I blurted. Zach growled. "I can't take care of that." Zach gritted out. Blake leaped to my side. He hid behind me. " Really Blake!" I whisper-yelled. Even though I know they can hear everything in saying I at least want the allusion of privacy."He's a Royal Werewolf! You can't hide behind me!!" I am beyond annoyed, but I still had an amused smile on my face. I suddenly heard a sickening crack. I looked down at my hand it was broken. I started to tremble. "Babe what's wrong?! Babe!!" I fell onto my hands and knees. "Blake!!! Something's happening to me!! Help Blake!!!" I heard another crack. My body was burning and I was starting to lose my eye sight. "Blake!" I called out just as my body gave out. I felt Blakes hand on my back. I knew I was shifting. I felt hands trying to help me up. "GET BACK!!! STEP AWAY!!!" The hands were gone but I felt uncomfortable. I saw red. I jumped away from Blake. I looked up and saw his eyes wide. I whined. I smelt his chest. Then for some reason I licked him right on his face. Kat loves this mundane. I do too. Kats my werewolf, that makes me a shifter too, Damn. ~~~~B~~~~
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