"MATE!!" I hear growled, from not one but 2 different ALPHAS.


I know for a fact that my BOYFRIEND wont like this.
Not to mention that a Royal vampire seem to love staring at me.
Colin Powell. ( Vampire royalty.)
Zack Ryder.(Eddies twin, king of Werewolves.)
Eddie Ryder.(Zacks twin, king of Werewolves.)
All mates, of Carrie Greyhound.


1. WitchWolf?

It's always the same dream... I wakeup, smiling, a determined glint in my ocean blue eyes. I sit up. I breathe in then out. I'm finally sixteen I swear i even smell different. I dance around my room pulling on my dreaded uniform, to the music in my mind of course. I grab my things and briskly, make my way to the kitchen for my pancakes smothered in peanut butter and topped with honey syrup. Don't knock it til you try it! I look around the kitchen noticing the upturned furniture and my mother lack of presence. Now other teens mom would surely sleep in on a Friday morning. I'm sure mine would to if it wasn't for the fact she didn't sleep. At all. Witch's don't need sleep to operate. They are up at all hours. Never resting, always moving. At least my mum is. I frown feeling bad all of a sudden. I carefully step through the kitchen to my parents hall. We live in a mansion, Alphas get to have their very own. Guess Dad being Alpha has one advantage. I make my way to their door and cautiously open it, i scream at the top of my lungs at the sight, blood everywhere. My parents blood.


I wake up gasping for air. I still remember the snide remarks and disgusted looks I got. I guess dad was my only armor from the ass's of the pack. I hadn't shifted that day. That didn't help the hatred everyone seemed to have for me. Half Alpha Half Prima. That's a big no no. Prima is the leader of a clan of Witchs. Alpha is the Leader of a pack of Werewolves. I was spared the Alpha mark until, or if I ever shift. My mom the mind reader she is knew I didn't think I would ever shift so she had tooken it upon herself to assure me that I would shift and become and Alpha and help the witchs. I didn't get the Prima gene fortunately my cousin Rosalie got that Honor.

I was never one to hang with Witch's. But I never hung out with Werewolves either. I was a Human kind a Gal. Or a Mundane as all supernatural creatures refers to them. After I didn't shift I got the idea that I could be a mundane and be normal. So I moved away to an apartment ten minutes away from the High school I attend and 20 minute walk from the Dark Moons pack house. The 'pack' I was a member in. 20 minutes on my bike from Athenians clan of witches. I had a 'pack' meeting every Wednesday night and a Clan ritual every Sunday morning. School Monday through Friday and date night with my best fri- boyfriend. I will break up with Blake just not yet.

I slipped into the shower knowing I'd spend the night with a mix of Weres, Vamps, Withchs, and royalty. Needles to say I bought a ver expensive royal blue dress for this. I stepped out of the cold shower that had once been warm, before quickly towel drying any blow drying my hair. I let my dirty blonde hair do its thing, rather than trying to make it do something reasonable. I slipped on the dress and some royal blue peep toe shoes then applied some light makeup and walking to my bag. I checked the time to see it two in the afternoon.

Not bad for a WitchWolf, I thought to myself holding the sides of my dress up so I didn't step on anything. I walked to the outside trying to hail a cab. Because I couldn't exactly ride my Harley Davidson in a ling flowing princess dress. I sat in the seat warming up from the January weather. I glanced at the driver. Human, buff, cold. Reminds me of Alpha Grey. My uncle thought Greyhound was too long so he decided to legally shorten it. Asshat. I smiled to my self, giving the driver the adress. I caught his questioning glance and realized he probably though it odd because only twenty something men were allowed in the pack. All male, save for the hybrid freak and the Luna. I'm the hybrid freak btw. He nodded and drove in silence. I thought about the event and how it was supposed to be for me but was really to show off, all the money they got from selling all my mother and fathers stuff along with their restaurant. I had protested but got put in my place. I am the guest of honor for this fun part.

I pushed the back door open and walked to the podium ready to speak, to welcome. I smelt something so yummy I just want to hurry up and get to it.

"Hello, my name is Carrie Greyhound. I-" I was suddenly cut off by the word I hated most and I turned my attention to the two who had growled Mate. My eyes widened and I was panicking. But a women's voice came to my head telling me to go to them and itd be alright. I scoffed at the voice and did something sensible. I ran.



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