Kiss It All Better (Cashton)


1. Ch. 1

Ashton and Calum were walking down the street, hand in hand. They had just had a wonderful dinner to celebrate their two year anniversary. Everything was perfect. The food was incredible, the lighting was so romantic, and best of all, they were together. It seemed like nothing could ruin this night.

"It's getting pretty late, let's take a short cut to our place." Ashton suggested, leading Calum to a near by ally way.

"Eager to get home, are we?" Calum teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

Ashton just giggled and swatted his lover's arm, playfully. The ally was actually cleaned up, which is unusual for any ally way. I guess that's why they thought it would be safe to walk down.

That thought didn't last long though. A big man, wearing dark clothes and an evil scowl, approached the couple. Ashton instinctively stepped in front of Calum. There's no way he'd let him be put in danger.

The man pulled out a gun, and shouted in a harsh tone, "Give me all your money!"

Ashton's eyes went wide, and he slowly reached for his wallet. He didn't have much on him, since he just spent a lot on the meal. The curly headed boy gulped, knowing the man wouldn't be happy with the ten bucks he had left.

The man snatched the money from Ashton's hand, and looked it over. "That's it?" he questioned, rudely.

Ashton nodded his head, trying not to show fear. That's the last thing he needed to do in this situation.

"What about you, pretty boy?" the man shouted at Calum.

"I-I don't have any money.... Ash paid for everything, so I didn't-" he was cut off by the angry man.

"So, you're telling me you have no money on you?" he growled.

Calum shook his head. That wasn't the answer the man was looking for, unfortunately.

The man hit Ashton in the jaw with his gun, causing the younger boy to hit the ground, with a pained scream. The brute grabbed Calum by the collar of his shirt.

"That's the wrong answer!" he said, slamming the dark haired boy into the brick wall, behind them.

"Calum!" Ashton screamed, getting to his feet, and rushing over to them.

The man turned around quickly, aiming his gun at Ashton. He stopped, putting his hands up.

The mugger turned his attention back to Calum. "Where's your money?! I know you have some!" He yelled in Calum's face.

"I-I don't have any! I-I swear!" he tried to convince the man, but he wasn't buying it.

"Show me the money now! Do it or I'll fucking kill you!" the man threatened, holding the gun to Calum's stomach.

All Ashton could do was watch in horror, the life of his lover was in the hands of a greedy stranger. He had to think of something to do, anything. He pulled out his phone to call the police, but it had broken in his fall. He mentally cursed to himself, and began thinking of something else he could do.

There was a loud bang, moments later. Ashton's eyes went wider than they already were, and he felt his whole world shatter. The man left, most likely not wanting to get caught. There on the cold hard ground, laid Calum, a bloody bullet wound in his stomach.

Ashton rushed over to him, and scooped him up in his arms. He sat on the ground, holding Calum close to his chest, and sobbing.

"I-I'm so sorry, Calum.... I-I should have done more. I should have-" Ashton apologized.

"A-Ashton.... I-It's not.... It's n-not your fault. Y-You didn't know...." Calum told him, weakly holding his hand.

Ashton gently kissed Calum's face, all over. Desperately trying to heal him with the kisses. "It's going to be alright. I promise." he said, stroking his dark hair.

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