Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


15. ummm Big Three minus Hades kids and Annabeth and ummm i guess a breif mentition of Piper


Hunter of Artemis here. Clear-sighted mortal. Well, immortal now. I just got recruited last week by Thalia, the lieutenant of Lady Artemis.

I was in the Phoenix, Arizona, the alleyways. Raped. Lucky the hunters were there when I arrived at the police department to report the incident. I think Thalia was manipulating the mist to scout out possible recruits.

Anyhow, we're almost at Camp Half-Blood, the so called camp for Greek demigods. Lady Artemis is going to hunt on her own for about a week.

And Thalia seemed really excited. Boys? I hope not.

"Hey Thalia."

"Hi, Enza. How are you enjoying hunting life and no boys?" She asks.

"Wonderful. So what's Camp Half-Blood like?" I ask. The whole no-boys thing was awesome. Boys were brash people, idiots, always trying to get the upper hand, disgusting, vile, pigs. I could go on.

"It's awesome. You'll get to see my best friends, and my little brother." I nearly choke on the frosty air. She had... a brother?

"Brother?" I ask, disgust evident in my tone.

"Yeah. Hera abducted him at two years old. I thought he was dead. But he was actually Roman," Thalia says angrily, tossing a pebble down the cliff-side we were at. I'd never really thought about Hera, since she was the goddess of marriage. The terror of that. But anyhow, I hadn't known that she messed with kidnappings as well.

"Come on, Enza. It's time to move out." Thalia gets up from her crouched position and moves off to call together the hunters. I look down toward the horizon. The boys at Camp Half-Blood better back off.


We had just entered the camp boundaries when a shape tackled Thalia. None of the other hunters so much as flinched, so I stood my ground as well.

"Thals! It's been forever!" The shape got up, a girl (I breathed a sigh of relief) with honey blonde princess curls and scrutinizing grey eyes. She seemed nice enough, but scary at same time.

"Sorry, Annabeth. We've been tracking monsters everywhere, as well as recruiting new hunters, after, you know." The girl nods, before directing turning around.

"Hurry up, Seaweed Brain! I wouldn't keep Thalia waiting if I were you!" Annabeth yelled before turning back around to Thalia again. They shook their heads at each other, as if sharing a private joke.

And then, just over the hill, a boy appeared. He smiled when he saw Thalia, and I grimaced. Were these two...? No, Thalia wouldn't.

But then, Thalia rushed forward to hug him, and... he hugged back.

He FREAKING hugged back. Oh gods. Oh gods. I've been scarred.

Strangely however, the other hunters didn't say anything, just backed away. What?! Two weeks I've been here, and already... we were becoming unpure! Letting one of Artemis' hunters become affiliated with a boy?

"Thalia! What are you doing?" I screamed at her, before taking out my bow, preparing to shoot the boy. Although the other hunters had made no attempt to stop Thalia, they weren't helping me either.

The two stepped back, the boy with a confused look on his face. Like all boys, never having a notion of what's going on.

"Who's this, Thalia?" Annabeth asked, completely calm, her grey eyes analyzing me up and down.

"New recruit, Enza Miya. Enza, this is Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, and her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon," she said, not the least fazed that I had just yelled at her.

I let out some of my air. Some, mind you. Thalia had still hugged the boy.

"Then why were you hugging him?" I demanded.

"How do I say this?" Thalia asked the other two, almost in a joking tone, which fueled my anger. The boy, Percy Jackson, just grinned, before folding his arms, and seemed to look relaxed, looking at his gir- , nope nope, that was an illegal word. "Girl friend'. Note the space.

"Alright. So Percy and I transformed Thalia from a pinecone tree to her human form," she explained.

"Pinecone Face," Percy interjected, and then snorted. Thalia shot him a glare. He just laughed.

"Thalia and Percy came to rescue me from a kidnapping." What with all these kidnappings these days?

"Percy and Thalia had a few skirmishes down in the Underworld." I wasn't planning on dying anytime soon. At least a thousand years, right?

"We were all heroes and heroines of Olympus." Some of the hunters grunted. Thank goodness Annabeth wasn't sexist... then again, it probably came from her being the child of Athena. All brains... my eyes flickered toward Percy, who was smirking... and all brawns. Or prawns, since he was a son of Poseidon.

"Anyhow, we're all good friends," Annabeth finished.

I sniffled, because that was a poor explanation. I had expected more from a child of Athena. But then again... I took a closer look at Annabeth. She seemed really skinny, like she hadn't eaten for days, there were bags under her eyes. And as a matter a fact, Percy looked similar, if you looked all the way beneath his goofiness, there was a strain too. Huh.

"Where's Jason?" Thalia asked. Percy and Annabeth shared a knowing look.

"They're together. Probably in the sky." With that said, a laugh came from above. Everyone looked up, Percy and Annabeth amused, Thalia with one of her eyebrow raised, and the hunters looking on with general distaste.

Above, was a blonde haired boy, holding onto a girl with brown hair. Holding on! Gah.

The boy landed, stumbling with the girl.

"Thals!" The boy called.

"Little brother!" Thalia rushed forward and then. Hugged. Another. Dang. Boy.

The brown haired girl smiled, and I noticed her eyes changed colors.

I stomped over, grabbed Thalia's hunter jacket, and pulled her back.

"Thalia! Will you explain to me, exactly why you are hugging those. Those beasts?" I asked, pointing at the two boys. Thalia shrugged.

"Annabeth did explain. Sort of. She's kind of un-winded. Anyhow. First, I was honoring a friend with Percy there." Percy waved, giving a cheeky smile. "And Jason is my little brother." Jason nodded, his glasses, now that I noticed, reflecting the sunlight. As it was, the two siblings looked nothing alike, except for their electric blue eyes.

Stepping back, I took in the two boys.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself," I spat at Thalia before stomping away into the camp, thinking of shooting some monsters, also known as the dreaded, boys


by SeaSpree

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