Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


14. still by SeaSpree Nickname Contest


I looked at the brochure once more.

Annual Nickname Contest!

Do you have a group of friends with weird, yet special, nicknames?

Then this competition is for you!

Sign up by December 10th.

Held on December 12th, at Manhattan Times Square from 1-3 pm.

First prize wins $500 cash award to split.

I was now really regretting hosting this year's competition. The nicknames weren't interesting at all. Contestants were suppose to stand in a circle with their group, wearing a paper board over their chests stating in the biggest, their nickname, and on top, their real name. On the bottom in fine print should be a short explanation of why that nickname fits them.

So far, the competition had been very boring. Just regular old nicknames. Elizabeth, Liz. Jessica, Jessie. Very boring, redundant nicknames everyone uses every day. That is, until I met them.

I heard them talking long before I saw them.

"-couldn't believe that Hazel and Frank couldn't make it!" I heard. As I walked into the clearing, I saw seven people huddled around in a group.

"Hi!" I said, half-heartedly, expecting it to be another boring group.

"Wow, it's our turn. See, I told you this was a good idea," a boy with black hair and sea-green eyes said to a girl with blonde hair and gray eyes.

I looked at all their signs.

Black hair and green eyes.

Name: Perseus "Percy" Jackson

Nickname: Seaweed Brain

Explanation: So dumb, he doesn't have brain cells. Instead, he has seaweed to substitute.

The words were written in sparkly sea-green marker. I chuckled and moved on.

Blonde hair and gray eyes.

Name: Annabeth Chase

Nickname: Wise Girl

Explanation: The nickname was supposed to be insulting, but it didn't work out that way. She's a genius!

I laughed. The words were written in gray marker. The girl must be really smart then, contrary to the 'dumb blonde' stereotype.

Blonde hair and electric blue eyes.

Name: Jason Grace

Nickname: Sparky

Explanation: He literally "STATIC"! Warning: Shocks many people.

I laughed again. The words were written in electric blue with gold colored lightning bolts on the board.

I turned toward the next person.

Brown hair and what looked like kaleidoscope eyes.

Name: Piper McLean (yes, daughter of Tristan McLean, blah blah)

Nickname: Beauty Queen

Explanation: Zapped by mother of beauty charm and love.

I shook my head. Now these were awesome nicknames. The words were written in pink, although in a corner were the words: "I HATE PINK!"

Curly hair and dark brown eyes.

Name: Leo "Flaming" Valdez

Nickname: Repair Boy

Explanation: He can build and repair anything.

On a side in red pen on the board (and looks like the spot got burnt) were the words: "GUYS, REMEMBER? I'M SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE ARGO II! I THOUGHT WE KEPT TO OUR NICKNAMES HERE!" Right below, in pink were the words: "Sure, Repair Boy, sure. If I have to be called 'Beauty Queen' (curse you and your antics, coming up with the name), then you're 'Repair Boy'."

I laughed. Repair Boy was quite fitting. He was fiddling with a screwdriver, and a scrap of metal, probably building something.

Next was a girl who looked like Jason's sister. She was wearing punk clothing with a silver tiara.

Black spiky hair and electric blue eyes.

Name: Thalia Grace (- I don't use my mother's surname)

Nickname: Pinecone Face

Explanation: She was a tree for quite some time.

I raised my eyebrows. Pinecone Face? I didn't get the part about the tree, but it was perhaps the most creative one I've seen of yet!

Black hair and black eyes.

Name: Nicodi Angelo

Nickname: Death Breath

Explanation: Does he not radiate death? I mean, seriously, look at him!

I laughed wholeheartedly. I looked closely at "him". He did seem to radiate death, with sunken cheeks, pale skin, and a bored face. But he did seemed to be pleased with his nickname.

I nodded at the group, giving them a real smile, and marking full points as well as a few comments on my clipboard. This group was excellent. Of course, I had to go look at all the entries, but I had a feeling that this group was going to win.

Seaweed Brain, Wise Girl, Sparky, Beauty Queen, Repair Boy, Pinecone Face (now that was a real laugher), and Death Breath. No doubt I'll remember those nicknames.

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