Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


3. Percabeth (Halloween speical)

~~Percabeth (Halloween Special)

"OK, girls! You ready?!" I called my daughters from downstairs. It was nearly seven thirty and the girls had been taking a long time up there.

"Five more minutes, Papa!" the oldest, Sofia, announced. I rolled my eyes. They're eight and seven, what could possibly take so long?!

"If we wait five more minutes, all the candy is gonna be gone!" I warned them. That was enough for them to ran down the stairs "Don't run!" I told them, halfway down. I took a good look at them: Sofia was wearing a black catsuit with strikes of white. She also had a black jacket and a quiver full of rubber arrows and a bow. Her brown hair was in a french sided braid. She was Katniss Everdeen.

"What do you think, Papa?" she asked me, twirling for me. I smiled and nodded before turning to my youngest, Alexa. She was more according her age and she was dress as a princess, with a pink dress and a sparkling tiara. The only thing that was wrong with the picture were her black sneakers under her dress.

"They're comfy, Papa" she explained, when she saw me eying them. I smiled as well and grabbed my keys, walking out with them. I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Pedro Salvador and I'm a single parent of these two adorable (not all the time) girls.

"Hello, Mr. Salvador!" I heard a male voice greet me. I turned left and saw my neighbors' kids, Bobby and Matthew Chase. I waved back at them, just when a couple of teenager walked out of the house. They couldn't be older from 18-years-old each. Like me, they weren't dress up, but they were in some kind of sync, if you will.

The boy was tall, with tan skin and black wind swipe hair. He was muscled, but skinny, showing off a tattoo in his right forearm. Must be a basketball player or a swimmer... He was talking to the girl, showing a troublemaker smile, along with a spark of mischief in his sea-green eyes.

The girl was also tall, maybe a couple of inches shorter than the guy, with blonde curly hair tied up in a low ponytail. Her body also seemed to be fit (I have daughters, I know my boundaries, perv minds), but I could noticed several scars around her arms and legs. While she was talking to the boy, I saw her blushing and rolled her grey eyes at him. Both were wearing some orange tatter T-shirt, some jeans, sneakers, a beans necklace and a strake of grey hair each, just right above the forehead.

"Annie! Can we go with Mr. Salvador?!" one of the twins (Bobby, I believe) asked the girl. She turned to him, frowning.

"How many times I told you not to call me Annie?!" she reminds him, her tone a bit intimidating.

"Why can't we?! Thalia can!" the other twin, Matthew retorted. It was difficult to recognized them since they dressed up the same: greek gladiator.

"Thalia is the exception" the older boy butted in, pulling away the girl from the boys "Now, be nice or your sister is gonna get cranky all night" he warned them in a tone that said 'you-better-be-good-tonight-or-we-will-face-her-dark-side-and-nobody-wants-that'. The twins nodded and started to walk towards the street, where all the kids were gathering.

"C'mon, Papa! Let's ask for candy!" Alexa grabbed my hand, dragging me down the street.

During the first hour of Trick-or-Treat, everything went smoothly. Or smoothly as it can be. We ran several times with the Chase twins and their 'babysitters'. I greeted them all politely each time we pass them, but the girls had their own ideas about the boys.

"Those boys are evil" Alexa whispered in a very mysterious tone, looking around.

"They are always pulling pranks on girls" Sofia nodded along her sister, glaring down at them, who were oblivious to the subject.

"Did you ask them to stop?" I wondered, thinking that this could turn out to be a conversation with their parents.

"Yes! But they just don't!" Sofia kept going, crossing her arms in her chest. Alexa looked down, counting her candy, not wanting to add anything more.

"Bobby! Matthew!" we got startled when we heard the twins' sister yelled at them. The twins ran away from her, while the older boy was trying to comfort a little girl, who was crying over her ruined dress "Get back here before I tell Dad!" she kept yelling, chasing after them.

"See, Papa? They don't listen" Alexa finished the conversation.

I decided to leave Sofia and Alexa with some friends of them (under adult supervision, of course) and headed to where all the other adult were. I looked around and saw the twins' sister near the food table, looking upset. I guess the twins got away with their ways again.

"Excuse me" I felt a tap in my shoulder and I saw the older boy that was with the twins. He actually had the twins, one in each hand "Have you seen their sister? Blonde hair, grey eyes, orange T-shirt?" he asked. Apparently, he hadn't seen her yet.

"Hi, Mr. Salvador" the twins greeted me, at the same time.

"Hello, boys" I greeted back "And, yes. I saw her by the food table" I pointed to the boy, who started to walk there.

"Percy, no!" Bobby winced, pulling him back "She'll chop us in little pieces!"

"She can't do that, you know it" the boy, Percy, reasoned, rolling his eyes.

"Have you seem her with a knife?" Matthew emphasized, like it was a really dangerous thing (which was, by the way). Percy rolled his eyes again.

"Are you asking me that question?" he fired back, in a tone that said 'you-are-kidding-me' "I'm the one at the end of that knife almost everyday!" OK, this conversation is really weird...

"That's because you're always clueless" Bobby mentioned, like it was obvious.

"Even I know it's wrong to prank little girls" he warned the twins, who blushed and looked down.

"Sorry to bother..." I butted in, politely "But, while you're at it, can you restrain them to prank my daughters?" I said, in low voice to the boy. He raised an eyebrow and I pointed at my daughters. Soon, his eyes showed understanding.

"Bobby, Matthew..." he called them. The twins must sensed they were in troubles, because they winced "Did you ever pranked Mr. Salvador's daughters?"

"Um..." Matthew trailed off "No?"

"Liar!" Sofia yelled at them. The three boys turned around to face her.

"Hi, Sophia..." Bobby called her, kind of shyly. Was he blushing? Sophia simply glared at him.

"Leave me alone, Chase" she spatted at him, walking back to her friends. Bobby seemed to deflated himself.

"Told you she didn't like me" he whispered to his twin, who rolled his eyes.

"Don't know. She acts like when Annabeth met me" Percy said, longing.

"Whatever" Bobby mumbled and went to talk to his sister.

"Alright, kids! It's time to wrap up the night!" one of the parent who was in charge of organization announced to the kids around midnight. The kids, obviously, complained and booed the guy. Alexa was leaned against my leg, yawning. Sophia, however, was wide awake and looking around "Ah! But we have one last surprise! We have the Halloween piñata!" Kids erupted in cheers and got pushed to see who would be breaking it "So?! Who's gonna be our piñata breaker?!" he shouted.

"Our sister!" the Chase twins' screamed. Their sister looked tired, as well as the raven boy with her "Please, please, please?!" the twins begged, along with all the other kids.

"C'mon Wise Girl. The sooner that thing is broken, the sooner we get back home" the raven boy convinced her. She nodded and walked forward, allowing the adults to put a blindfold around her eyes and they gave her a baseball bat "Coach would be proud, Annabeth!" the boy yelled at her, causing her to smile.

The adults placed the piñata over her head and she started to swing the bat a few times, hitting air. After a few tries, she hit something, but it didn't break. Another few rounds and the piñata broke. Candy came down, as well as something else...

"Was an animal inside the piñata?" she asked, unsure, thought you could hear the fear in her voice. The kids stared at her, or more specifically, above her head.

"Wise Girl, don't take the blindfold" the boy ordered at her.

"Please, please, tell me are cockroaches, Percy" she pleaded, terrified. She obviously knew what was above her, but she wanted Percy to lie to her.

"They're cockroaches, Annabeth" he lied to her, walking closer.

"You're lying" she whimpered.

"That's why you're a Wise Girl" Percy kept distracting her, shrugging her clothes. As soon as the little animals hit the floor, kids started to run back to their homes, literally screaming. Since we were a bit further, Sophia didn't run, but Alexa was scared. What was more surprising was seeing Annabeth, without the blindfold, clinging and hugging Percy like her life depended on it.

"S-s-s-s-" she stuttered.

"Technically, they're tarantulas" Percy noticed, but that only fueled Annabeth's fear "Not important"

"Papa, can we go home?" Alexa squeaked in my neck. I nodded, heading back home with Sophia at my side. But before we crossed the door, we heard it.


"See, Papa? Those boys are evil" Sophia reminded me.

This is also by SilverHuntress don't worry soon another author will have a chance to be here

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