Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


6. percabeth by NARENKAPZ

~~Jillian's POV

I wasn't exactly a stalker. I prefer to call myself.. Ah, A very observant person who happens to be at the area as Percy Jackson at the same time.

It was currently Lunch period at Goode High school and I was sitting a good 2 tables away.

"Jillian," My friend, Ashley, groaned. "Stop stalking Percy Jackson! I get he's hot and all but you are crazy!" I scoffed. "I'm not 'stalking'. I call this observing closely at a certain person." Matilda snickered. "That basically means stalking, Jillian." I growled slightly and slid down in my seat.

They just didn't understand. I was not stalking. I turn my head towards Percy Jackson. He was laughing, his sea green eyes shining and his mouth smiling. He was with his friends Louis, who had blue eyes and brown curly hair, James, who has green eyes and blonde hair, Kyle who had brown hair and brown eyes, Taylor ( Who by the way is dating Louis) who had long straight black hair and eyes so dark, they looked black, and finally, Mollie who had curled red hair and blue eyes. You could totally tell Mollie had a crush on Percy. Percy was just… Extremely oblivious. I sighed dreamily and slid down further in my chair. Ashley snickered. I snapped my head towards her and glared.

"Oh, shut it Ashley. You totally wish you were dating Percy Jackson." Ashley scoffed.

"Mollie wished she was dating Percy Jackson." I nodded.

Mollie was giggling this weirdish noise and batting her eyelashes. She hit leaned her elbows on her table and made sure her eyes shone. Brightly, might I add. The bell rang and everyone stood up to throw out their trash out. Percy slipped out of the lunch room and I quickly scrambled to toss out my things. I'm not even sure I ate anything.

I followed Percy to his locker, which was uncoincidentally across the hall from his. I also had all of his classes. From gym to Marine Biology. Uncoincidentally. I grabbed my science and Marine Biology stuff out of my locker. I had a pair of binoculars, note pads and a camera in there. They were well hidden in a tiny safe I kept on the bottom of my locker. Call my creepy but you never know who could go in your locker and look in your stuff. By the time I got to Science, everyone was talking about the newest trends and whatnot.

"I hope she's hot." I heard Mason, the school Jock, A.K.A the quarterback, said aloud, talking about the new student teacher that was coming to our class, to his other football friends. A few girls from the cheerleading girls scrunched their noses and tilted their head away. I saw Percy slouched in the back and sleeping. He looks so cute sleeping… I thought. The bell rang and the lessons began.

School finally was over and all the students burst out the door. Freedom. I thought as I quickly went through the front doors with my binoculars. I went towards the willow tree that Ashley, Matilda, and I always met at, at the end of the day. I was the first there so I quickly got out my binoculars out and put them on. I found Percy and his friends talking by the side of the school. They all had their Iphones out, besides percy. His phone had a triangle on his phone, whatever that meant.

"BOO!" Matilda and Ashley shouted as they popped in front of the binoculars making their face large and creepy.

'OH MY ADSDFGHJKL" I shouted and put a hand over my heart.

"You scared me!" I said gasping. Matilda rolled her eyes. "That was the point." She said. I grumbled and shrugged. "How was stalking Percy?" Ashley asked. I opened my mouth to tell her it wasn't stalking. She raised her hand up. "Sorry, I mean observing." I shrugged.

One by one, students left. Soon it was just me and Percy, but Percy didn't notice me he was playing something on his 'phone'.

"Seaweed Brain…." I heard softly. So softly I thought it was the wind. Seaweed Brain? I thought to myself. What kind of name was that? Apparently, Percy heard it too and a huge smile lit up his face. He ran forward and he looked around. I didn't see anything. Percy flicked something and A girl jumped down from a tree.

"Wise girl!" He shouted. He grabbed the girl. I looked into my binoculars and noticed she had curly blonde hair, like a princesses. She had a natural tan. You could tell she was from California. What threw me off were her eyes. A really bold grey. Percy pulled her into a kiss and I gasped. Percy has a girlfriend?! They broke apart but held hands. They walked away towards Percy's house. And yes, I knew where Percy lived.

And that was when I 'met' Percy's girlfriend, whatever her name was.

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