Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


9. more percabeth still by the same person(I love this because it has Sally and Harry Potter)

~~Christmas was nearing and everyone was festive as always. Well, not everyone. There's always those certain people who were last minute Christmas shopping, and one of those two of those people were Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

Percy Jackson. He was a 26 year old CEO in training of Sea-Water enterprise (going taking over his father's company), and had money all around him. It's going to be hard, the fact that Percy has ADHD and dyslexia. People act like they know him, but they really don't. They don't know his sheepish personality. They say he's a partier, and that his mother is dead. Who would say that? Because it's 100% not true, his mom is 100% alive. Rumors aren't always the truth, if anyone should know that, it's Percy Jackson.

Annabeth Chase. She's a 26 year old college student who is studying architecture and works at a small book candy store. Annabeth didn't care about gossip, rumors, or celebrities, including Percy Jackson. All Annabeth cared about were her grades, successes, and making her mom proud. Annabeth has been hundreds of times about how she should "live life to the fullest" in college, and party all day because of how beautiful she was, with curly blonde hair and tan skin, but her intimidating grey eyes back everyone off.

Why am I telling you about these two people? Because they're going to collide.

Annabeth's POV

"Seriously Annabeth, why didn't you just shop earlier?" Piper said laughing on her bed tossing a small ball (with superman on it) to her. Annabeth groaned tossing it back. "You know why I didn't. I was busy-" Piper caught it and rolled her eyes. "-busy studying. I know, but you could've taken a break to go Christmas Shopping! And shopping for me." Annabeth stood up and rolled her eyes and went for her coat. "Alright, I'm going to go shopping now." She shoved her coat on and put her boots on. "Are you coming?"

Piper looked up from tossing the ball into the air. "I don't know. Depends on where you're going." I paused.

"I was thinking about going to the mall and just walking around until I find something." Piper hesitated before shaking her head. "Nah, I think I'm going to Jason's dorm. I already did they last week, and I really don't feel like walking that much" I snorted and shoved my phone into my pocket. "It's only like, a few blocks away, but I'll probably be gone for maybe, 3-4 hours? Maybe longer." Piper shrugged. "Fine with me. I probably won't be here." I rolled my eyes.

"Bye!" Piper shouted as I exited our dorm. "Bye," I shouted back, "Can you lock the door for me?" I asked turning around to see Piper flip me off but nod. I continue walking towards the elevator and press the button to go down. My phone vibrated and I took it out of my back pocket.

It was a text from Piper. "OH MY GOD, PERCY JACKSON-" I click my phone off, not really caring.

Percy Jackson was selfish and a no good person. He flaunts around like he controlled New York and he parties like, everyday, he just wastes money on pointless things, and he has a new girlfriend every week. It's sick.

I shook my head and rolled my shoulders. Alright, I said in my head, time to go Christmas Shopping.

I finally entered the warmth of the mall as I walked in and took off my hat shoving it into my coat pockets and shook my hair out. My nose and cheeks were undoubtedly pink from cold, regretting not taking my car. I huffed and walked around the suddenly crowded mall. I pull out a old, yellow, and crinkled piece of paper to look at the list I've created.






Twin hell-holes


Evil Step Mom

I frown at my choice of words, the fact that my stepmom isn't exactly that bad, but I reuse the same list of people every year since I was 12, so I guess I'm stuck with that. I look to my right and decide to go to my favorite store called The Book Cellar, which isn't really visited because it's in the corner of the mall and decided getting a gift for Thalia there, then I turn to the book/candy store. Upon walking into the store, I get comforted by the warm aroma and the smell of the store's candy.

"Annabeth! You don't have work until next week!" said Sally, the kind woman who owns the shop/candy store. "Yeah, I just have to buy some Christmas gifts for a few friends of mine." Sally smiled and motioned to the shelves of books. "Well, you better go on then!" I smiled and places my things, such as my backpack and phone on the small couch that I always sit at. I walk around the store running my hand along the shelves until my hand landed on a book called "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs, The Graphic Novel. I smile. Thalia never really liked to read, so a graphic novel is great and would totally fit Thalia.

Just as I was about to grab the book, another hand snatched it before I could. Angrily, I snapped my head up to the book snatching human. It was a guy. A famous guy. And you probably guessed it. Percy Jackson in all his glory, with Ray-Ban sunglasses, grey shirt, and black jeans. I scoffed and and glared at him and he gave me a lopsided grin. "I do believe I had that book first." I said through clenched teeth. He gave a sheepish smile.

"Well, I got the book first!"

"Does it look like I care? Now give me my book. I bet you don't even want to read it" I snap as I try to reach for the book, but he just raises it above his head. I'm not short by any means, Percy is just really tall.

"Percy Jackson! You give Annabeth her book back now!" Sally scolded, pointer her finger at Percy. Percy dropped the book into my hand and gave Sally sheepish smile. "Sorry mom." I gape at Sally.

"This- this- this seaweed brain is your son!" I immediately cringed after the words flew out. Percy looked at me strangely and Sally burst out laughing. Percy frowned.

"Seaweed brain?"

I facepalmed. "Apparently, yes." I groan and walked to the counter.

"Can I just buy this now?" Sally smiled and walked behind the counter.

I dropped the book onto the counter and pulled out my wallet. Sally rang it up and shoved the book into a bag. "11.09 is your total." I wrestled my money out and places it on the counter. "You can keep the change." I grabbed the bag from her and smiled. "Thanks Sally." I walk back to my things on the couch and collected my things, draping my coat over my arm.

I wave bye to Sally and avoid Percy, then walk out the store.

"Thalia is out of the list. So Mom, Dad, Piper, Jason, Malcolm, Stepmom, and twins."I mumbled under my breath.

"You know, talking to yourself makes you sound crazy?" Piped up a voice next to me.

"Well, talking to yourself also helps your brain focus at the task at hand." I snap, continuing walking. "Don't you have something else to do? Like, go to a club or something" Percy shoved his hands into his pockets. "Nah, not really. It's too early for that, and I don't go clubbing every day," He remarked, offended, "I guess you can call it a day off." I glance up at him. He had his sunglasses back on and a dark grey hoodie that had an ugly christmas design to it. "Don't you choose your days off, the fact that you kind of own the thing?" Percy paused. "Well, mostly my dad does, but I guess I can too." I frown. "Well, go do something a Percy does on a day off. Go to your girlfriend, what's her name, Jessica Orta or something, and let me go shopping."

I spot a Hot Topic and decide to go there to buy Piper's gift. She likes anklets, right? And Harry Potter, she likes Harry Potter. I turn towards the store, and still find that Percy is following me.

"Ok, first off," He said lifting his finger up and stopping me. "Jessica is not my girlfriend, no matter what those gossip magazines say, and second, how do you know that? Are you secretly stalking me?" He gasped. "Or even better, you're a fan!" I burst out laughing but quickly cover it up with a cough.

"No, I have a best friend who is superstar crazy, and her mom is like a gossip news lady thing, and she like, knows everything." I say walking into Hot Topic and immediately had metal music blasted into my ear. I immediately walked to the area where they have Harry Potter merch and find the anklets and shirts and grab a few to buy. Percy walked up from behind me,casually leans against the shelf. He shifted his eyes to look at the shirts. "You shouldn't believe everything you hear." He mumbled.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." He said, fingering the shirt, then flipping the shirt around. "Mischief Managed? What the hell does that mean." I snatch the book and roll my eyes. "It's from Harry Potter." Percy rolled his eyes.

"No shit, Sherlock-"

"I actually like that show."

"Wait the BBC version?"

"Yeah, with Benedict Cumberbatch?"

"Yeah! I've actually met him before."

"Of course you've met him before."

"Is that jealousy I hear?"

I ignored him and grabbed the "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good" shirt and a "Felix Felicis" necklace and walk up to the counter, with Percy following me behind me.

After paying for my stuff I start to plan on how to get rid of Percy. Well, duh, he's famous! Just shout out his name then people will surround him! I smirk as I grabbed my recently purchased things and exit the store into a very crowded New York City mall.

Percy saw my smirk and frowned. "Hey… What are you smir-"

"HEY EVERYONE LOOK! IT'S PERCY JACKSON!" I shouted as loudly as I could, and luckily, it got everyone's attention and ran towards us, so I dodged to the side to avoid the mob. Percy immediately got mobbed and glared at me as I happily walked away.

I was currently shopping at the Lego store to find something for Bobby and Matthew (The twins), the last people on my list and didn't know what to buy. Suddenly someone appeared behind me and put their hands on my waist.

"Well, well, well, look who it is." Said Percy Jackson. I groaned and swatted his hands away. "How did you escape the mob of fangirls?" I hummed as I continue looking for a present for the twins. He walked to be next to me and pulled his hoodie tighter. "Well, I met as many as I could and then just ran. I think I out ran them tho. I went to my mom's shop and changed my clothes, so I think I'm good."

I groaned. "Go do something productive or something, god."

He picked up a lego set and waved it at my face. "I am. I'm helping you shop for christmas presents."

"Fine. Well, you're a guy-"

He snorted. "Obviously."

"- and I bet you like legos, so I have twin brothers, and they also like legos, so help me choose one." I say, ignoring him. Percy sighs and looks over the shelves to find a lego set. He chooses two after a long time and shoves it in my face. "These." I cross my eyes to look at them and then shrug. "Alright." I take the boxes and walked to the checkout to buy them. "I'm trusting you that these are good." I huff out as I pay the cashier the amount of money.

Percy gave me a half smile. "I had that set when I was like, 9." I move to pick up the bags but Percy beats me and picked them up for me. I raise my eyebrow at him and he shrugged. "I'm doing something productive."

I grin a little and roll my eyes.

"You roll your eyes to much."

"Whatever. I'm going to finish shopping."

"Wait! Wait for me!"

I struggle to open the door with one hand, as I carry all of the bags on the other.

"I'm back." I say as I set my things down. I look up to see Piper sitting on her desk chair, spinning, then immediately stopped when she saw Annabeth. "Hello, Annabeth."

I raise an eyebrow at her, "You okay? What did you do today?" Piper glared at me. "I don't know, what did you do today." I frown and kick my boots off. "You knew where I was, at the mall." Piper nodded. "Perhaps I did, but you didn't tell me who you were with." I sit on my bed and run a hand through my hair. "Okay, tell me what's wrong." Piper stood up from her chair up to me.

"You were with Percy Jackson!" She yelled loudly, and pointed an accusing finger at me. I swat her finger away. "So?" Piper gaped at me. "What do you mean, 'So?' I mean you went Christmas shopping with Percy Jackson!" I rolled my eyes. "How did you even find this out anyway?"

Piper grabbed her laptop from her desk and shoved it in my face. "Because of these pictures!"

There was 5 pictures, the first one was Percy being mobbed by fans and me running away, the second one was Percy carrying the lego bags for me, the third was me eating a pretzel (I got hungry) and giving some to Percy, the fourth was me buying a puny mug for my dad and Percy was laughing as I showed him the mug, and the last one was where I was trying to pull all my bags away from him (He was carrying all of my bags but the Hot Topic one and my purse, because I refused to give it to him) so I could leave.

I rolled up to the top of the page to look at the title. "Percy Jackson's New Girlfriend: Mysterious Blonde" I looked at the article under it:

Percy Jackson had been spotted with a girl with curly blonde hair, possibly a new girl friend? The two seem rather close but we never heard of her before. Pictures are below.

I shoved the computer off my lap and rolled my eyes. "That's just a bunch of crap. I'm not his girlfriend." Piper stared at me. "So the pictures are fake?" I hesitated.

"No. But I'm not his girlfriend, I'm just friends with his mom and he kept bothering me, that's it." Piper looked at me for a while then smiled.

"Aw, it would've been awesome if I was friends with a famous person." I shove her in the face and she falls face first onto the bed, laughing.

Suddenly my phone buzzed and Piper leapt for it and snatched it from my desk.

"IT'S A TEXT!" She turned her head dramatically. "But from who?" She unlocked my phone (She figured out my password. So much for privacy.) She frowned. "IT'S AN UNKNOWN NUMBER!"

"The Pacific Ocean's name has an original meaning of 'peaceful sea." Piper said scrunching her eyebrows. I snatch my phone back.

"Seaweed Brain." Piper leaned over my shoulder to read them. "Seaweed Brain? Who's that?" I give her a look.

"Percy." I huff as I locked my phone putting in my back pocket.

Piper gaped at me. "Percy Jackson! Why on earth would you call him a Seaweed Brain?"

I rolled my eyes as I leaned back against my pillows on my bed. "Because he is one, and he's weirdly obsessed with the ocean, fun fact. Although I didn't know that until after I gave him the name."

She hummed and shrugged. "Alright then. I'm hungry, do you want anything from McDonalds?"

I shook my head no, but then stopped. "Yeah, French Fries." She nodded and shoved her Jacket (sweater, really), on. "Kay, bye." She said slamming the door shut to go on her adventure for food.

My phone buzzed again and I pulled it out.

"How do you know its me? I could be a murderer!"

"Because you have a stupid obsession with the ocean and only you would tell me a fact about the ocean. How did you get my number anyway?"

"Put it in at my mom's shop when you weren't looking."

"Wait- what?"

I didn't get a reply after that, but saved the number to my contacts.

I was walking back to my dorm from my "Urban Art and Architecture Studies" class and my wind was being very brutal. It had to be at least 2PM, and the sun was barely out, only showing in small patches at a time.

My phone vibrated in my coat pocket and I reached for it and unlocked it.

"Hey, are you free today."

It's been at least a month since the first Percy meeting and the Christmas craze was over. Over the past month I've seen Percy way more than I planned to, and it's safe to say that he has become my annoying friend. Sure, he's still famous and people spread rumors, but he's not that famous, just the son of the richest dude alive. It's kind of like he's Romeo Beckham, they know his face but not his name. I also still am rude to him, but it's okay because he doesn't really care.

I scratch my neck and hesitate. I don't think I have a lot of homework… and I don't think I have anything planned this afternoon? Wait I have work today.

"No. i have work."

"Perfect! We can hang out at my mom's shop ;)"

"Don't you have to do interviews or work or something."

"Nope :)"

"Go away."

"During winter the Arctic Ocean is almost completely covered in sea ice."

I shoved my phone back into my pocket, ignoring the last message, and finally reaching my dorm.

I kicked my shoes off. "Piper? You here?" I shouted loudly, but got no yell in return. Guess she's not home yet. I check the time and it's 2:16. I don't have to go to work until 3, so I decide to change into my uniform, which is just jeans and a fandom T-shirt (weird, I know), so I decide to wear my sherlock one (for good measure) and take a nap until I actually have to go. I set up an alarm for 2:40 and I land face first onto the couch into blissful sleep…

Okay, it wasn't so blissful because I woke up 10 minutes later, unable to actually sleep, so I disable my alarm and just go to work early. I shove a pair of my worn out converse onto my feet and slip on my northface and deciding on taking my car because of the harsh wind outside. As I swing the door open, Piper, in all her glory, stands there about to put the key in and smiles upon seeing me. She has on her ear muffs, worn down skiing jacket, her uggs, and a pair of gloves. One strap old backpack slings from her shoulder while the other one hangs loosely by her side.

"You are seriously immune to the cold." I mutter and I tugged on her braid.

She laughs and shrugs. "Yeah, I am. Have fun at work!"

I debate to myself if I should take the stairs or not, but end up taking them because, why not. I run down the stairs to the garage and open the door to my trusty Mercedes.

Ok, you may be wondering why me, a poor college student, had a black Mercedes. Well, I may be broke, but my parents arent. Sure, I could probably sell it and get a lot of money, but I really need a car, and it was a gift! Who would say no to a gift?

I settle in my car, turning on the radio (Christmas songs pouring out) and pulling out of the garage.

I drive all the way to the small and park in the back where there are separate parking spots for workers. I step out and begin walking to the Book Cellar.

"Annabeth!" Sally said happily. Annabeth waved walking to the front desk and opening the door to the employes only room. "WISEGIRL!" Shouted Percy upon seeing Annabeth. I frown at him while taking off my jacket and hanging it up. "Wisegirl?"

He gave me a sheepish smile. "I spent the whole time on that while I was waiting for you to come." I sighed

"Seaweed Brain."

I exit the room and go to the front desk of the bookstore part. Sally is at the Candy store part.

"Annabeth!" Shouted Reyna, a girl who also worked here, "I haven't seen you in forever!" She said smiling. I pull her into a hug.

Reyna was a year older than I was. She has dark brown hair, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. She always wears a purple shirt with the words SPQR on them, saying that it was from "the Roman fandom" which basically means that she likes Rome.

"Hey, I've been busy with school." reyna wiggled her eyebrows. "And Percy Jackson." I groaned.

Percy pokes his head out from the door. "I heard my name." Percy grinned. "Talking about me now are we, Annabeth?" I rolled my eyes and flipped him off. He laughed and ducked his head away.

"No. That was once and that was because he followed me- hey don't look at me like that- and now he's my stupid friend." She laughed and shook her head, walking back to the shelves where an elderly woman next to her granddaughter waved her over. I was at cashier post.

Personally all you had to do at cashier post was sit and do math. And I liked math so it was a win-win situation for me. Percy emerged from the shadows (the employe room actually) and pulls up a stool next to me and plops down on it, eating blue jelly beans.

I look down at them and smile. "Blue?" Percy nodded.

"It's kind of like, a F-you kind of thing to my stepdad, smelly Gabe," He said with his head held high. "He said that there were no foods that were blue in the world, and my mom was like, well, F-you, and started dying all of our food blue. I kind of have a habit of eating blue things now." I nodded smiling. "You have fun with that."

He held his head up, shoving a couple of blue jelly beans into his mouth. "I am."

I snort and a girl comes to the checkout line with her grandma, happily holding a book. I give her a smile as her grandma takes the book and places it on the table.

"Hi! How are you?" I said happily as I took the book. "Caps for sale! That was one of my favorites when I was your age."

Percy nodded. "Mine too."

The grandma smiled and motioned to the little girl. "It's one of her favorites too." She gave a shy smile and hid behind her grandma's leg.

"That would be $6.58." I said bagging the book.

The grandma gave me the money and winked at me. "Keep the change."

I nod. "Thank you! Have a great day!"

They exited the store and Percy pokes me. "Aw, you're very nice." I swat his hand away and he pouted. "Scratch that. You're mean."

I rolled my eyes. "Jelly bean me." I said with my hand held out. Instead, Percy grabs my hand and holds it. I turn my head and give him a look. "Seaweed Brain, I said give me a jelly bean, not hold my hand." He smiled and held my hand tighter. "Dude." I said glaring at him. He sighed and reached into the bag of jelly beans and shoved them in my mouth, but he still held my hand.

"Dude, let go." He shook his head. "People are going to take pictures and think we're dating."

He nodded. "Yeah, that's kind of the point." I stared at him until he realized what he said. Once he did, he began to blush.

"Is this some sly way on asking me out?" I said trying to hide my grin.

He hummed. "If its working, then yes. If not, then no."

"What if I say no? What would be your excuse for holding my hand?"

"I would say my hand got cold."

I slammed my hand onto his face. "That is the worst excuse ever." He laughed and shrugged. "But hopefully I won't have to say that." He said giving me puppy eyes.

"Yeah, whatever."

And just so you know, I let him hold my hand

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