Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


7. more percabeth by NARENKAPZ


I rang the doorbell of Percy Jackson's house.

Yes, the Percy Jackson, the 5 time olympic medalist for swimming. And he's only 23!

Percy and I were close, we were on the same USA olympic swimming team.

And lets all admit it, we all have a crush on Percy.

I mean who wouldn't? He has Jet black, windswept hair and 6 pack. And don't forget those beautiful Seagreen eyes.

I was at his house because he was throwing a pool party.

I heard a few locks click and the door swung open.

Percy gave me a lopsided smile. "Hey! Come on in."

He was wearing a pair of Sea green swim trunks with blue waves on it.

He opened the door and motioned me inside. Once inside, I gaped at the house. It was beautiful.

In the front, it had 2 greek style columns and the roof was domed shape and they had a dramatic staircase about 10 feet in front of the door.

Percy put his hands on my shoulder and showed me to the backyard, to the pool.

When I got there, about 20 people our age were there.

But there were 7 people who stood out the most, excluding Percy of course. They literally had an aura of power.

There was a girl who had chocolate skin and had very curly brown hair and Golden eyes. She had on a one piece purple swimsuit that said SPQR in the front of it.

The other girl looked cherokee. She had caramel skin and choppy brown hair, with a few strands with braids and a white and green feather in it. Her eyes confused me most of all. Her eyes kept changing color every second I look at them. She wore a plain white simple bikini.

Then there was another American girl who had light skin and wild red hair. She had emerald green eyes that looked like it held wisdom.

The last girl was American who had light skin and light brown hair that was pulled into a side braid and she had a head band on. She had light brown eyes that were helpful.

Then there was a boy who was Mexican and who had tan skin and curly brown hair that stuck out in every direction. He had warm chocolate brown eyes that were playful. He wore red swim trunks with yellow outlinings.

The other boy was Asian and has Tan skin and short black hair. He has warm brown eyes yet they were fierce. He wore black swim trunks with white outlines.

The next boy was American and had light skin and light blonde hair. He had sky blue eyes that were serious yet playful at the same time. He was wearing blue swim trunks with white stuff around it.

They all were some sort of muscular which made a jealous. Sure, I was muscular, but they made it look amazing.

Percy stopped me at the balcony doors and smiled at me.
"You can do whatever now, I don't really care." Then he left me and went to the other 7 kids. I gaped at him.

He just left me alone! I rolled my eyes and went to one of the open pool chairs and set my stuff on there.

I took of my shorts and pants to reveal my pink two piece bikini that had glitter around it.

I tied my red hair into a low ponytail.

I heard a lot of laughing and I turned to see the 7 kids and Percy over there laughing and joking around.

I huffed and boldly walked over to them. Once I got there I put on a smile.

"Hey Percy!" They all whipped their heads to me and their smiles decreased a little.

"Uh, Hey!" Percy said while smiling.

The girl with the choppy hair and braids with feathers rolled her eyes. She stuck her hand out and gave a smile.

"Hi, my name is Piper Mclean." I gaped at her. She was the daughter of Tristan Mclean and she was the most famous supermodel.

She sighed.

"Um, Hi… My name is Hazel Levesque." I smiled at her. She found many diamonds and basically everything underground.

She gave a little wave.

"Hi. My name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare." My eyes nearly went out of its sockets. She was daughter of Mr. and , who were very rich billionaires. She also was a very famous artist now.

"Hello, my name is Calypso…" My mouth watered a bit. She was a very famous cook and her food was delicious. Oh, how I want to try some of that!

"Hey! My name is Sizzle and all da ladies love me." I frowned at him, very confused.

Piper rolled her eyes. "His name is Leo Valdez, and the only lady that loves you is Calypso." Everyone laughed at that but me. I stared at him. He was the inventor of Omega, the new apple products, but way cooler and fun.

"Uh… I'm Frank Zhang." My eyes widened in realization. He was a general in the army and was really good at it too.

"Jason." The next boy said smiling. He was the worlds best plane flyer and he was known for doing awesome tricks like jumping off cliffs.

Percy clapped his hands.

"Well, that's everybody here. Well, almost everybody is here." I frowned. "Who isn't here?"

Right before he could reply, the doors burst open, with a very professional lady coming out.

She had curly blonde hair that was pulled up into a messy bun with a few strands framing her face. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a fancy white blouse. She was carrying a clipboard and she wore black glasses.

She also looked like a supermodel. I wonder if she is.

Percy's face immediately brightened and he ran to the girl. "ANNABETH!" He nearly knocked her over and she scrunched her nose. "You're late Annabeth! You're almost never late!" She sighed.

"Percy, get off of me. You smell like chlorine and you're wet." She detached herself from him and dusted off her clothes.

"Sorry, my workers messed up so blueprints so I had to fix them." Annabeth looked up and saw the 7 people.

"Guys! You're here too? Thank gods." She said and ran to hug them.

Percy pouted. "How come they get to hug you?" She snorted "Because they can." Percy rolled his eyes. Percy noticed me and he smiled. "Annabeth, come over here, we have to introduce you to someone." I smile proudly.

Annabeth came over, with her high heels off and now wearing a grey bikini. "Hey." She said smiling.

Before she could introduce herself, Percy butt in. "Her name is Annabeth Jackson." He said proudly. I gaped at them.

She rolled her eyes. "My name is Annabeth Chase, not Jackson." I gaped at her. She was the most famous, yet youngest, Architect. She graduated at age 21 Percy pouted. "Were practically married. We're already engaged." My eyes kept widening at this. I looked at her finger, and there it was, a silver band that said 'Wisegirl and Seaweed Brain' and a small diamond on it.

She snorted. "Sure Seaweed Brain." I gulped down a lump and I turned to face Piper,Hazel,Calypso, Rachel,Leo,Frank, and Jason. I see Jason, Leo, and Frank grumble something angrily and give Piper and Rachel 10 bucks. They smirk and they guys stick out their tongue.

I turn back to Annabeth and Percy to see that they are gone. I heard a scream and we all whip our heads to the sound.

Percy grabbed Annabeth from the waist and swung her around, teasing her, about dropping her into the water.

"DON'T YOU DARE YOU SEAWE-" Percy let her go and she flung in the water. The 7 people over there burst out laughing. Then Jason, Leo, and Frank, grabbed Piper, Calypso, and Hazel and they flung them into the water too.

"YOU GUYS SU-" Piper yelled but didn't finish because she emerged in the water.

I frown every confused.

How did Percy know so many famous people?



"I Do." Percy said.

"I Do." Annabeth said.

The priest smiled. "You may now kiss the bride." Percy and Annabeth kissed and Percy raised a fist in the air and everyone cheered. I smiled and clapped.

Yes, I was at Percy and Annabeth's wedding.

And I have to admit, they make the perfect couple

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