Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


17. Jasper By KaleidoscopeColours2101


Jason Grace wasn't really one to show emotions. His Girlfriend Piper was the only exception. She made him laugh, smile, frown, smirk. But this one time, Jason Grace cried.

The Giant war had ended. Piper took an arrow through her for Leo. Jason didn't blame Leo though. He blamed Gaia. Gaia ruined his life.


The Giants were all defeated, but monsters still lived. Too many. There were too many. The seven were all spread out. Jason was fighting an empousa and a drakon at the same time. After slaying the monster, he got to work on the next. Slash, duck, jump, stab, repeat.

"Leo!" Piper shrieked. Leo was facing a centaur (A bad one) an empousa and the minotuar all at the same time. Leo fell, and just before the centaur could shoot the killing arrow, Piper jumped in the way. An arrow was now sticking in one side and out the other side. It pierced her hip. Before she fell, she stabbed the Minotaur, which fell on the empousa, killing them both. Piper fell, Leo kept fighting around her, keeping her safe. When the last monster was dead (or as dead as one could get) Jason rushed over to where Piper was. Her head was in Leo's lap. Jason swallowed his tears. Piper was crying.

"It hurts." She said.

"I know beauty queen, I know. Why'd you jump in the way?" Leo inquired, stroking her hair.

"Y-you have to save her. I swore to you, you'd find her. You swore to her, you'd go back for her. I'm making sure thats happening." Piper insisted. Jason had no idea what they were talking about.

"Pipes." Jason croaks.

"We need to get the arrow out." Annabeth said. She was acting tough, but her tears gave her away. Piper and Annabeth were close.

"Apollo's on his way, Pipes. You'll be fine."

A flash of golden light appeared, and Apollo surged forwards, pushing aside the demi-gods. He put his hand on her forehead and muttered a few curses.

"Its too late. You can get the arrow out, but nothing will happen. I'm so sorry." Apollo said sincerely.

He flashed away.

"You guy's are the best friends I've ever had. I just want you to know." Piper whispered. A puff of breath left her lips and her eyes went dull. Jason was quietly crying with Leo. She wasn't breathing. Her pulse was gone. Blood was pooled around her. She was dead.

Flashback ended.

Jason moped down the hall, passing her room. The door was open a little. Piper was lying in her bed, her eyes shut. The arrow was out. Jason's heart clenched. He walked in, and sat next to her on her bed. He took her cold hand and squeezed it, like they always did when the other was distressed, or sad.

"She loved you, you know." Someone said making Jason jump. he turned and standing there was Aphrodite. Her hair was braided perfectly, and she was wearing plain jeans and a shirt. Jason realized he saw Piper. Aphrodite changed into whatever you deemed beautiful, so she was looking like Piper. Tears tracked her cheeks.

"She told me." Was all Jason said.

"She loved you more than words can express. More than you could ever imagine." She said, "You just need to know before you do what all son's of Jupiter do. "

"Whats that, My Lady?" Jason asked curiously.

"Forget she existed." She said, before walking away.

Then they were called to olympus. Percy declined Immortality. Again. Annabeth merged the camps. frank and Hazel got rid of their curses. Leo got calypso.

"Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter." Zeus boomed. "Would you like to be immortal?"

Jason didn't think twice before saying "No thank you father. "

Zeus looked baffled. Aphrodite looked pointedly at Hades and Zeus. They caught on to what she was asking. "Demigods, we need to discuss something. Leave and we shall tell you when to come back."

Percy and Annabeth went to central Park. Leo and Calypso were kissing outside the throne room. Frank and Hazel were exploring New York, that left Jason al alone giving hi time to think.

Jason went to wherever his feet was taking him. A pond. He sat down and started thinkng.

About Piper.

About what he was going to do.

About camp Jupiter

Jason went to High School. Girls asked him out everyday, but Jason said no. He wasn't going to forget Piper, ever. Jason was determined not to be like his siblings *coughHeraclescough*

The night he got back from graduation, he was tired, sweaty, and to be honest, tipsy. When he walked into the living room of the small apartment he owned, he wasn't sure if he was dreaming. Because someone he loved, alot, was sitting there twiddling her thumbs. She was probably waiting for him. Her long choppy hair, that Jason had spent hours running his hands through, was up in a messy bun. She was wearing jean shorts and a washed out blue tank top that clung to her slim figure. Piper McLean was sitting there.

She turned around at the sound of the door. Jason was there. She smiled at him. Jason ran over to her, picking her up and spinning her 'round.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" He exclaimed.

"Likewise Sparky." She smiled into his neck, where she had burrowed the crown of her head. Suddenly she pulled away, pulling a face. "You smell."

"Sorry. I just got back from graduation. I went to high school." Jason explained to her.

"Did you- did you er- findanothergirlfriend?" Piper asked, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. Jason could see a scar peeking out from just above her hip.

"Not. A. Chance. I though of you every day for the past two years." Jason though of something, "You know you're technically still fifteen, right?"

"Sixteen." She corrected.


"My birthday was before the last battle. " Piper said shyly. Jason was shocked. She didnt tell him?

"Why?..." Jason didn't finish, because Piper had gripped the front of his shirt and was kissing him. He felt her sigh, and then she pulled away.

"I missed you, Jason." She whispered, opening her eyes to look at him through her eyelashes.

"I missed you too, Beauty Queen. Do the others know you're alive?"

"Yes?" Piper shrugged. " Hades and whatnot were discussing wether or not to bring me back. It took a while, but I guess Hades is a bit of a softie." Piper though for a second, "That or my Mum charmspoke him."

"How'd you know that they were doing that?"

"Nico. He summoned my spirit and d I was in the room with you all too. Just, you didn't see me." Piper said, hugging him around his waist.

"He, he never told us.' Jason said, the unshed tears pooling in his eyes. Don't worry, he was happy.

"He didn't want to. You can't yell at him though, I think he did the right thing." she said. Jason could feel her crying softly too. Her tears were slowly, but surely soaking his shirt. Jason wanted to kiss them away, but he thought that would be cliche.

"Je t'aime, Jason. Je t'aime."

"You know I have no idea what you're saying, right?" Jason said.

"I love you."

"I love you too. But, what'd you say." Jason asked, though he knew what she meant. His tears were streaking his face. Piper laughed breathily, before kissing him again.

Jason did what Aphrodite least expected him to do. He never forgot. He never will, because He loves her, and she loves him too

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