Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


12. Jason and Reyna (not in a relationship by the way sorry) by SeaSpree

~~I definitely did not like the new girl. It was bad enough her name was pronounced same way as mine, but she was also more beautiful. And no one, no one, insults my beauty, intentionally or not.

My name is Raina Surega, and I'm a sophomore. I have long, brown hair with blonde highlights. My eyes are crystal blue. I'm the most beautiful girl in school, until, that is, the Reyna girl came in.

I had to say I was jealous. She came in here on her first day of school. With a guy. A guy that was probably more hot than all the boys at Bayside High School combined.

I would be a fool if I didn't know they were together. So, the way to get at Reyna was to take her boyfriend, Jason. Of course, I wasn't the second hottest girl in school anymore... But I still had my ways. (Oh, and his is where you shiver in fear)

"Hey Jason..." I said, purring and placing my hand on his firm chest. "I heard that Reyna failed quite a few tests and beat up a few guys last week," I cocked my head to one side and winked. "Is it true?"

Jason seemed to be distracted, but he nodded as if it was an everyday occurence. "So I have straight As right now, I was thinking... Maybe we could get some ice cream sometime? My treat," I said, smiling seductively. Jason looked down at me as if finally realizing I was there.

"Oh, hey, Raina right? So, uh, I'm a bit busy. I have to take care of a few things with Reyna, um, you know, the other one," he replied, nervous as he looked down at my hand, which was still on his chest. I leaned next to him, goin on tip toes in my flats.

"You know, Jason... You should drop the girlfriend act, I mean, seriously, you can do so much better than Reyna... That Reyna," I whispered.

"Girlfriend act?" Reyna appeared in the hallway. How she heard me from so far away, I had no idea. And then, Reyna snorted. Eeew, I thought, wrinkling my nose. "Gods, you must be even denser than I previously thought," Reyna said, walking over. "It is my pleasure to tell you that Jason Grace is not my boyfriend, but I'm not sure if he'll fall for you. I mean, have you looked in the mirror lately? It looks like someone threw a pie at you, only the pie is made up of make up," Reyna said, her cold calculating eyes glancing around. Her hand was on her hip.

"Come on, Jase. We have to get back to camp. Our mission here is finished," Reyna pulled on Jason's arm, taking him away. "Oh, and by the way, you butt is showing, Raina," Reyna tossed the sentence over her shoulder. I glared at her and followed the two. I doubted that they weren't a couple. Sure, I wanted Jason for myself, but it was information that I needed first.

I should have wore those new Converse, I thought to myself as I struggled to keep up with the two in my heels. I had been following Reyna and Jason for about ten minutes. They stopped in front of the local library before disappearing inside, I followed.

They were gone.

I circled around in a circle when a hand suddenly covered my mouth and dragged me into... The women's restroom.

"Why were you following us?" Reyna hissed. I flinched.

"To test you and Jason's relationship..." I said, nervous. I started chewing on my bottom lip, a really bad habit of mine. It ruined my lips and I always had to reapply lipstick.

"Vlacas! Girl, I already told you, Jason and I have no relationship whatsoever. We are only colleagues. Do I make that clear? Because I hope so. It shouldn't be too much for your pea sized brain to process. And if I find you snooping around us again, I'll be forced to hurt you," Reyna glared at me. I inched backward toward the back of the restroom. "I don't ever want to see you again, leave, now," Reyna said pointedly, nodding her head toward the door. I quickly scurried out of the restroom door and out of the library before letting out a breath I hadn't realized I've been holding. Reyna was pretty damn scary

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