Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


2. Frazel


"So, your job is really simple" my new boss, Ms. Silver. She was really strict the first ten minutes I met her and she already made me crept out. She was this woman with auburn hair and she looked like she didn't trust men. Or maybe she was just impress that a just graduate from SFU in Teaching would choose as a job a daycare. Guess I'm missing something. Hi! My name is Jacob Lang. Like I said, I'm a fresh graduate from San Fransisco University. My area of expertise? Teaching. I wanted to break that stupid un stablished and unspoken rule about women being the only ones in charge of the kids' education "You have to look after the kids above 5 during the morning and after every single kids while their parents had not arrived, understood?"

"Yes, ma'am. Loud and clear" I agreed with her. She nodded at me and guided me to a classroom, where the kindergardeners were waiting for me. She made me a gesture to 'get in'. I didn't wasted a second, wanting to impress her "Hello, kids!" As soon as I walked in, everyone stopped playing and chatting and stuff "My name is Mr. Lang and I'm gonna be looking after you while you're here!" I tried to explain to them. Boy, was gonna be a long day...

By the time lunchtime arrived, I was exhausted! Those kids are handful! Anyway, I sat behind my desk and pulled my lunch out, watching the kids to do the same, except for one girl: she had cinnamon skin, a mane of long black raven curls and, her most eyes goldish brown. Really unique. She was not only fidgeting in her place, but also away from the other kids. Like, alone. I sighed and walked to her, kneeling to her hight.

"Hey, there, sweetheart" I greeted her, softly. She turned to me and I noticed she was playing with some stones in her hands "What are you playing with?" I asked, curious. She hid her stones, not letting me see them.

"Um, Daddy gave them to me" she replied, softly. I nodded at her "Before he left"

"So, you live with your Mommy? I bet she did your lunch..." I said, trying to distract her. I learn that the kids that comes from mess families are more difficult to reach, so I decided to make her comfortable around me.

"Mine and Lee's" That seemed to work, cause she was smiling at me. I smiled back.

"Who's Lee?" I asked. She giggled at me. Please, not be an imaginary friend...

"My older brother" I released a sigh I didn't know I was holding. I nodded at her and she pulled her lunch out, while I walked back to my desk and my lunch.

When the last bell rang, I formed the kids and took them to the door, where their parents came to pick them up. I got a lot of flirtatious smiles from the divorced mothers. I smiled politely as reply, focusing on the kids. The only one who wasn't pick up was the girl I talked during lunch. But she didn't seem to be upset. She was sat in a corner, playing with her stones in her hands. Around, other kids that weren't picked up were playing around. Even some from Elementary School joined the ones from Daycare. So, to check them all from a vast view, I decided to sit next to my student.

"Hello, again!" I greeted her, sitting down. She looked up and smiled at me.

"Hello, Mr. Lang!" she greeted me.

"You know, I have the feeling I know you name, but slipped out of my mind..." I played with her. She looked at me with round eyes, not believing me "It was Lara?" She shook her head "Um, Melanie?" Another shook "I know! Bianca!" She giggled at me.

"That's my cousin's name!" she corrected me, chuckling. I gasped and shook my head.

"Looks like your name did slip out of my mind..." I recognized. She opened her mouth, probably to answer me, but she never had the chance.

"Sammy!" A boy's voice came from the end of the hallway. He looked like he was six, short for his age. He also had cinnamon skin, and black hair, but his eyes were deep brown.

"Lee!" the girl next to me, got off her seat and ran to greet him in a hug. So, that's her brother and her name is Sam...

"How was your day?" the boy, Lee asked her. That was what his sister needed to ramble off about how cool and nice was everything. At the end, she dragged him to me.

"Mr. Lang! This is my brother, Lee!" she introduced him to me. I nodded at him.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" A woman's voice was hear near, while the walk of heels was getting closer. I turned to noise to found one of the most beautiful woman I ever seen! She wasn't tall, normal hight. She had dark skin, her curly black hair was tamed in a sided ponytail. But her eyes were gold. Were beautiful. In all, that woman gave away a presence of immense power.

"Mommy!" Sam squeaked, running to her, who picked her up and gave her a hug "I have a lot to tell you!" she started, her little eyes shinning in joy. Up this close, I did realized they looked a lot alike.

"Tell me in the car?" the woman asked, gaining a nod from the kid. Then, the woman turned to the boy "What? No greeting, no hug, nothing?" she asked, fake pouting. The boy turned crimson and went to hug her.

"Hi, mom" he mumbled against her legs. I cleared my throat gently, calling for their attention.

"Sorry, where are my manners?" the woman broke the tension, smiling and pulling her hand out "I'm Hazel Zhang, nice to meet you" I shook it back.

"Jacob Lang. Sam's teacher" I explained. She nodded and turned to her kids.

"OK, kids, if we're lucky to arrive home early, we can give your dad a call" Cue to squeaks and hugs to her, while she chuckled "OK, kids, say goodbye!"

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Lang!" Sam waved at me, from her place in her mother's arms. I waved back until they got off sight.

During the following months, I managed to get close to the Zhang family. I found out that Sam's dad was a General in the army and was doing a tour in Iraq. I first, I got dissapointed, not gonna lie. I was hoping Hazel was divorced or separated. But, having him thousands miles away, did help my thoughts. I'll admit I never thought myself as a homebreaker, but I couldn't help it. I needed to be close to Hazel. I started by gaining her kids' trust. First, Sam. The, Lee. Both were really special kids and, despite my efforts in get along with their mother, if you couldn't get along with them and love them, you were screw. Sometimes, when Hazel couldn't pick up the kids, she'd send her brother, Nico. He was this creep guy (I bet anything that he was emo during his teenage years) who run one of the most successful mourning houses all around the contry. But the kids seemed to love their uncle and he loved them back.

By the time of Thanksgiving, the kids' mood was very low. When I asked them, they refused to say, looking away and tears building in their eyes.

"Their father is MIA" Nico explained when I asked him about the mood of the kids "He's not dead, though we don't know where he is" he added, taking the kids with him.

By the week before Christmas, the kids' mood (all of them) was excited. Even Sam and Lee were excited. So, I decided to do a little project about it.

"OK, kids, I have a very fun assignment to give you!" I called them, after lunch. Everyone paid a lot of attention "As you know, Christmas is next week-" The kids started to squeak in delight, making me smile "-so, I'm gonna ask you... How many of you wrote your letter to Santa?" None hands were raised, though I expected this "Alright, then. That only make the job easy! Today, before the last bell ring, you have to write your letter to Santa" By the time I finished explaining, the kids already were writing down furiously fast. The first one to finish, to my surprise, was Sam, who handed me the paper carefully folded, inside of the envelope I gave them. I took the letter and put it on my drawer. I planned to 'send' them to Santa. When the last bell rang, I was the owner of twenty letters of twenty excited kids. I smiled to myself while taking them to be picked up. Sam, who knew her mother would picked her up later, went straight to the playground with another teacher and waited for her brother. Once all the kids were picked up, I noticed a man I never seen before. He was tall and built, but not buff. His facial were define, thought you could see that he had a baby's face not so long ago. His black hair was cut really short and his brown eyes were between excitement and sadness. But what caught my eye was his military uniform.

"Hi, how can I help you?" I greeted him, hoping it wasn't who I was thinking he was. He gave me a smirk and pulled his hand out. I shook it, unsure.

"General Frank Zhang, at your service" Oh, no... No, no, no, no! "I'm here to pick up my kids, Sam and Lee"

"How do I even know you're telling the truth?" I asked, suspicious. OK, maybe I shouldn't sound like that, but any man could be posing as him if they knew he was MIA. But he simply chuckled.

"I understand your concern... I guess you talk to my wife" No, your brother-in-law told me. I nodded my head "I guess there's only a way to find out" he suggested. I raised an eyebrow "Can I see the kids? In a considerable distance, that's it" he added. I nodded, not very convinced. I guided to the playground, were Lee was watching Sam play. In a moment, Lee looked our way and his eyes widen big. He shook his sister and she looked our way, her lips breaking in a grin before getting up and running to us.

"Daddy! You're home!" she yelled, while her father picked her up in a hug. Lee soon did the same and was also picked up by the man "Does Mommy know?" Sam asked him. At this point, the man smirked at them.

"I wanted to surprise her" he admitted, kissing Sam's cheek, who giggled. I was fuming myself. There goes my chances...

"And you did really good job, Frank" I heard Hazel's voice from behind us. She was crying. Great! Her husband put the kids down and greeted her in a hug. A tight one. While I was distracted, I felt a tug in my jeans.

"Thank you, Mr. Lang" Sam thanked me, smiling. I kneeled down, confused "You made me wrote a letter to Santa and he granted my wish!" she explained. I had a knot in my throat, feeling totally guilty. I smiled back at her, while she walked away with her parents and brother.

I sighed, knowing this was a suicide mission from the start...


this is also by SilverHuntress

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