Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


13. Annabeth And Thallia (mostly Thalia) by SeaSpree


Lucy first saw her during English.

She was walking to class with her best friend, Annabeth, when a figure in black darted into a hallway. Lucy blinked. Annabeth hadn't noticed it so she just assumed it was her hallucinating.

English was as usual, The Usual. The jocks did made paper airplanes, the cheerleaders gossiped and passed papers, Annabeth took notes. As for Lucy, she dozed.

It was later on the way to lunch that Lucy nearly died of a heart attack.

She was walking with Annabeth, when the same black figure darted out and pounced on her friend's back. Annabeth grunted before maintaining her balance.

"ANNIE!" The girl yelled. She was wearing punk clothing with a silver tiara. Annabeth lurched forward, pulling on the girl's arms, and flipping her onto her back and on the floor. The fall must've hurt, but to Lucy's complete surprise, the punk girl laughed.

"Don't call me Annie, Thalia. It's Annabeth, not Annie, not Beth, not Anniebell," Annabeth said, glaring at the girl, Thalia, on the floor. Annabeth faced her other friend, Lucy. "This is Thalia Gr-... " she glanced at Thalia on the floor who had started to frown. "Erm, just Thalia," Annabeth finished. Thalia got up from the floor and dusted herself off.

"Exactly. Just Thalia. I don't want anything associated with my mother," Thalia explained when she saw my confused face. Lucy's brain whirred. Thalia had her mother's surname?

"Never call me 'Annie' again, and I won't call you by your last name," Annabeth said, holding out her hand.

"Deal," Thalia shook it. Annabeth then proceeded to look Thalia up and down. She chuckled.

"Oh, Thals, I really enjoy being older than you," Annabeth said, smirking. Thalia growled.

"Technically, I've got five more years of wisdom," Thalia said. Lucy was confused. How does one who is older than another become younger? Annabeth snorted.

"My mother's literally made of wisdom. I can beat you in brain any day, Thals," Annabeth leaned back against the lockers, smiling slightly. Thalia laughed before poking Annabeth's arm with her index finger. Annabeh immediately stiffened before letting out a short and high-pitched yelp. Lucy raised her eyebrows in confusion. "She zapped me," Annabeth replied, glaring at Thalia. Thalia only smiled smugly and ducked, narrowly missing a punch from Annabeth. Lucy was extremely confused. The two seemed confident and unsurprised, as if Thalia's 'zapping' was a daily occurrence.

"Let's go to lunch, shall we?" Thalia remarked loudly before Annabeth could throw another punch. Lucy laughed.

"Follow me," she said, leading the two to the cafeteria.

Nearly everyone stopped eating when they reached the room. Seeing the attention, Thalia, being the punk that she was, grabbed someone's tomato and threw it at a person's eye on a poster. Bullseye, I thought. Thalia scanned the student body.

"Before all you insolent boys come up to me and try to ask me out, I'll say this. I. Don't. Date." Thalia said, glaring, then she turned around and had an inside joke with Annabeth, as if she didn't just steal someone's tomato and threaten the guys in the lunchroom. Or maybe stealing tomatoes was perfectly normal for her. How does someone steal a tomato, or something, without realizing it? Lucy wondered as they made their way to an empty table.

The lunch period passed without incident until the last few minutes. A group of (huge) guys walked over to the three. They were all smiling and walking with swagger toward Thalia.

"So, I have to do a speech for student council, I was wondering, could you help me out?" An extremely buff boy asked. Lucy rolled her eyes. The boy was either extremely stupid or extremely hopeful. There was no way in Hell anyone would believe Marcus Anderson, the football champion, would be in student council. Lucy half expected Thalia to punch him in the face or something, since that seemed like her personality, though she had only met her barely an hour ago, but that was not what Thalia did at all.

"Would you like to be turned into a deer?" Thalia asked, raising her face to be level with Marcus'. Marcus blinked. Thick head, Lucy's thoughts communicated. Although Lucy wasn't sure whether Thalia was serious. Sure, she seemed serious, but how do you turn a kid, a buff one at that, into a deer? Thalia sure was strange. Lucy was getting a lot of 'how' questions today. Apparently, Marcus wasn't sure what to think about this either, if he could think that is, so he replied in a highly intelligent manner.


"Oh, I forgot. Silly me. You don't have to be a deer. A weasel perhaps? My uncle may like that. He prefers sneaky people and animals. Thieves, you know? Or do you prefer a lemur, perhaps your brain would process more if you could see more," Thalia commented, looking boredly at Marcus. Annabeth was trying to conceal her laughter behind her hands. "Or I can just beat you up for flirting with me, the same to the rest of you guys," Thalia addressed the male audience before her, spattig out 'guys' with venom. Then, she turned toward Marcus. Frowned. And punched him.

"Gotta go, I'll be back in two weeks, maybe three! Say 'hi' to Kelp Head to me, Annie!" Thalia yelled before heading out of the school. Marcus lay on the floor, dumbfounded with a bleeding nose, the other boys looking just as confused. Annabeth, meanwhile, had went chasing after Thalia, yelling at her about the deal they had with names while Thalia yelled back something about..., the River Sticks? What?

Lucy watched, shocked, but a smile slowly crept to her face. She respected Thalia G., or uh, Thalia. She really did

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