Moving In


2. Something Really Bad! : Chapter 2

Sorry for not updating. AYYE I changed my cover! I changed Vanessa from Nina Dobrev to Cara Delevingne but you guys can imagine Vanessa as anyone you like. ♥


I stare at him in horror with my jaw open wide. Who does he think he is?

He's holding his phone in his hand and slips it into his pocket.  I stare at the bump in his pocket where his phone is, thinking of all the ways I can destroy it. I focus my eyes at his pocket and then slowly raise my view.

He's was wearing a white V-neck shirt that fit a little tight at his arms. His neck was long with his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed. His chiseled jaw line gave me the shivers as I thought about all the sluts that probably left trailing kisses down it.

My eyes trailed up his face starting from his lips. His lips were well defined, and lightly glistening in the sun. They are a rosy pink colour that are slightly chapped. He slightly licks his lips to moisten them and then bites them. His eyes are dark and piercing. I notice his eyes flicking all over my face and body making sure to check and memorize each and every feature.

The corners of his luscious lips turn upwards into a smirk as he notices my face heating up.

" You must be Vanessa!" The lady says with a smile etched onto her face. I smile back at her trying to keep my eyes off him. My eyes wouldn't cooperate with me and I ended up low-key glancing at his face 3 times. OKAY maybe more. I run my fingers through my hair trying to push most of my hair towards my right where he was standing so he wouldn't see me glancing at him.

"Jessica!" My mom babbles as she walks up the front porch.  My mom pulls Jessica into a big hug as both of their faces have  very big smiles on them.

"I missed you so much." My mom confesses as she breaks the hugs. She holds Jessica's hands in front of her. I can tell that they were best friends when they were younger and they still are.

 I hope my friendship with Izzy lasts  as long as my mom's friendship with Jessica lasts. What really surprises me is how my mom never mentioned Jessica when I was younger. I wonder if they had any problems back then when they were in college. My mom hands me my luggage.

"Katherine, come in! I'll make a cup of coffee. We should catch up it's been nearly 20 years." Jessica eagerly invites her in.

"I-I'm very busy. I need to leave as quickly as I can." My mother stammers. Jessica frowns.

"Okay then. You better call me once you get back home safely." Jessica replies firmly. My mom gives me a glance then walks down the porch. I watch her back as she walks back to her car. Her hair is put in a perfect bun with no stray hairs. She has a black blazer on with grey dress pants and some heels. 

Then there is me. Crazy dirty blonde hair swept to a side dried in mud. Purple dress covered in mud with one of my straps sliding off my shoulder. My silver heels are no longer silver and shiny. I'm surprised how I haven't broken the heel yet.

"Welcome Vanessa" Jessica welcomes warmly. "These are my children. She says pointing to her children that were no longer standing there. She rolls her eyes.

"Well, come on in!" She says as enthusiastically as possible. She makes a "follow me" signal as I follow her into the dark hallway. I admire her walls that were painted with beautiful colours. I  also cherish the décors that were sitting everywhere. It feels like everything that was in that hallway felt like it was put there for a reason.

There are scented candles which brings an amazing aroma in the house. Most of the candles were lit up with the window curtains pushed back  which made it less dark in the house.

My eyes flicker towards a person near one of candles near the staircase. The Greek god. His chin was rested on the stair railing as he stared right into the flame. You can see his face structure even clearer than you would in direct sunlight. The darkness of the hallway accentuates the contours of his face while the light of the candle illuminated against some of his features.

  His finger is moving through the flame without getting burned.  His eyes looked different. His sharp brown eyes, looked like beautiful gemstone ambers when the sun hits them.

"ALEC, help the poor girl out!" Jessica scolds him. Alec?

Alec straightens up and walks to me slowly. I lower my head down forcing myself to not make eye-contact. He holds out one of his hands under my gaze. I give him a questioning look.

"Sweetie, give him your bags. You poor thing have been holding onto them for the past 30 minutes." Alec's mom tells me. I politely shake my head in refusal to Jessica and then I take a step up the stairs.

Alec's gaze is still on mine with his hand still out. He has an expression on his face I can't seem to crack.  I silently gulp and drop my bags on the stairs. I take off my backpack which was on my back and hand it to him. It was the lightest thing that I had on me. I pick up my bags and cross my fingers. I hope he doesn't open it.

My backpack was full of pads and tampons. I didn't really care if he found out about me bringing pads or tampons because they are essential. Duh! But, I already feel the stress of the humiliation I would have to go through because of him.

If he did find out where I kept my pads and tampons, he seems like the guy that would take them and leave me bleeding on my sheets. Asshole. You know the vibe you feel around someone you don't like? Yep, that's what I feel around him.

He quietly chuckles at me behind me. I  turn my head to glare at him at the same time, walking up the stairs. He hooks his index finger around the top loop of my backpack and does a bicep curl. He notices that I gave him the lightest thing I had on me. I feel a cold breath on my neck.

"You're stubborn." Alec whispers in my ear. He walks past me with my bag turning back to give me a crooked half smile.

I touch the back of my neck where his cool breath touched, shocked at his actions. Jessica leads me towards a room. "This is your room. Make sure to shout my name or Alec's name if you need something. Alec's room is right beside yours."

I turned my back to Jessica and widened my eyes in horror. Something is going to go bad. I can just feel it.


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