Moving In


1. Moving In

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"Do you really have to leave" asks my best friend Isabelle.

" My mom thinks it would be better if I finished high school there." I tell her.

"So you are moving? She asks again.

"No Izzy, just temporary until we finish high school which is in a year and a half. Then, I'll come back here."

"But there's college..." Izzy states with a frown.

I completely forgot about college. A year and a half plus the time in college, I don't think I'll be able to hang out with Izzy.

She and I have incomparable plans on our future. She decided when she was 8, that she wanted to open a tattoo parlour, then get married to a guy that she meets at a bar and have no kids. Me on the other hand, have nothing planned out. All I know is that I want to become an author or a publisher. Actually to be honest, I don't really care about my future.

It's my fate and I expect the unexpected....

"I'll make sure to text and call you everyday. And, I'll make sure to come over during the school breaks." I promise her.

She hugs me unexpectingly. I was shocked at the sudden movement but eventually I hug her back. We stay there for awhile until I tell her that I was going to miss her. She doesn't answer. I pull away which reveals her tear stained face with her makeup running down it.

"Oh come on, don't cry, you are going to ruin your makeup and dress for the Spring Formal." I comfort her. "Come on, let's fix your makeup in the bathroom." I lead her towards the girl's bathroom which was near the place we were talking at.

I tell her to wash her face at one of the small sinks that were there and hand her some tissues to dry her face with. She hands me her makeup bag before she sits on a sink's counter. I rummage through her bag to find the shimmery white eye shadow she used before the center of her lids. I use her eye shadow brush and mimic her eye shadow look from before. On the outer part of her creases, I use a turquoise eye shadow that had sparkles to match the colour of her beautiful dress.

I felt really guilty that I told her about leaving today. I should've told her before but my mom didn't want anyone knowing.

Izzy was the only friend the stuck with me throughout elementary school to now. I was really lucky to have her. she ditched her date to the Spring Formal when I told her I was leaving today. I finished drawing thin black lines against her big green eyes. I close the lid to her bottle and nod to her with a small smile.

I grab her hand and pull her off the counter top. We walk to our school's humongous gym that was decorated with paper flowers in pastel colours. You can hear the loud music coming from inside it. We stop right in front of the doors. I look to the right where the office was at. I see my purple JanSport bag sitting on the office bench just the way I put it, before I went to talk to Izzy. Beside the office, was the doors to exit the school. Through the door windows, you can see my mom's car parked in front of the school. My mom is sitting patiently in the driver's seat, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. Behind her seat, was where my suitcases were piled on. I turn to Izzy.

"I guess this is goodbye, for now." I sigh to her.

"I guess it is for now." She sobs as she hugs me good bye.

"Go have a great time at the Formal and don't forget to call me and tell me all about it tomorrow." I tell her with a smile.

She walks into the gym and waves to me with a small smile. I wave back with the same small smile. The gym door closes and I walk to the office to receive my bag. The old school's secretary with a noticeably big wig hangs up the phone when I walk in.

"Hi, Mrs. Weaver!" I greet her with a big smile.

"Oh hello, Vanessa. I hear you are moving and today is your last day." She tries to confirm.

How does she know? I just hope she doesn't ask any more questions.

" So, where are you moving to?" asks the nosy secretary.

Damn it! I give her the biggest, fakest smile and say New York City. " Oh, that's not far from Boston. It's just around 4 hours." She points out.

I grab my bag and head out the school doors before she could ask anymore questions.

I open the door to my mom's car and sit in the passenger seat next to my mom.

"You ready and prepared?" She asks. "Yep." I reply in a monotone voice. I put on the seat belt and my mom starts the car and drives off the school property.

"So, who's house will I be staying at?" I ask.

"Well, you'll be staying at my old friend's house, Jessica's.

"Will you come and visit?" I ask, suddenly my voice is barely audible.

"Vanessa, you know my schedule is tight." She spoke.

"You are right, I should've known." I stated, looking down at my lap.

~"*"~ ~"*"~

It's about 3 and a half hours since we left the school and we just have stopped at a red light in traffic in the rain. My mom takes out her phone and decides to call someone.

"Hi, it's Mrs. Royal, is Mrs. Knight there?" Asks my mom. All I can hear is the mumbling of the other person on the line. 'Hey, Jessica? Yeah, we're pretty close. Could you give us your address? Okay, 800 Park Avenue 565NY. Bye!" My mom says into the phone and hangs up.

She pulls the car over to a side and types the address into the GPS. She merges back into the traffic after typing it in.

There's like 10 minutes left till the 4 hours were over and I am pretty sure we were close to Jessica's home. I was eager to get up and walk or run a marathon because I sat in this car for 4 hours, excluding the potty break of course. My mom turns left on a street, there are houses the size of mansions. She starts looking for Jessica's house.

On our right, there are houses that has even numbers and on our left there are odds. I remember I used to play a game when I was little. I used to count by two's and guess what number each house would be.

796, 798, 800!

We arrive in front of a big, beautiful house. It was decorated with colourful flowers in the lawn. The driveway was full with 2 cars. My mom stops in front on the house and tells me to get out. I stand on the sidewalk in rain. I wait for my mother to park the car.

My mom takes her time to perfect parking. I stare at the wet green grass I was standing next to waiting for her.

~"*"~ ~"*"~

Unexpectedly. I'm covered in mud. Head to toe. I look up to see my mother's mouth wide open and a speeding car racing away.

I look at my outfit in disgust. My pretty purple dress was clinging onto me. My silver heels were ruined. No amount of cleaning would fix them.

My mom races out her car. She looks at me ashamed of presenting me to her friend like this. I go back to the car and grab my luggage. I storm to the front porch and ring the bell.

The door is opened by a woman about my mom's age. There is a little adorable girl behind her. But, my mom didn't tell me Jessica had kids! She has a huge smile on her face where you can notice the big gap between her two front teeth. There is a young teen boy on his IPhone. I guess he is about 13 year old. He looks like the middle school player with 12 year old girls clinging onto him on each side. Then, there is him. The greek god--dess. I know I didn't like him when I first saw him. He had a cocky, arrogant smile from most likely sexting one of his ten girlfriends. He has brown coppery hair with dazzling blue eyes which made me want to throw up. I look at myself. This was not a nice way to meet the bad boy. He was probably going to make fun of me at home and at school.

His eyes look up from his phone and meet mine. Then, looks at my outfit. He laughs.

And before I know it, he takes a picture.

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