Lucy Hale is Singer Pop Star. Have perfect life as Star. But...Rebecca (Becky) Reed (Hale), normal teenage girl, is Lucy's younger long lost sister. So 5SOS have to find Becky in all America. They found her in NYC.

What happening when she become a star with Lucy? Replace her? What happening when one of these boys fall in love with her?


1. Prologue





I want to find her!

Where is she?! 

I can't believe it!

My parent kept it a secret for 24 years ago.

They had hidden it for keeping it!

For me?!

I want to find her!

I sigh sadly. 

You probably confused about who's 'she', right?

Well, 'she' is my long-lost young sister.

I never knew that I have a sister!

That's why I need to find her!

I sigh.

I'm in L.A.

Oh, where are my manners?

Hi, everyone.

My name is Lucy Hale.


I'm actress and singer.

Sometimes, I can sing.

Anyway, where am I?

Oh, yeah!

My young sister!

I send 5SOS boys to go and find her.


"Dark Brown Hairs, Her face looks like me, Her age is 17 years old, understand?" I told these boys.


They repeat what did I say and walks away.

I hope they can find her.

I hate it when my parent wants to keep a secret!

I sigh sadly.

I wonder why?

Why did they leave her in the hospital?

I sigh sadly.

I'm sad because I never knew that I have a sister, but now I know.

My parent told me when I was on the way L.A and so mad at them.

So, I have to go because I have a role that'd be fun if you see me on TV.

It's called Pretty Little Liars. (A/N: I never see it before. But I would like to see it.)

I went to look at my friends, who are an actress from Pretty Little Liars, from ABC Company.

So, bye!

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