Lucy Hale is Singer Pop Star. Have perfect life as Star. But...Rebecca (Becky) Reed (Hale), normal teenage girl, is Lucy's younger long lost sister. So 5SOS have to find Becky in all America. They found her in NYC.

What happening when she become a star with Lucy? Replace her? What happening when one of these boys fall in love with her?


5. Chapter 4



Chapter 4


Becky P.O.V

I was writing this paper that my History teacher, Mrs Daphne, gives out, but she stops us from writing this article.

I look up to see the boy who I see in this morning. 

That was the same boy.

He comes in, and his blue eyes meet my brown eyes.


He is cute. 

He gave me a small sweet smile, and everyone looks at me as I was embarrassing. 

I look away to see my history teacher.


"It's Lucas Robert Hemmings, our best student." She says.


I sigh annoyingly, and all girl looks at him with sighing as dreaming. 

I wonder why they are doing there. 

Flirt with him? 


With that, I look up at Mrs Daphne again, and she looks around for an empty seat. 

She found one who must be next to me.

I sigh sadly. 

I don't mind if he wants to sit there who's next to me. 


Lucas walks to that seat that our teacher told him.

I don't want to look at him, but Lucas already looks at me through the class.


*Skip at middle class*


I can hear that phone call's ringing. 

I guess he could be in trouble. 

I turn to see him looking for his phone from his pocket. 

He found it!


"Miss, may I going to call my mum that she might not call me?" Lucas says.


The phone call's stopping. 

I wonder... 

Who's it?


"Oh... You know what? Maybe you could continue!" Lucas says.


Everyone's laughter in the union, except for me, I'm not laughing with them. 

He's about to sit down what our teacher told him.

A phone call's ringing again. 

Now, what? 

Everyone's burst out of laughter but not me. 

I just need to learn. 

Lucas groans and walks away from his seat to the outside of the class that our teacher told him. 

Our teacher continues to teach.


*5 minutes later*


Lucas comes back our class and gives his phone to our teacher that our teacher told him. 

What's going on?

Everyone's laughter, Lucas walks to his seat and sit there. 

He kept looking at me. 

I sigh. 

I was about to say something, but Mrs Daphne wants to talk.


"Lucas... Come to me when you finish your work."


He nods and does his work. 

I did finish my work as first, and Lucas did end at same times.


"I'm finishing!" Lucas and I say in unison.


I look at him as he looks at me at the same time and he gives me a charming smile. 

A bell goes ring as loud. 

That was lunch time bell.

Thanks, God! 

We all packed up and stand up. 

Lucas and I are bumping into each other. 

We are walking to Mrs Daphne's deck and give her our paper at the same times.

I was about to walking away, but Mrs Daphne stops me.


"Not so fast, young lady!" She says.


I sigh and turn around to see Mrs. Daphne.


"Lucas is still new at here. So, maybe you could show him around from here. That's when you finish your lunch." She orders.


"Okay, Miss!" That's all what I say.


"So, Lucas, how's your day? Looking for the sister?" She gives the phone back to him.


He sighs sadly and rolls his eyes.


"Follow Becky..." Mrs Daphne orders.


"Okay, Miss!" We say in the union.


With that, we start to walk away to reach the lunch area, and we took some food.


*Skip the Lunchtime*


I meet Michael Clifford and Calum Hood at same tables. 


I see Ashton walking around.


"Ash!" Lucas shouts.


"Hey, Mates!" He says.


He walks to our table and sits next to me. 

It was interesting to know their accent was so strong. 

I sigh.


"What are you looking for?! In here?!" I ask.


"Er... We're looking for a sister." Lucas says.


"Of who?" I ask.


"Um... Of Lucy." Ashton says with the scared voice.


All the boys, who have met me, staring at me that I look around. 

I start to laugh. 

Oh, my god! 

I'm not her sister. 

Everyone looks at me, and I stop laugh.


"Well... We have something to tell you that you don't like it." Michael says.


"We got take you to her..." Calum says.


"... And DNA if you're truly her sister. By anyway, call me Luke." Lucas says.


I was speechless, and I stand up.


"So... I have to go now or?" I say.


They look at each other and then looks at me. 


"Yes!" They say in the union.


I can't imagine if I meet Lucy. 

Oh, no! 

I shake my head and start a tear, in my eyes, it up.


"I-I-I-I can't," I say.


I run to girl's bathroom which was Luke follow me. 

I start to cry when I reach the girl's bathroom, and Luke begin to enter girl's bathroom.


"Look... It was me who wrote this letter, and I'm sorry. We are too." Luke says.


"It was you?! What do you think who am I?!" I cried.


Luke sighs annoyingly.


"Well... What do you think?! What I see is your face! It's reminding me of Lucy's head! You took it from her! Did you see it? Everyone clapping at you! Because you look like Lucy Hale!" He explained with a shout.


I look away from his face and look in the mirror. 

I see... 

I took my face from her. 

I close my eyes, then put my back against the wall and slide my back down on the wall. 

I start crying.


Why did you come to me?!



Hey, guys!

I'm sorry about it...

Because of my other story, 'My Brother's Best Friend' which was I working on!

Okay, how about it? If I finish this story, then I will finish another story.

Make sense? Because I don't think so!

See you soon!

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