Lucy Hale is Singer Pop Star. Have perfect life as Star. But...Rebecca (Becky) Reed (Hale), normal teenage girl, is Lucy's younger long lost sister. So 5SOS have to find Becky in all America. They found her in NYC.

What happening when she become a star with Lucy? Replace her? What happening when one of these boys fall in love with her?


4. Chapter 3



Chapter 3


Lucy P.O.V

I was on the phone to call Luke Hemmings about my younger long-lost sister because I'm worried about her life.

So, I sent 5SOS Boys to spy on her. 

I tried to call him, but he didn't answer.

Doing what?

I sigh sadly. 

Maybe, this time he'll answer.

I want to know all about her.

What did he saw or hat did she looks?

I might be worried about her face because of people might be confused about her face.

So, I call him again.

It's ringing.

He answers!



Lu = Lucy   L = Luke

L - What?

Lu - It's rude to say it to people!

L - Sorry, Lu. I was in the class to keep an eye on her.

Lu - Her? You mean Becky? How's she?

L - She's beautiful. She looks like you. Well, except for her younger and glasses.


I sigh.

I got scared if my younger sister got no glass.

If she got it, I'm not scared. 


Lu - It's okay! Keep it up. Okay?

L - Okay! Oh! One more thing.

Lu - What is it? I have to go. The TV company wants me.


Luke's about to say something, but I hang up.

I sigh sadly.

I wonder what happens at lunchtime.


Luke told me what to do! 

I'm pretty sure that Luke love my lost sister.

Yeah, I'm sure about that!

I growl. 

The company wants me to finish seasons 4.

So, I guess I have to go now.



*Shoot for 4 hours*


Phew, that was long shooting for finishing by now.

I was shooting for 4 hours!

I sigh.

I wonder what if it'll continue.

I'm tired!

I sigh sadly.

A phone's ringing.

It's mine, but I wonder who's it.

I pick it up from my pocket and look at my phone screen.


It's Luke!

I answer quickly before it goes to voicemail.


Lu - Lucy    L - Luke


Lu - Well! Tell me when I get home...


Then I heard someone's crying in the background.

What's going on?


L - We told her that she is your sister.




Lu - Idiot! That was stupid.


I was interrupted by Luke clears his throat.


L - Well... After we had told her, she starts crying when we left her alone. So, I call you because I follow your plan. It was your fault! You can't blame on me!


I was so shocked as he said it. 


Lu - I can't? Oh, yeah, I can!

L - Nope, you can't. Now, Goodbye!


He just hung up!

With that, I groan annoyingly.

It's not over, Luke!

I put my phone away as in my pocket and stomp away.

I sigh annoyingly. 

Maybe I could forgive him...

Or not!

Because I don't care.

Alright, I'm going home now.

I hate my parents.

You know why, because of the secret that supposed to share.


"I'm going home..." I said in a calm.


I sigh sadly.

Nah, I shouldn't hate them for it.

They tried to protect her from me.

I understand that.

I walk away to get home. 

I wonder what's happening between with Becky and the boys.

I laugh as loud. 

I never forgive Luke to said it on the phone call.

I stop to laugh, and I sigh sadly.

Becky, what's happening?



You probably confused, right?

Because of Lunch Time in Becky P.O.V, right?!

So... Wait for Next chapter!

See ya!

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