Lucy Hale is Singer Pop Star. Have perfect life as Star. But...Rebecca (Becky) Reed (Hale), normal teenage girl, is Lucy's younger long lost sister. So 5SOS have to find Becky in all America. They found her in NYC.

What happening when she become a star with Lucy? Replace her? What happening when one of these boys fall in love with her?


3. Chapter 2



Chapter 2


Becky P.O.V

I saunter, just thinking about my birth parent and Lucy could be my sister, but she cannot, right?

Is it because I take her face or...


She would be mad at me! 

I'm sure she would. 

I smile at it, and then I sigh exhale.

I wonder who was my real family.

I'm younger than Lucy's age, 24.

I'm not sure- 

I was interrupted by a girl push me to drop my lesson books.

With that, I growl softly.

It's happening all the times!

I sigh sadly, knee down on the ground and I start to pick my lesson books. 

My songbook!

Where is it?! 

I was about to look around, but someone gives my songbook to me in hand and, I look up at this person.

It's a boy, who has blonde hairs, these beautiful blue eyes and has a lip piercing.

His clothes look hot on him. It's black clothes.

He smiles at me with a lip piercing. (A/N: I think you all know who's it...) 


"I think this is belonging to you." A strong Austrian accent says.


I'm not sure about that accent because he doesn't live here.

I stand up with my lesson books, and I take it slowly.

I didn't realise that I'm still staring at this boy and I look down quickly. 


"You know what? It's pretty good song!" The boy says. 


I put a confused look on my face, and I shake my head for a bit.


"I'm sorry. This just-" I paused.


Just thinking.

When did the 'Lesson time' bell ring?

I sigh annoyingly.

It means I've got to be late for class.


"I have to go!" I rush out.


I walk around him, and I walk faster to get my classroom.


"Bye!" The boy said.


Wait, I didn't get his name! 

I sigh sadly.

Maybe I'll see him around, just maybe.


*Skip the class.*


Finally, it's finished.

It's been like 2 hours or more.

The truth is it is 2 and half hours.

Even so, it's break time.

When I'm out of the room, I couldn't handle my lesson books.

It's too many books like five books.

Before that, I had three books, but now I have two more extra. 

I drop it again, and I sigh annoyingly.


I told you so. 

It's kept happening all the time.

Why did I bring five books with me?

You ask for it.

Because I love reading and class study.

I'm studying on Art! 


Don't judge me! 

Again, I drop it twice.

I sigh sadly.

How can I carry with these?

I sigh exhaled.

Then suddenly there has a man, who has dirty blonde hairs and these eyes.

I couldn't see it because he picks my books for me. 

These clothes look alright, black clothes, but he looks sharp because of his muscles.

He pulled away with my books to see me slowly, and his Hazel eyes meet my Brown eye.

He tilts his head to go. (A/N: I think you all know him, right?)


"Oh, sorry." I look down quickly.


"It's alright!" His accent's strong.


What was that?


I walked with this man and led him to my locket.

When we reach to my locker, I open the door, and the letter flew out of my locker.



I sigh annoyingly.

I pick it up and open it slowly.


'You're truly Lucy Hale's younger sister. L.'


I was shocked.

I'm not!

I will meet this 'L' at the roof in Lunch time!

I sigh annoyingly.

Someone's clear the throat.

I jumped on it, and I turn around to see this man.

I sigh.

It's the same man.

I look down at my books, and he still had it.

I pick it up quickly, and then I smile at him.

When I choose my books, I turn around to see my locker with it and put it back in my locker.

I turn around to see him.


"Thank you, um," I say.


I didn't get his name.


"Ashton Irwin but call me Ash." He introduced himself. 


"Nice to meet you, Ash..." I say politely.


He smiles at me as friendly, and then he walks away.

I wonder...

What up with that friendly smile?

I sigh sadly.


I'm sad because I don't have friends.

I sigh.

I look at the letter with me, and I sigh.

I wonder who's this 'L'?

Whoever is it, I have got to make this guy understand which was he might be confusing.

I sigh.

Yeah, confused!

I take a history book, and I put the letter, the second letter, back in my locker.

I sigh and roll my eyes bat the same time.

I walk away to a history lesson.

If anyone studies for Art, you will study for English, Maths, and History.

History should not in there, but I have to because of Art's history or whatever is it.

I sigh exhaled.

Then the bell goes ring, which is it's time for me to go.


See you in the Lunch break.



Should I continue to writing?

I don't know if I'm a good writer!

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