Lucy Hale is Singer Pop Star. Have perfect life as Star. But...Rebecca (Becky) Reed (Hale), normal teenage girl, is Lucy's younger long lost sister. So 5SOS have to find Becky in all America. They found her in NYC.

What happening when she become a star with Lucy? Replace her? What happening when one of these boys fall in love with her?


2. Chapter 1




Chapter 1


Becky P.O.V


I woke up by my foster mom called me and I sit up.


Hi, everyone!

My name is Rebecca Reed, just call me Becky.

I love Lucy Hale. 

I love her acting and her voice.

Everyone thought I look like her, but I don't look like her.

I'm a girl, 17 years old average girl, I think. 

I get out of the bed and look in the mirror.

I sigh. I walk to the mirror slowly and look at myself.

To think I do not look like Lucy Hale, am I right?

think so.

Because she has my face, my nose, and eyes color.

Expect for...


I have a black thick glasses.

I pick it up when I notice the glass on shelve next to the mirror and put it on my eyes.

I sigh.

If I was her sister, then she would come to me but it's impossible because she lives in L.A.

So, I live in New York City.

Well, I guess I will get ready for college.


*Skip to get ready* (A/N: The picture is bottom)




I go to CCNY. (City College of New York) 

I do want to go to college but not here.

I want to go L.A but my foster mom said to me 'No' because my mom can't afford it! 

I sigh.

I wish I could see Lucy Hale. 

It could be my dream coming true, but I kept it.

So, I went out of my room and walk downstairs slowly.

I could smell my favourite breakfast.

It's Pancakes. (A/N: I wish!)

I sigh when I enter the kitchen.


"Good Morning, Mom!" I say.


I turn to sit down and wait for Mom bring my plate, but she did.

I take it.

One enough.


"Hey, Mom! You probably worried about Lucy Hale and me." I mutter through my food.


I can hear her shocking sound and look down at me.

I was confused, and she sighs sadly.


"How do you know if you're Lucy Hale?" She asks.


Well, she knows about Lucy look like me when I take my glass off.

I sigh.


"I'm better to go! Late for college." I told her. 


I stand up and head to outside.

I walk straight from home to college.

I sigh.

I wish I need some answer!

I was confused to recognize at her.

I was more confused at first, then it makes me realize that she knows something. 

About what?

When I enter the college, everyone looks at me and cheer for me. 

I think they might be confusing because of my face.


"I'm not Lucy Hale..." I told everyone.


They seem to disappoint in me and I sigh sadly.

I walk to reach my locker and when I reach it, I open the locker door.

Then a letter fell out of my locker on the ground and I look down at it. 


I pick it up and open the letter.

Who's it from?

Do you want to know what it says?


'Meet me at roof in lunch time. L.'



Who's it?

I sigh annoyingly.

Probably a prank.

I guess I have to do it!

I sigh sadly.

I can't remember my real sisters and my real parent.

I wish I could remember them.

I sigh sadly. 


"So, Becky." Someone says behind me.


I jump and put the letter in my locker quickly.

I turn around to see someone who stands behind me quickly and look at it.

It's Mrs Hanna, my English teacher. 

She looks young. 


"Got a problem with your locker?" She asks.


"No, Madam!" I reply.


"Good!" Mrs Hanna pauses.


"Back to your lesson!" She tilts her head.


I turn around to take my books in my locker and I close it.

I walk away to my lesson.

Boring, right?!



I hope you like it! 

Comment on what you think of it?


P.S. I forget about Becky's clothes.



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