Hetalia Upside down

This story was made for big fanfiction fans. If you’ve ever heard of the show Hetalia (which we’re sure you have if you are reading this), you know all the characters and who they are, and if you’re a fan fiction fan you’ll understand the concept of what a 2P is. If you do not, a 2P is the exact opposite or violent version of a character in the original anime series. For example, Britain in the original anime is terrible at cooking and accidentally poisons people who eat his food, meanwhile, Britain in 2P form purposefully poisons people, just for one example. This book is about four girls who take a step into both the Hetalia world and the 2P fanfiction Hetalia world and experience what it’s like to live in Hetalia and how it will forever change their lives.
Book two of the Living in Hetalia series



I have had no contact with Zara for what has now been 3 hours! Usually she texts me about hallucinations of the baby kicking. I always respond Zara, it’s only been a month, I don’t think you can feel the baby kicking. She is really good with dropping subjects and moving on with conversations because afterwards she always says something like butterscotch just to be funny. I think it’s cute. Matthew texts me.

How are you?

I’m worried


Zara hasn’t texted in hours… I think I’ll call her or go to her house…

Alright, be careful Lylli, I don’t want you hurt…

Alright, I will. I put my phone in my pocket and walked out of my house. It was really cold outside.

“ZARA?” I called. I approached the house. I knocked on the door. No one answered. I knocked again. No one answered. I wiggled the knob to find it was unlocked. I walked in.

“ZARA?” I called again. No response.

“ZARA ARE YOU HOME?” Still no response. I figured I’d better text Julie.

Julie have you seen Zara? She’s not at home…

I’ve been with Arthur, I’m sorry.

Zara could have been kidnapped and you’re worried about your love life?

No, it’s not that! It’s just-- I will be there shortly. Hours passed and still no sign of Zara or Julie. I got a text from Chelle.

Have you talked to Zara? She hasn’t answered my calls, text messages, or anything.

She’s not at home and Julie doesn’t know where she is…

I have a feeling it’s those fuckasses…

I have a feeling you’re right...continue searching, text if you find anything.

okay. I walked back down the road and into Matthew as I saw two shadows carrying a sack down the road.

“Matthew, I just saw something…”

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