Hetalia Upside down

This story was made for big fanfiction fans. If you’ve ever heard of the show Hetalia (which we’re sure you have if you are reading this), you know all the characters and who they are, and if you’re a fan fiction fan you’ll understand the concept of what a 2P is. If you do not, a 2P is the exact opposite or violent version of a character in the original anime series. For example, Britain in the original anime is terrible at cooking and accidentally poisons people who eat his food, meanwhile, Britain in 2P form purposefully poisons people, just for one example. This book is about four girls who take a step into both the Hetalia world and the 2P fanfiction Hetalia world and experience what it’s like to live in Hetalia and how it will forever change their lives.
Book two of the Living in Hetalia series



I sat in my bedroom. Empty. Cold. I wrapped a blanket around myself hoping to get the chilly feeling to go away. My phone goes off. Hey Lyllianne. I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie later? All yours, Matthew. I instantly warmed up on the inside and sprang out of bed. Yes, I would love to. What time? I’ll be there. I was still jumping up and down, excited about what was to come. My phone went off. How about right now? I could pick you up? I quickly snatched my phone up like a dog that was waiting for dropped food. Yes, that would be lovely, Matthew. I said and proceeded to get ready. What should I wear, Matthew lives about 20 minutes away… I need to text someone. Somebody help, Idk what to wear to the movies! 0.0 Zara was the first to respond, followed by Michelle, then Julie, and they all said the same thing. Just go casual, Jeans, a graphic tee, and a pair of tennis shoes. So I obeyed. I threw on my favorite Pikachu tee, a pair of jeans, and my favorite pair of sneakers and waited for Matthew. It wasn’t too long after that that he showed up.

“Hi.” he said softly.

“Who are you?” Kumajiro said sweetly

“He’s Canada.” I said blushing. Kumajiro looked up at me.

“Who are you?” he said again.

“I’m Lyllianne.” We walked down the road and eventually reached the theater. It was a small theater, red velvet carpet spread everywhere. Candy being displayed on the shelf, and along side the counter a popcorn machine with small, medium, and large tins.

“How much is it?” I asked.

“It’s free. It’s called a walk in theater.” Matthew said

“Cool. What movie are we going to?”

“Your choice.”

“Who are you?” Kumajiro piped up.

“I’m Canada.” Matthew said. I’ve always felt bad for Matthew since I met him. How can that polar bear just keep forgetting his name? I sat and pondered these things for a few minutes until I realized I had yet to pick a movie.

“What about… this one?” I said pointing at Frozen: How it Should Be.

“Alright.” Matthew looked at the man behind the counter giving away the tickets.

“Two tickets to see Frozen: How it Should Be.” Matthew said with a smile. The man looked past him.

“Two tickets to see Frozen: How it Should Be.” I repeated.

“Oh sorry young lady, here you go.” The man said and handed me the tickets. It was the best movie ever and by far the best night of my life. We sat in the front of the theater and held hands. I just hope I can try to change the way people treat Matthew. I feel so bad for him.

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