Festival love

Have you ever been in love? Arabella hasn't but she soon will me. Have you ever felt like you live the same day everyday? She was bored, lonely and wanted some excitement in her life. Therefore her and her friends decide to go to a festival. But will she get more excitement than she expected?...


2. Red lipstick and sweet purfume

I am so happy I am going to a festival. I have never been to one before so I don't know what to expect. I guess I will find out. Its a great opportunity to get over Damon though. Which need to happen as soon as possible because I can't stop thinking about him. Its like he has infected my brain. Its not in a love way it in a way which makes me blood boil. Its anger. 

Me India,Chloe and Denley were in my room. "So has he said anything to you? questioned India.  "He rings me about 10 times a day but I don't answer. Its like I have a stalker"

"Why don't you ring the police"

"There is no point, he will soon get bored" I hope. 

"Well this weekend we are forgetting about that mad head"

"Fine by me"

Chloe was sat in the corner painting her nails again. She looked pretty and always did. She had dark brown hair which flowed down her shoulders and brown eyes. She had a soft face and didn't wear much makeup. She didn't need it. India was the opposite she wore everything: false nails, eye lashes,fake tan, fake eyebrows, tonne of makeup on her face and wore her beech blond hair in curls. Don't forget the double E boobs she had and a slim waist. Lets jut say she likes attention. However she was the most exciting person I could meet. She quite liked boys I must say.

So we was all in my room and wore our flower head bands and shorts. I was very embarrassed though my friends slim figure made me feel like an elephant. I sat down and my legs expanded to the size of the moon. I was so exited I looked in the mirror and my blond long hair was flowing over to my hip. I put on my red lip stick and sweet perfume. Adrenaline made its way down my spine and into my brain. Which made we smile and laugh.  *phone beebs*

"Whose that"


I looked at the screen and my eyes filled up. My heart was beating faster. "see you there Arabelle". Oh shit... Damon. My excitement was suddenly exchanged for frustration. 

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