Festival love

Have you ever been in love? Arabella hasn't but she soon will me. Have you ever felt like you live the same day everyday? She was bored, lonely and wanted some excitement in her life. Therefore her and her friends decide to go to a festival. But will she get more excitement than she expected?...


1. Me

My life is boring. Have you ever felt like that? Like your doing to same thing all the time and nothing seems to be any different to the previous day? My life didn't used to be like when I had ... him. 

My ex boyfriend made every day different. But hes gone now and i'm back the the usual boring days. I hate him so much even mentioning him wants to make me cry. But at the same time an anger so strong my heart beats faster. When we was together he would text me at 2 in the morning telling me he is outside waiting to pick me up. We would stroll down the beach hand in hand. No matter where we as if I was with him I loved every second of it. His friends liked me and they were funny. Every friday we used to camp outside no matter what the weather was. With his friends and bottles of beer in my hand. I sat on his knee and we laughed all night as the fire died down. Then we become sly and acted odd. And then he did it. 

We was sat around the fire one friday night when we went into the woods to get some fire. I was sat with his best friends Kyle. We was laughing and joking around. He was good looking but at that point the only person I could ever dream of wanting was him Damon. He looked at me with fury in his eyes. "WHY THE FUCK DO YOU FIND HIM SO FUCKING FUNNY".

Thats when he did it threw a punch at my face. I cried and cried I wanted to go home but he wouldn't let me. He hold me tight in  his arms and breathed deeply on my neck for the rest of the night. The blood was drying on my face and the smell of his drunken breath was lingering up my nose. The usual comforting Damon wasn't there anymore and I realized he wasn't there for the past few week. His friends were shouting and yelling at him but he shouted at them back and told them the same would happen to them. It was silent horribly silent. Soon after his friends were falling asleep one by one. But he was still awake and was staring at me with anger in his eyes. His fingers traced about my back making me feel ill. I knew what he wanted. My stomach was turning as I he lowered his hand onto my knee. I grabbed his hand off me and ran. I ran all the way home. He followed at first but he was too drunk to run as fast as me. He was shouting ans screaming, Saying he was going to kill me. Which made me run faster.

I don't care about him anymore but I never want to see him again. He made me happy for a while but then he became crazy. My friends told me he is now on drugs living in a flat. As long as I never see him again I don't care where he is. I told my parents and my mum rang the police but he didn't get arrested as I had no evidence and his friends stuck up for him. The thought of him now makes me feel sick but hes gone now. I am glad. 

Anyways after that boys had not been an option. I just lived my simple life. Girls at 17 would usually go to party's. Get drunk with there friends. But I wasn't that girl anymore even thought I wanted to be. However one day the phone rang and it was India. India was my best friend she was beautiful and exciting. "I have an idea lets go to the Leeds festival".  I thought for a moment maybe this was a good idea. I need to do something different, I had the money because I haven't been out to spend it. Maybe I could do this. "YES FUCK IT LETS GO" I screamed! 



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