Troubled Love

Falling in love is hard, but not as hard as love in Fauling.
Ellie grew up in a town called Fauling, where it was illegal to fall in love or to love someone. A simple "night mom, I love you," could get you sent to prison. Luckily, that rule was abolished when Ellie was 5. Sadly, 13 years later, she still can't shake off the habit. But when 1D move to Fauling, can Harry Styles, finally, teach Ellie to love?


3. The Unwanted Number.

When I was about 2 blocks away from 1D, I needed a tissue. I picked up the top one, and noticed it wasn't a print on it at all. It was a number. A phone number! Oh no! No! This can't be happening! Not at again! Before I knew it, I was at my house. Still worrying. I don't want him to think that I'm horrible, or crazy. But I can't  help reacting like this! I can't help having a nervous breakdown when this happens! I was beaten, if this happened! I can never forget that! Oh, I wish he was here, Harry, I mean. I started crying. Why was it so hard to like someone!?! I was so annoyed about myself. I needed to try this time. I ignored my frantic worry and fear of love. I gulped, and decided to call him. When I came in, I had put my phone on the table in the kitchen. I glared at it, it seemed so horrible, stupid and dangerous, now. I extended a shaking hand to pick it up. A couple of minutes ago it wouldn't have been so hard to do it, but it seemed like it was a million miles away now. Nevertheless, I picked it up as though it was a poisonous spider. I tapped in the number that Harry gave me. I clicked call slowly, choking back tears of fear. It needed twice, then he answered.

"Hello?" All of a sudden, I realised what I was doing. I clicked end call and screamed. I can't take this! It's too hard! How did the other girls get over it so quickly? It's impossible! I threw my phone at the wall, this was too hard! I cried, and screamed at the same time. Eventually, I calmed  down, and was just sobbing. I'll try again tomorrow. If I can...


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