Troubled Love

Falling in love is hard, but not as hard as love in Fauling.
Ellie grew up in a town called Fauling, where it was illegal to fall in love or to love someone. A simple "night mom, I love you," could get you sent to prison. Luckily, that rule was abolished when Ellie was 5. Sadly, 13 years later, she still can't shake off the habit. But when 1D move to Fauling, can Harry Styles, finally, teach Ellie to love?


2. Struggling

-Thirteen years later- 

I was walking home, one day, when I saw them. 1D. Luckily, I like their music, don't get me wrong, but I'm not all : OMG!!! ITS 1D!!! AAAHHH!!!!!

That's just psycho talk. But that doesn't mean I wasn't surprised when Harry Styles, came up to me on the street. 

"Hi," he said quietly, obviously pleased at my amazed expression. "Yeah, hi." I replied, looking at my phone, acting normal. All of a sudden, I sneezed... loudly. Oops. Harry went to his car, and got some tissues. He sure took his time with it though! How long does it take to get a tissue? He passed me the tissues. They must have some kind of print on them, 'cause the top one had something on it. I thanked him, and carried on walking.


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 ( -.- )



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