Wake Me Up

A Fanfiction based on the Prompt: "A Character (Can be OC so long as explained) wakes up in a version of the world where everything is normal. How do they react? Do they meet the other characters?"

A Walking Dead Fanfiction.
20 year old Scarlett Grimes has been part of the apocalypse for approximately four years now. Daughter of Rick Grimes, half-sister to Carl Grimes and fiancée to Daryl Dixon, Scarlett goes to sleep one night in a world filled with walkers but wakes up back in her bed in Georgia in a world where the apocalypse never happened.


1. Prologue

The blood splatters against the concrete ground, the woman holding the weapon sighs deeply in relief as she watches the last of the decaying bodies fall to the ground. She steps back from the body and turns to face her group, barely noticing the blood staining her shirt. "We camp here tonight." Her father, the unannounced leader of the group says, meaning the phrase as a suggestion but everyone takes it as an order. The woman, Scarlett, removes her faded backpack from her shoulders and drops it onto the ground, unzipping it and pulling out the neatly rolled up sleeping bag. She looks up to see her camp doing the same, all of them grateful that they found the local camping shop in the mall. Even more grateful at the minimal amount of walkers surrounding the area. She zips the bag back up and picks up the temporary bed with the backpack and walks over to the small muddy field nearby. 

The others have a head start on Scarlett once she finally reaches them, several of them having already pitched their foldaway tents or laid out their sleeping bags. She walks over to her partner and smiles at him, staring down at the small tent before them. He crawls inside the tent first, followed by Scarlett who quickly lays the bag out beside him and climbs into it, pulling the zip up to the top. He lays on top of his, facing her before he lets out a loud yawn. "What did you do before this?" She asks, rolling on her side to face him. He laughs at her, reaching out to close the tent door. 

"Ya never give up, d'ya?" He replies, smiling as she rolls her eyes. "I was jus' normal. Didn' d'anythin' excitin', jus' took drugs, drank and slept with women." He continues, looking straight into her eyes. 

"Drugs?" She asks, whispering.

"Tha's t'part tha' concerns ya? Bu' yeah. Jus' the normal ones, no meth or anythin' though." Scarlett nods at his response and yawns, starting to close her eyes. "Yeah, be'er ge' some sleep; long walk tomorrow. Y'dad said 'bout boats or somethin'." He watches her open her mouth to speak, but just mumbles something about walkers and closes her eyes. 

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