Wake Me Up

A Fanfiction based on the Prompt: "A Character (Can be OC so long as explained) wakes up in a version of the world where everything is normal. How do they react? Do they meet the other characters?"

A Walking Dead Fanfiction.
20 year old Scarlett Grimes has been part of the apocalypse for approximately four years now. Daughter of Rick Grimes, half-sister to Carl Grimes and fiancée to Daryl Dixon, Scarlett goes to sleep one night in a world filled with walkers but wakes up back in her bed in Georgia in a world where the apocalypse never happened.


2. A Whole New World

When Scarlett opens her eyes the next morning, the first thing she notices is the sight of a ceiling staring down at her. She rubs her eyes furiously, swirls and colourful spots floating along the plain white ceiling. She waits several moments for the patterns to calm down before she finally attempts to sit up, greeted by the sight of a large brown Labrador laying on her lap. Scarlett bites down on her lip as she allows her mind to adjust to her new surroundings. She glances at each section of the room, a desk and school books on one side, her dressing table before her and a large window to her right. The bed she is sat in is in the centre of the room, the door diagonally left to her current position. 

"Hades! Dinner!" A female voice echoes up the stairs and into her room, the dog bolts to its feet and bounds off the bed, running out of the room. Scarlett raises an eyebrow, recognising the female voice but unable to place it. She pushes the simple blue duvet cover off of her legs and turns to her right, planting her feet firmly on the wooden floor. She stands upright, patting herself down before walking over to the door. She closes it slightly, removing the white dressing gown from the back it and slowly stepping out into the hallway. 

Her pupils grow in size as she suddenly recognises her location. "Dad?" She calls, revelling in the sensations of clean pyjamas and a wooden floor. She stares at the door in front of her for a moment before she turns to her left and walks down the short hallway, turning right and practically running down the stairs. She rushes into the kitchen, just in time to see her father say goodbye to her step-mother. "Dad!" She pushes past the chairs sticking out from the dining table and hugs him. He hugs her back and looks down at her.

"You okay, kiddo? Aren't you coming with me to work today?" He asks, looking at her attire curiously. 

"Work? With you?" He laughs at her, nodding. She smiles at him and runs back upstairs, nearly tripping as she opens the draws in her dresser. She chucks some clothes onto her bed before looking into the mirror, her face showing an expression of shock. She rests her hand on her cheek, looking at herself from all different angles. "I'm sixteen again?!" She yells, footsteps quickly following her voice as a head peers round the door frame. 

"You've been sixteen since your birthday, Scarlett. Duh." Her head snaps towards the small boy. She smiles at him nervously before placing a hand on the door, wanting to close it. "If you want me to leave, just say so. Jeesh. Normally you're screaming at me by now." He closes the door and she listens to his footsteps lead away. 

Scarlett swiftly removes her pyjamas and replaces them with the shorts and tank top she threw onto her bed. She glances about the room before dropping to the floor and grinning when she sees the brown leather jacket curled up on the ground. She reaches under her bed and grabs the jackets before standing it up and pulling it on and beginning to walk towards the door, stopping suddenly. She stares at the object on the ground just a few steps ahead of her. Scarlett crouches down and picks up the object, looking at it with shock. She opens up the locket, one side showing a picture of herself and Daryl, the other a picture of the whole group. The people she's never met before.

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