Lies, Cheats, and Secrets That Were Meant to be Kept

"It was ten years after the endless war had ended, and Akira was too busy figuring out how to put on her blue jumpsuit properly to realize that she was late."


3. Chartenia, New Seats, and Girls That Need To Stop Giggling

Earth; The United States of America. August 27, 2014

  I had no idea what Henry had meant, “Maybe you should first.” That didn’t even make sense. So I just tried to push it out of my head. For sixth and seventh period, I couldn’t focus. My attempts to work on classwork were in vain. So when it was finally eighth period, I was relieved. I could ask him what he meant. And he couldn’t dodge the answer.

  I sat down in my seat right when he walked into the classroom. “Henry!” I called.    He glanced at me, then sat on the other side of the room. I sighed, picked up my stuff, and moved to the stool next to his.

  He glanced up at me again, but looked back down at his stuff. “Henry, why didn’t you sit in your normal spot?” I asked. He grabbed the science textbook from under the table and opened it to a random page. I sighed. “Why are you acting so weird? I just wanted know what you meant . . . you know I’m not that smart.”

  “Fine. You want an explanation? Basically: you said that you weren’t beautiful. I said you were. You said that I need to look closer. I said maybe you should look closer first. You should know that you’re beautiful.”

  I stared at my hands, serious, an awkward silence falling over us two.

“Class, today we’re getting new seats,” Dr. Leroy announced, breaking it. The class groaned.

 Dr. Leroy proceeded to move the students around, thinking and talking aloud to himself. "No, they can't sit together," he said. "Hm. I wonder how they'd do..."

  By the time he was finished, Henry and I were on total opposite sides of the classroom. And he was sitting in the back corner next to Jenna.

  Jenna was not a person you'd want to sit next to. From the blindingly white blond hair that was twirled around her abnormally thin fingers whenever she was within close proximity of a guy, to the size-five feet that fit her petite frame perfectly she was absolutely the most infuriating, sickeningly sweet human being ever to go to Jackson High. Not to mention the fact she seemed to go through three or four guys a week.

  I sat in front, right next to Dr. Leroy's desk (alone, of course), and I could still hear the awful high-pitched giggling that came from the back of the classroom.

  I just tried to ignore it and waited for the bell to ring, which seemed to take more time than usual, possibly because the class was more boring than usual, probably because I couldn’t help but glance back toward the two every ten seconds.

  Jenna was going after Henry next.

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