Deadman Wonderland

Ganta is a 7th grader. He has all he needs. a family, his education, and 2 best friends. Then one day, The Man in the Red comes and kills everyone except Ganta. He was pretty lucky to survive that right? No, it was on purpose. Find out what happens in, Deadman Wonderland.


1. The Red Man

 Ganta's P.O.V


'Girl, boy, young, or old. Here everyone's wildest dreams roam free.The magic, the thrill, of Deadman Wonderland!' Some lady said. My class is supposed to take a field trip there today, it doesn't seem so cool.

"Morning Ganta!" Someone said. "huh? Oh hey Mimi!" I said. "Breakfast in class again? Where's your shadow?" She says. "No idea." I say not making contact with her. She sits down in front of me. 

"What are you looking at anyways?" She asked. "I was just digging up some imformation on this Deadman Wonderland stuff." I say. "Oh yeah! Are you as happy as i am to go there? I mean the place is a prison and an amusment park!" She says.

"I know. Im just sad that they are not taking us somewhere better." I say while shutting off my phone. "At least we get to go through Tokyo, Right?You said a few years ago that it was beautiful!" She says. I take a sip of my coffee. "Sure, if you say so. It's been like 10 years since I have been down there." I say.

"He's got a point. We were all kids. I mean Tokyo could be completly different and we would never know it!" Someone said. I turned my head and saw Yamakatsi. I call him Yama. "Hey Yama!" Mimi said. "Hey Mimi!" He said. He turned to me. "Thanks for skipping out on me today, again!" He says irratated. "Hey it's not my fault you sleep like a log!" I say laughing a little.

"And for that I will.....Take your food!" He says grabbing my sandwich. "Hey!" I said. "oops!" He said while he ate it. "Anyways, about that field trip, great idea!" He says.

"It's okay i guess, but does it really matter where they take us?" I say. "Yeah, it will get our minds off those exams coming up." Mimi says. "True, True." Yama says. Then he sits down next to me. The school bell finally rings.

-da da da da, da da da da, da da da da, da da da da-

I all of a sudden here familiar music.

That song. I've heard it before. I know I have!

I turn my head to the window and I see a man. He was floating in mid-air.

"How is he doing that? We are on the third floor!" I yelled.

Everyone turned to the window.

"What the heck?!?!?!" some kid yelled,


Everything went black.


About 2 hours later.

I wake up a few hours later.




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