Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


12. Olaf

“We made it!” I cried.
   “Shh!” Anna and Kristoff whispered to me.
   Then I remembered that you were supposed to be quiet at a cemetery. That was where we were – at the cemetery in Arendelle. Anna and Miguel had brought us to the right one, thanks to their crystals.
   I looked around the place and it made me shiver. The whole place was terribly quiet. It was full of headstones and overgrown grass.
   “This place gives me the chills,” said Miguel.
   A shaking Altivo agreed with him.
   “Guys, pull yourselves together,” said Tulio. “The sooner we start looking for this magic source, the sooner we can get out of this mess.”
   “He’s right,” said Elsa. “All right, everyone. Spread out and see what you can find.”
   I didn’t practically enjoy walking around graveyards, but this one was would have melted me if not for my personal flurry. But we had a job to do and I was doing my very best not to lose focus.
   I looked everywhere. I tried to find something that was unique or was out of place or something that could easily scare a horse. Speaking of scared horses, I saw Altivo neighing loudly.
   Miguel and Tulio ran to tame him.
   “Calm down, boy,” whispered Miguel. “What is it?”
   Tulio looked down at where Altivo was neighing. There was a skeleton arm under a black blanket. Tulio slowly stepped towards it and took the blanket off. There was nothing but a skeleton arm. He let out a sigh of relief but quickly glared at the horse. He grabbed the reins.
   “If you make one more false alarm…”
   Altivo just snorted in his face.
   Then I continued with my search. For a while, I didn’t see much of anything, except Sven eating something.
   “Sven!” cried Kristoff, as he ran to the munching reindeer. “What are you eating?”
   When Sven lifted his head up, I could just see some chewed pieces of something on the ground.
   “Carrots!” cried Kristoff.  “And you haven’t left any for me!”
   Or me. I still didn’t had a carrot for my nose.
   “‘There wasn’t enough for you anyway’,” Kristoff said, talking for Sven.
   “Oh, really?” said Kristoff. “And just how do you know that?”
   “Guys, both of you,” called Anna.
   Both Kristoff and Sven looked at her.
   “We’re meant to focus here,” she went on. “And quietly!”
   She was right. So I carried on with my searching.
   After five minutes, I still found nothing except one thing. I was looking at something. Something made out of stone and something very big.
   “Hey, guys,” I called. “I think I found something.”
   I pointed at it to my friends. “Why is there a house here? I thought this place was for dead people, not for the living.”
   Everyone giggled.
   “That’s not a house, Olaf,” said Kristoff. “That’s a mausoleum.”
   “Mausoleum? All right!” I cried excitedly. Then I realized I’ve never heard or seen one before. “What’s so special about them?”
   “We’ll explain later,” said Elsa, as she walked ahead. She stopped at the inscription and read it. “‘Here lies Aaron Arvid, Fifty-Fourth Duke of Selger’.”
   “Any of you guys ever heard of him?” Tulio asked us.
   “Nope,” I replied.
   “Not me,” replied Kristoff.
   “Never even heard of the kingdom of Selger,” replied Elsa, “let alone him.”
   “And I don’t even remember seeing a mausoleum in this cemetery at all, let alone this one,” added Anna.
   “Then maybe this is where that magic guy is hiding all of his stuff,” said Tulio. “Come on, Miguel.”
   He, Miguel and Kristoff went to the door and tried to push it open, but it wouldn’t budge. I went over and tried to help them, but it did no better at all. We gave up.
   Then Kristoff walked to the door and tried to bash it. But no matter how many times he tried to break it down, he just couldn’t. There weren’t even any ax marks on it.
   Then I had an idea. “Hey, Elsa,” I said. “Can you freeze the door? We might be able to break it down easier.”
   We all moved out of the way as Elsa walked forward and fired her powers on the door. It was now completely solid with ice.
   Kristoff gave the ice door a big whack, but, when he hit it, he wobbled and fell down. I looked at the door – it didn’t have any ice on it! It was stone again.
   “I thought you were going to fire some ice on that door,” Kristoff said to Elsa.
   “I did!” protested Elsa. “It just thawed on its own.”
   Then I had an idea. “Maybe you have to say a magic word to open it,” I said.
   Miguel went to the door.
   “Abracadabra!” he shouted.
   “Shh!” we all whispered at him.
   “Sorry,” whispered Miguel. “Open sesame.”
   The door still didn’t open.
   “Please open the door?”
   “Here, about this one?” said Tulio, as he joined him. He faced the door. “Will… you… just… open… up?”
   “Er, Tulio, nothing’s happened,” said Miguel.
   “Precisely,” said Tulio.
   “I’m not getting your point,” said Miguel.
   “My point is, the door isn’t going open with words like what you just said!” explained Tulio.  “We’re just going to have to think of something else.”
   “I have.”
   We all saw Anna walking to the door and put her hands on the door. Then suddenly her weak arms were moving up. She was actually lifting the door up! Well, halfway up, to be precise.
   “Anna, how are you doing that?” asked Elsa.
   “I don’t know,” replied Anna, who was struggling all of a sudden. “And I don’t even think I can hold on for much longer.”
   I tried to work out how Anna was making this miracle happen. Then I had a theory. “Maybe it’s that crystal around your neck.”
   Miguel looked at his crystal and quickly ran past Anna. He grabbed the side of the door and helped to lift it up higher. Both Anna and Miguel were struggling to hold the door.
   “We can’t hold on,” said Anna, as the door started to come down.
   Then Elsa fired some ice patches next to them. Then the patches grew into icicle columns and they were holding the door. Miguel and Anna managed to let go, but the door started to push the columns down.
   “Inside!” ordered Elsa. “And hurry!”
   We all ran into the mausoleum before the door collapsed.
   It was completely dark. We couldn’t see anything, except four or five glowing snowflakes in high up above. Then the snowflakes shone very brightly.
   “Can everyone see now?” asked Elsa.
   We could see. And the first thing I could see were stone walls. They were all around us around. I looked up at the ceiling, but there were all stone and no holes. 
   “Whoa!” cried Tulio.
   We couldn’t find him anyway.
   “Tulio, where are you?” cried Chel.
   “Down here!” cried Tulio’s voice.
   “Where’s here?” asked Miguel.
   Then he fell down a hole.
   We all looked down the hole to find Miguel had landed on Tulia.
   “All right, get off me,” said Tulio, as Miguel got up on his feet.
   “Look!” Kristoff cried, pointing with his finger. “Steps!”
   I looked at where he was pointing and that led to where I was standing. And he was right. There were steps.
   “Okay, the glowing snowflakes won’t glow for very long,” said Elsa. “I don’t have enough power or time to create more, so let’s hurry.”
   And we all hurried down the stairs as quick as we could. The bottom of the stairs led us into a dark tunnel, but we had Elsa’s glowing snowflakes to help us.

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