Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


7. Olaf

It was a very dark night and we were a fair distance away from the fire and the food from the goblin camp, but the moonlight was beautiful and I was happy lying on the ground, after being stuck in the prison carriage every day all week. It was like camping without a tent. But then what would I need a tent for, being a snowman and having my own flurry?
   And I was also happy because I was with my friends. But they weren’t feeling very cheerful. They were exhausted. While I was entertaining the goblins in the carriage, Anna and Miguel had been walking behind the carriage for four whole days. And they were still not speaking to each other.
   We didn’t say a word for ages.
  “Miguel?” called Anna.
  “I’m can’t speak to you,” he said without looking at her. “Goblin rules.”
  “Well, you’ve already broken them because you are speaking to me,” she said.
   Miguel still didn’t make any moves or sounds.
   Anna sighed. “Listen, Miguel, I’m sorry I snapped at you and thought very bad of you. I’m not usually like this. Those goblins have kept me very busy for everyday since they caught me and I’m very tired. And I’m sorry for being jealous at you.”
   Miguel turned to face her, not looking more concerned. “Jealous?”
   I didn’t understand why she would be jealous of anything in the world. “Anna, what have you to be jealous for?” I asked her.
   Anna closed her eyes and tears slowly came out of her eyes. “I’ve been feeling lonely recently, even before all this happened. And I’ve been busy doing deals with other kingdoms, while Elsa’s been busy with ruling her kingdom and having to choose a groom. Kristoff and Sven have been busy with their ice-breaking business. I don’t even know if I exist in their eyes any more than I do with those green monsters. That’s why I was jealous of you, Miguel, when you impressed them.”
   “Come on, Anna,” I said. Despite the big shackle around my neck that was connected to the big chain ball that chained all three of us, I managed to put my arms on her shoulders to try to comfort them. “Don’t be like that. I’m sure they’ll know that we’re missing and they’ll be looking for us.”
   “Anna,” called Miguel. He got up and starting moving closer to Anna. “If it’s any consolation, I’ve been feeling the same about my friends, too.”
   “You have?” I asked.
   “I thought Tulio and I were partners again,” said Miguel. “But since we left the New World, Tulio had been spending more time with Chel than helping me with the work. Even our horse, Altivo, didn’t give me much company, either. That’s why I was enjoying my success with impressing the goblins. So, if my friends have already left without me, see if I care.”
   It was really upsetting for me to see my friends be like this.
   Despite the short space the chains would allow him, Miguel was able to reach Anna’s hands and held them to make her feel support. “I’m sorry, too, Anna,” he said. “I didn’t know you were feeling like – ”
   With tears still coming out of her eyes, Anna sniffled and gave Miguel a smile. “It’s very exciting to know how much you have in common with someone else, isn’t it?”
Miguel smiled back..
   “I know you’re okay, Miguel,” said Anna. “Well, not okay. I’m sure you’re special in your right. You got your strength, your good looks and – Oops!” She giggled embarrassingly. “I don’t know what I’m saying.”
   “Thank you,” grinned Miguel, as he let of her hands. “And you, Anna, are very beautiful, very funny and just a great person to be with.”
   Anna sighed romantically.
   “Which is why I’m offering you an opportunity.”
   Miguel cleared his throat. “Anna, if we get through this witch business and you still don’t feel happy with your life in Ar – Aren – ”
   “Arendelle,” I told him.
   “Thank you, Olaf,” said Miguel. Then he turned back to Anna. “You could come with me, if you want.”
   Anna looked at him. “To Spain, you mean?”
   “Or to other places,” added Miguel. “I don’t know where we’d go but it’ll be full of adventures!”
   Anna started to think and immediately said, “Yes! I accept!”
   “You’re going to leave Arendelle for good?” I cried. “You’re going to leave all of us? Leave me?”
   “Oh, Olaf, you can join us,” said Miguel. “The more, the merrier.”
   “You could see more of the world if you’d like to,” added Anna.
   After thinking about it, I exclaimed, “What a great idea! Let’s sort this witch out and then we’ll have more crazy, wild adventures!”
   Then a goblin’s shadow overtook me.
   “We are trying to sleep back there!” he yelled, pointing to the sleeping goblins around the fire. “And we can’t get any with you making all those awful noises! So keep it down!”
   Then he pushed Miguel away from Anna and made his way back to the camp.
   “Don’t worry,” said Anna. “I heard that this mountain is very near. So tomorrow we’ll get all of this over with.”
   “Oh, boy,” I cried. “I can’t wait to shove a broom down that witch’s throat.”
   “Well, let’s get some rest and save our energy,” said Miguel.
   And so we all did.

Anna was right. I only had a two-hour ride in the carriage and I only had to tell three jokes. That was all.
   Blimey, I thought when I first looked on the mountain. It was the largest mountain I had ever seen. It was even bigger than the one where Elsa’s ice castle was. It was very steep and looked very hard to climb. It looked like creatures like goblins used to live here and weapons and defense strategies.
   I was pulled out of the carriage and held by two goblins behind the Captain. The untied Anna and Miguel were pushed towards us.
   “Now, go forth and summon Thora,” ordered the Captain.
   “Good luck,” I called.
   “Put a carrot in it!” ordered the Captain.
   “Yes, sir,” said the soldiers. Then they took my nose and shoved it in my mouth. I didn’t find it funny and neither did the Captain who shook his head at the soldiers’ stupidity.
   After I put my nose back on, I saw Anna and Miguel moving closer to the mountain. Then they stopped.
   “So how are we going to summon a witch, Miguel?” asked Anna.
   “I don’t know,” said Miguel. “You’re the princess. You’re the leader here.”
   “You’re the ‘god’, remember?” said Anna. “You have the highest authority here.”
   “Ah,” groaned Miguel.
   For a while, they just stood and looked at the mountain.
   “What are you standing there for?” snapped the Captain.
   “We’re… we’re…” Anna was lost for words.
   “We’re just inspecting the mountain,” said Miguel. “It’s very important with the summoning of this witch.”
   Then the Captain got out his sword and it was very close to me. He lowered it down, but I was in fine condition. Apart from the pointing end of my nose! It landed in the Captain’s hand and he ate it.
   “Well, speed up the summoning or this will be the last time you will ever see your friend here ever again,” the Captain warned, as his strong, rough hand grabbed the back of my head. I had never been so scared and worried in my life.
   “Now, hurry up!” yelled the Captain.
   Luckily, that persuaded Anna and Miguel to run to the mountain as fast as they could. And my nose was saved, even though the Captain still held his sword.
   “Grand Witch Thora!” called Miguel. “I am Miguel, God of El Dorado. I am with Princess Anna of Arendelle. We seek… No, demand an audience with you.”
   Nothing happened.
   “Now!” added Miguel.
   There was a long period of silence and no movement. The Captain already had his sword close to my nose.
   “Was there anything I missed out?” Miguel asked Anna.
   “Well, I’m not a god, so how would I know?” said Anna.
   They looked at the mountain.
   “I’m having another slice of carrot,” called the Captain. His sword was touching my nose.
   “Maybe we could find a way into the mountain,” said Miguel. “Like a hole or something.”
   “Well, it’s all we can do at the moment,” said Anna. She pointed left. “You go that way.” Then she turned right.
   They walked around the mountain and disappeared at the back. Then, after ten minutes, they came back around to where they started.
   “Ow!” I cried, as the Captain yanked my carrot off my face.
   “If I don’t see any results,” called the Captain, “I’m having a whole nose for lunch.”
   Then Miguel looked at the mountain. “Open Sesame!” he yelled. Nothing happened.
   “Abracadabra!” cried Anna. Still nothing happened.
   “Hocus Pocus!”
   “Move aside!”
   Then Anna looked up and started to climb the mountain.
   “Anna, what are you doing?” asked Miguel.
   “You see that lever?” she asked.
   Miguel looked up. I looked up, too. There was a lever above them and it was hard to get to. Anna couldn’t reach it and the rock she was on was getting quite loose. Anna was two fingers worth away from the lever.
   The rock slipped! And so did Anna, but her arm was caught! By Miguel.
   He helped her up… off the rocks. He was holding her in mid-air by the legs.
   “What are you doing?” asked Anna.
   “Can you reach the lever now?” asked Miguel.
   She reached for the lever, but she was not close enough to touch it. “A little bit closer,” she said.
   Miguel went a bit closer.
   “Just a little more,” said Anna.
   Miguel started to move further when I quickly saw where he was going to put his right foot.
   “Miguel!” I yelled. “You’re going to fall off!”
   The Captain turned around, broke my carrot in half and threw one half in his mouth. “You help them again and not only will you lose your nose, you will lose your life!” he shouted. And the last half of my nose was shoved into the mouth.
   But it was worth to lose half of my nose because Miguel’s feet were still on the rock. He was stretching his legs.
   Anna was finally able to touch the lever… just. Then she and Miguel screamed and vanished.
   “The mountain’s swallowed up Anna and Miguel!” I gasped.
   “Well, just be glad it’s not us,” said one of the soldiers holding me.
   “When we say ‘us’, we don’t include you,” said the other soldier.
   They laughed. I gulped. I was worried about my friends, but I was more worried about what the goblins was going to do with me.
   “Beata!” called the Captain.
   Beata, Abram and Heddy came to us.
   “This snowman will locked back in the prison carriage,” went on the Captain, “and you three will guard him.”
   “Yes, father,” said Beata.
   The Captain was Beata’s father? I couldn’t believe it. “What happened to the peace with the humans?” I asked.
   “Oh, please,” she said. “Do you really think goblins and humans could live together? You three are idiots.” Then she turned to the soldiers. “All right, take him to the carriage!”
   The soldiers dragged me by my stick arms to the carriage, followed by Beata, Abram and Heddy.

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