Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


15. Miguel

I made my way back to the room my friends and I had been sleeping last night. I don’t what the others thought of it but it was the best room I had ever stayed in at in my whole life. We each had our very own bed and I had never had a better night’s sleep ever. Before I met Elsa earlier, I went to check on Altivo and he loved the stables he was living in and he loved all the water, hay and apples he was given for breakfast.
   I opened the door and went into the room. Tulio and Chel were up and dressed.
   “Had a good explore, have you?” asked Tulio.
   “Yes, this castle’s amazing,” I replied.
   “Good,” said Tulio. “Well, since you’ve had a good look around and we’re up, we’ll get the horse and be on our way back to Spain.”
   I gulped. “Um, Tulio...”
   “What, Miguel?” asked Tulio.
   “Why are we even going back to Spain?” I asked.
   “What kind of question is that?” asked Tulio. “It’s our home!”
   And I reminded him about how we were never going to be kings of Spain since we gave up all of the El Dorado gold. And I told him about how I felt that how El Dorado and Arendelle have treated us much better than our whole lives in Spain.
   “Miguel, ever since we came to this island,” said Tulio, “we’ve met trolls, goblins and sorcery and all kinds of monsters! This place is dangerous!”
   “Not anymore,” I protested. “Well, definitely less dangerous now. Thanks to us.”
   “Is that what Elsa told you?” Tulio demanded.
   “Yes,” I replied. “And, what’s more, is that she asked me to give you this message.”
   Chel took the message and read it.
   “This is a real message from the queen,” she said. “And she insists she stays here until she says otherwise.”
   “Oh, great!” moaned Tulio, as he dropped back onto his bed. Then he stood up with a more positive look on his face. “Don’t worry, I figured it out. As we make our way to see Elsa, I’ll say we need to change into something more appropriate than what we’re wearing now. Then we sneak into a room with a window, then we climb out of the window, run away to our raft and we’ll be away from this island for good.” 
   “Not forgetting the horse?” added Chel.
   “No, not forgetting the horse,” Tulio said.
   “Unless he wants to stay,” I said.
   “What are you talking about?” asked Tulio. “You really don’t want to stay here, do you?”
   “I’m just saying we should give this place a chance,” I said. “Who knows? Elsa might reward us. Tulio, she might make you her royal treasurer. And, Chel, I don’t what you want to do, but I’m sure – ”
   “Miguel!” snapped Tulio. “Use the little voice. What is it saying?”
   “It’s saying Elsa and Anna making me feel like a hero,” I said. “Which is more than you two have ever done.” Those words were exactly what the little voice was saying.
   “What do you mean?” demanded Tulio.
   I looked at Chel who had her arms crossed and was frowning at me, too.
   I stood up from my bed, frowning at them. “Ever since we left El Dorado,” I said, “you two have all been ignoring me, leaving me to do all the hard work.”
   “Even after all we’ve been through to find you, you still think you’re being treated unfairly?” asked Chel.
   Well, they did come to find me, but the little voice in my head was saying everything will just go back to the way it was before: me doing all the hard work, while Tulio and Chel just spend time together.
   “Give us the truth,” demanded Tulio.
   Well, they asked for it. I took a deep breath and finally said, “Yes.”
   And I wasn’t just saying that to get back at them. I really meant it. I meant it as much as the look on Tulio’s and Chel’s angry faces.
   I passed the angry two to go and opened the door. When I saw who it was, I dropped my angry face.
   “Hey, guys,” Olaf said. “Elsa and Anna are ready to see you now.”
   “Oh, that’s great, Olaf,” I said. “We’re ready.” Then I turned to Tulio and Chel. “Aren’t we?”
   They just silently nodded.

Olaf led us down the stairs. On the way, I tried to look at my friends who weren’t looking at me. When they turned their heads towards me, I looked away.
   “Is something wrong, Miguel?”
   I turned around to face Olaf. “Sorry?”
   “You look a little fed up,” said Olaf.
   “I just have a little headache, that’s all, Olaf,” I lied, not wanting to upset the little snowman. “I’ll feel much better when I see Elsa and Anna.”

Olaf took me and my friends to the royal courtyard. There were lots of people were standing around.
   “Okay, make way,” said Olaf, as we pushed through the crowd. “Heroes of Arendelle coming through.”
   Olaf took us to the middle of the courtyard where Elsa and Anna were waiting. My friends and I bowed before them. Then I quickly noticed that all the goblins were behind the royal sisters.
“Citizens of Arendelle,” said Elsa, “this kingdom was under threat by monsters we never even knew that had existed. But thanks to my sister, Princess Anna, and our friends from Spain, not only did we discover the existence of these goblins and wizards and witches, but we actually fought the evil Thora and her son Raggard and we actually managed to secure a peace with the goblins.”
   All the humans and the goblins applauded.
   Beata stepped next to Elsa. “What Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and I have agreed to is that we will not invade your kingdoms as long as you will not invade our plains. However we are also planning to do business.”
   “The goblins are planning to share some of their riches that they find,” said Elsa, “in exchange for some of the food and the water we harvest here.”
   Everyone applauded.
   “As I was saying,” went on Elsa, “such bravery, willingness and facing danger should never go unrewarded.” She took the sword from the cushion that Anna was holding. “Miguel.”
   I approached and knelt before her. “For rescuing Princess Anna, for saving my life and for saving my kingdom, by the power vested in me, I dub you Sir Miguel.”
   All right, a knighthood, I thought in my head. Never in my whole life have I ever had a big honour in all of my life. Well, not a real one, anyway. Even though we Tulio and I were worshipped like gods in El Dorado, this knighthood was the first thing I ever felt that I have achieved in my life.
   Elsa tapped each of my shoulders with the sword. “Arise,” she said.
   I stood up. “Thank you, Your Majesty,” I said quietly. Then I went back to join my friends.
   “Congratulations,” whispered Anna, as she walked towards me. “You are the very first person to be knighted by my sister.”
   Wow! I couldn’t believe this was real and, for a man who goes off into fantasy dreams, this was totally unbelievable for me.
   Tulio started to make his way over to Elsa.
   “In honour of these heroes,” said Elsa, “we will celebrate this day starting with this.”
   She tapped her foot down and the floor was soon full of ice. Everyone cheered and soon they were busy moving along on strange shoes will metal blades underneath them.
   “What are these?” asked Chel.
   “We definielty don’t have these in Spain,” said Tulio.
   “They’re ice-skating shoes,” Anna explained to us. “That’s how you get around on ice since you can’t walk on it.”
   “Whoa!” yelled Tulio as he slipped on the ice. “I see what you mean,” he groaned as he rubbed his leg.
   Chel started to move to Tulio, when she slipped too.
   I turned to Altivo. “Guess we’re the ones who can manage standing up, eh, boy?” I said, putting him on the back. I was wrong. Altivo slipped, too.
   Then ice-skating shoes were placed over Tulio’s shoes and Chel’s bare feet. Anna and Kristoff helped them and went off with them to teach them.
   I was just standing by. This whole ice-skating thing seemed a lot of fun, but it also seemed that you needed a lot of practise. Then my shoes were turned into ice-skating shoes. I felt like I was losing balance. I started to fall down, but two arms stopped me from doing so. They helped me back up straight.
   “Are you okay?” asked Elsa.
   “This is all new to me,” I confessed.
   “Well, the sooner you start, the easier it gets.”
   “Hey!” cried Olaf. “I know. Elsa, you can teach Miguel skate. He loves to try new things.”
   Both Elsa and I chuckled nervously. Not only had I never ice-skated in my life before but to make a queen my first partner?
   “Go on, Elsa,” encouraged Anna, who he and Kristoff were skating by. “Show him the joys of skating.”
   Then the whole kingdom was encouraging me and Elsa to skate together. So I turned to her. “If I make you look bad, Elsa, I’m apologizing right now.”
   Elsa just took me to the centre. She moved ahead, pulling me with her. Then she let go of me and did a spin around. I tried to spin around too, but the only thing I did was fall down. Struggling, I managed to pick myself up.
   Elsa came towards me. “It’s all about balance, Miguel,” she told me. “You just have to keep a good balance. Now, go and try for yourself.”
   She went behind me and gave a gentle push. I nearly fell over, but I did my very best to stand up and keep my balance. And I didn’t fall down; I was standing up. Then I started to move around and I thought I was getting the hang of this ice-skating. Everyone was impressed. Even Elsa was clapping her hands. I skated to her.
   “I think I got the hang of this, Elsa,” I said proudly.
   “Good,” she said. “So shall we try again? And please don’t get overconfident.”
   “Right, right,” I said.
   She took my arms and spun around like we were dancing. Soon we were all spinning in circles together. Then Elsa spun around on her own and she came back in front of me. Soon we were skating together in a straight line.
   “Pick her up!” cried Olaf.
   “Yeah, pick her up if you can!” cried Tulio.
   “Pick her up!” chanted the crowd. “Pick her up! Pick her up!”
   I was nervous about what the crowd was telling me to do. My skating partner was a queen and I was just getting used to this. I always liked to learn about stuff, but I was never a fast learner.
   “Go ahead, Miguel,” Elsa said. “I trust you.”
   I lowered myself to pick up Elsa by the legs. Then, carefully and focusing on my skating, I manage to lift her up and over my head. Everyone applauded as I felt like I was flying high into the skies. I was really enjoying it that even though I closed my eyes.
   “Miguel!” cried Elsa.
   I opened my eyes again and saw that we were heading towards a patch of snow. I crashed into it, dropping Elsa.
   I popped my head out of the snow. I was shivering as the stuff was freezing. I had never experienced anything so cold in my life. The coldest thing I ever encountered in Spain was rain water in the winter and even that was mild compared to this stuff. Elsa popped her head out, too..
   “It’s only snow, Miguel,” she told me. “You’re going to be all right.”
   I freed myself out of the snow and so did Elsa.
   “I’m sorry, Elsa,” I said. “I didn’t mean to – ”
   “Miguel,” she interrupted.
   I went silent.
   “That was...”
   I gulped.
   “...the best ice-skating I’ve done in my life.” Elsa gave me a big smile.
   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Really?”
   “Not only are you rather good in it but none of the princes I’ve been meeting have ever showed much interest in this as you,” she told me.
   Then I heard more wild cheering and applauding from the crowd. That made me feel like me and Elsa has put on a good show.
   “Your Majesty!”
   Everyone turned to the front doors where a man was standing.
   “Dinner is ready, ma’am,” he called.
   “Thank you, Kai,” Elsa called back. “Well,
   Then everyone started to make their way into the castle.

The banquet hall table had mountains of food. It smelled as good as the food at the inns and taverns that Tulio and I always passed doing our con business back in Spain.
   I piled my plate with bacon, sausages, meat pies, pieces of cheese and piece of chocolate along with a large glass of wine. This was the best food I’ve had in life, but the banquet hall was getting a little too crowded, so I took my stuff outside.
   I went to the courtyard, which wasn’t icy anything.
   “Hi, Miguel,” greeted Anna. She was with Kristoff, Sven and Olaf.
   “Hi, guys,” I greeted back.
   “That was great ice-skating you did this afternoon,” Olaf said.
   “‘Yeah, you were really great on the ice, mate’,” said Kristoff, talking for Sven.
   “Thanks, Sven,” I said, playing along.
   “Where are your friends, Miguel?” asked Olaf.
   “Maybe they’ve broken a few bones and need to rest,” I joked. Nobody laughed. “But, seriously, I don’t know.”
   Then Altivo came through, neighing wildly.
   “Whoa! Whoa!” I cried, as I tamed him. “What is it?”
   All he did was pointed with his head to the outside of the courtyard and neighed.
   I put my stuff down and turned to Anna and her friends. “I’ll be right back.”
   I ran outside of the palace and looked out on the docks. I could just see something floating away on the water. It looked like it was the raft my friends and I were on before we came here to. And if it was, I looked at the two figures who on it and it was just exactly who I thought they were, even though I didn’t want them to be. Tulio and Chel were on the raft and sailing away without me! And Altivo, too.
   I know I had an argument with them, but we always had many arguments before and always managed to get over it and get on well afterwards again. I started to think that if I might have went a little too far, even though I was telling them the real truth from my mind.
   “Everything okay, Miguel?”
   I jumped and saw Anna who came on her own.
   “Uh, yeah,” I said. “Everything’s great. Still can’t find my friends, but I’m not gonna let that ruin my day. I just came out here for a bit of fresh air.”
   “I needed some fresh air, too,” said Anna. “The castle is getting a bit too warm.”
   “Why not just ask Elsa to cool things down?” I asked.
   “Then it’ll probably get too chilly,” she laughed.
   All of this was confusing but it actually made me laugh.
   “By the way,” went on Anna, “thank you very much for giving me and Elsa your gold coins to get us out of that marriage law. You didn’t have to, you know.” 
   “Well, after what you’ve been through,” I said, “you deserve it.”
   “Kristoff just proposed to me and I said, ‘Yes’!” Anna cried very happily. She soon had her arms wrapped around me. Then she realised what she was doing and let go. “I’m sorry.” Then she cleared her throat. “Is there anything we can do for you?” she asked.
   I tried to think of something and I did.

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