Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


13. Kristoff

~~I was ahead of the group. Noticing that the glowing snowflakes above us was starting to dim on and off, I tried to set a good pace, but the tunnel seemed to go on and on. And all of the strange noises causing me to stop and check them didn’t help at all.
   “That’s the twelfth time you’ve stop, Kristoff,” said Elsa.
   I was about to tell her about these noises I heard, but I knew she wouldn’t listen and we’d waste more time arguing about it.
   “I think it’s this wizard, Elsa,” said Anna. “I think he’s making all these noises.”
   “Thank you, Anna,” I said.
   “Well, these snowflakes don’t have much time left,” said Elsa. “Can we pick up the pace?”
   We moved faster, but it didn’t really matter because the tunnel went completely dark quicker than my eyes could blink. I couldn’t see a thing, but I heard a lot of bumping noises and moaning behind me.
   “Hey, watch where you’re going!” shouted Tulio.
   “How can I?” asked Miguel. “I can’t see a thing!”
   “Elsa, can’t you do anything about this?” asked Anna.
   “No, I don’t have enough powers yet,” replied Elsa.
   Soon, we all could see again. The walls were brightened with lit-up torches.
   “Okay, who did that?” Tulio asked.
   “Not me,” replied Olaf.
   “Nor me,” I added.
   “You know what this means, don’t you, Anna?” said Miguel, looking at her.
   Anna nodded. “This wizard must be here somewhere. Let’s search this place and see what we can.”
   “Good idea, Anna,” said Elsa. “Split up and find what you can but stay in the room. Don’t leave it.”
   I looked around at where we were. It was a room; a very small and tight room filled with suits of armors and bookcases of books. There was nothing like glass jars or sticks that looked like wands that gave us any clues of sorcery. Not even the books had the word ‘magic’ in them, let alone a single spell.
   “Hey, guys,” called Olaf. “I found something.”
   I looked to see where Olaf was. He was pointing to a wooden chest that had a lock on it. I broke it off with my axe. I tried to lift the lid up, but it wouldn’t.
   “Can someone give a hand here?” I asked.
   Olaf came on my left. We tried to lift the lid up, but it was still no good.
   Then Miguel came on my right. We tried again and, with third time’s luck, this time we managed to lift the lid up.
   We looked inside and there was…
   “Nothing,” said Olaf. And he was right.
   I let go and turned around. Then I heard muffling. Olaf and I turned back around to find  Miguel’s legs sticking out of the chest.
   “Miguel, this is no time for playing hide and seek,” snapped Tulio.
   “I’m stuck!” called Miguel through the chest. “I can’t get out!”
   Olaf tried to lift the lid back up to free him, but it wouldn’t move.
   Anna’s screaming made me turn around to see her on the wall. Her body was wrapped in thick and strong plant vines. Elsa tried to break them off but they were too hard.
   “Help!” cried Olaf.
   I saw Olaf trapped in a ring of fire. The ring was so huge and powerful that not even his flurry could protect him from the heat.
   As I started to move, my legs were chained to the wall. Then it was my hands’ turn to be chained up. I couldn’t break free, especially since getting chained up made me drop my axe.
   “Whoa!” cried Tulio.
   I saw Tulio and Chel being pulled up to the ceiling. Soon they were hanging down from something that was wrapped around their feet.
   The only one who wasn’t trapped was Elsa. But why?
   “My, my, my,” said a male voice. “You look beautiful when you’re worried.”
   Elsa turned around to see a man in black robes with a gold crown on his head. He walked towards her, smirking.
   “Raggard, return Arendelle to me and no harm will come to you,” said Elsa.
   Raggard chuckled. “You? Harm me?”
   Elsa fired some snow at him, but fire melted the snow and flew towards her. She rolled out of the way.
   “You know, this whole thing is your fault,” smiled Raggard as he continued walking to her.
   Elsa was trying to back away from him. “My fault?”
   “You should’ve said you were ready to marry me,” smiled Raggard.
   “What good would it had done if I did?” asked Elsa, firing more snow at him.
   Raggard fired fire at Elsa’s snow wave. They kept firing at each other.
   “If you married me,” said Raggard, “we could have ruled the kingdom together. I could have ordered the goblins to bring your sister back to you – ”
   “So that I, Anna, my people and the goblins would be so grateful that we would surrender to you?” Elsa dropped her hands and moved out of the way before the fire hit her.
   “So that’s why you decided to go and do everything the hard way?” said Raggard. “And what a load of good it’s done. Yours and your friends’ death has arrived, thanks to you. And you gave me your kingdom. Here’s a little gift to show how grateful I am.”
   He fired red lighting at Elsa, but she jumped out of the way and landed on the floor. She aimed her hands up at the ceiling and fired ice. Inches away from Tulio and Chel, a group of icicles that were sharp as spears fell down aiming for Raggard, but he rolled out of the way.
   Elsa fired more ice to build a wall in front of her, but floating rocks smashed it before it was completed.
   As Raggard was approaching her, Elsa tried to fire more ice, but it seemed that she was running out of her powers. Then I saw Anna, with my axe, running towards me.
   “How did you get out?” I asked, as she used my axe to free me from the chains.
   “One of Elsa’s icicles freed me from the plant vines,” she replied.
   Soon I was free. “What do we do now?” I asked Anna.
   “Search for something odd,” she replied. “That’s how Miguel and I managed to defeat Thora.”
   We looked around the whole room, but all I could find was nothing but rocks and a big ruby. Wait! A big ruby!
   I grabbed Anna and I showed her the ruby trapped in the wall.
   “Destroy it,” ordered Anna.
   I whacked the ruby with my axe, but it wouldn’t break.
   “Ah ha!”
   I turned around to see Raggard walking towards us. “That ruby cannot be destroyed.”
   “Well, at least, we’re trying,” I retorted.
   “Well, at least, you’ve tried,” smiled Raggard, holding up his finger that was sparkling with blue lighting. He aimed his finger at me and Anna.
   “Duck!” That came from Elsa.
   So Anna and I ducked and so did Raggard. A flying icicle flew past us.
   “Ha, you missed!” Raggard roared to Elsa.
   “Did I?” said Elsa.
   Then Raggard was starting to glow yellow. I looked at the ruby which was in pieces, thanks to Elsa’s icicle. Then a black cloud appeared behind him.
   “You may have defeated me,” groaned Raggard, “but you shall not escape.” He pointed hands up and fired red lighting before the cloud took over him.
   CRACK! I looked up. The ceiling above started to crack!
   “Come on!” I yelled. I started to run, followed by Olaf who lucky hadn’t melted from the ring of fire. Then Tulio and Chel landed in front of us. I looked around to see that Anna had fallen down and the falling ceiling was going to fall on her. I ran to help her, but then I saw Elsa pushing Anna before the rumble fell onto her.
   “Elsa!” shouted Anna.
   It was Elsa who was now stuck in the rubble. The whole place was shaking.
   “Let’s help her out of this!” ordered Anna. She made her way over.
   “No, forget about me!” yelled Elsa. “Just get out of here!”
   “No, we’re not leaving without you!” insisted Anna. “Come on!”
   Then we all followed here. Then I saw Elsa pushing out her arms and, if it was what I thought was going to happen, I immediately grabbed Anna.
   “What are you doing?” she snapped.
   And I was right. Elsa was using her powers to create an ice wall in front of her.
   “NO!” screamed Anna. “ELSA!”
   She tried to break free from me, but I wouldn’t let go.
   “There’s nothing we can do about it!” I told her. “We’ve got to get out of here now!”
   But before I could drag Anna and I back the way we came from, the walls were cracking and the whole ceiling was falling down. Then a rope was wrapped around my chest and me and Anna, who I was still holding onto, was pulled away together. Tulio was pulled by a rope wrapped around his chest too.
   Olaf tried to catch up to us, but his feet couldn’t make him any faster. Then he saw Chel being pulled by another rope wrapped around her leg, so he quickly jumped onto Chel’s body, much to her chilly surprise.
   As we were dragged, we watched the whole room caved in. Whatever it was pulling us actually saved our lives.


Soon we were out of the mausoleum before it crumbled down into dust.
   “Sven!” I cried, as my best friend came to greet me. He also greeted Anna.
   “Whoa, boy!” cried Tulio, as Altivo happily greeted him and Chel.
   Then some guys came to take the ropes off us. They were… the goblins!
   “Were you the ones who pulled us out of the mausoleum?” asked Anna.
   “Yes,” replied Beata. “And you know the reason why.”
   “If you still want this peace business with Arendelle,” said Anna, “you can forget it! My sister’s dead!” Tears started to fall out of her eyes.
   “Hey, where’s Miguel?” asked Chel.
   We soon realized that Elsa wasn’t the only one that wasn’t with us. We couldn’t find Miguel at all.
   Then I heard Altivo neighing. I looked ahead to see him neighing at the rubble of the mausoleum.
   “What is it, boy?” asked Tulio.
   We all moved to the rubble and took a close look.
   “There’s nothing but rubble,” said Tulio.
   “Look!” cried Olaf. “A piece of ice.”
   We looked down again and saw a small piece of ice.
   “Goblins, get digging,” said Beata.
   Soon, we all had a spade and started to dig around the ice. The more we dug, the bigger the small ice became.
   Then it started to glow white.
   “What’s happening?” asked Tulio.
   “Trust me,” smiled Anna who had snapped out of her depression. “It’s good news.”
   The ice vanished and out stepped…
   “Miguel!” cried Tulio and Chel happily.
   Miguel was carrying an unconscious Elsa. He gave her to Beata who took her and put her on the wooden cart.
   “Elsa?” Anna held her sister’s hand as she kneeled down and cried next to her.
   “Here, let me help,” said Beata. She put her large thumb and finger on Elsa’s nose. When Elsa, struggling to breathe, finally moved, the goblin let go of her nose. The snow queen stood up and coughed.
   “Oh, Elsa!” cried Anna as she hugged her older sister.
   “Anna,” sighed Elsa, as she hugged her back.
   “We did it, Elsa,” said Anna. “Our mission is accomplished.”
   “With thanks to our new friends,” said Elsa, looking at Miguel, Tulio, Chel and Altivo. “And thanks to our new goblin allies.”
   Beata approached Elsa and bowed to her. “You mean it, Your Majesty? We finally achieved a peace?”
   “Well, come back tomorrow,” Elsa said very weakly, “and we will discuss negotiations. You and your people have earned that at least.” Then she closed her eyes.
   “She’s not dead, is she?” asked a worried Anna.
   “No,” replied Beata. “She just needs some sleep.”
   “Me too,” yawned Anna.
   “‘Me three’,” I said, talking for Sven.
   “Then we shall get an early night, Sven,” I said to Sven.
   Tulio yawned. “We’re all tired. So we’ll just go back to the beach we came at and – ”
   “There’s plenty of room for you three at the castle,” said Anna. “And there’s room in the stable for Altivo.”
   Altivo got excited about it.
   “Well, it’s a nice offer,” said Miguel.
   “But we couldn’t,” said Tulio. “You need your rest and – ”
   “I insist,” said Anna. “It’s the least we do for you guys after all you’ve done for us.”
   Miguel and Tulio looked at each other.
   “Excuse us for one moment, please,” said Tulio.
   They were talking very quietly to themselves, but I could just hear what they’re saying.
   “We might not get another chance, Tulio,” said Miguel. “Might as well make the most of it while we can.”
   “Miguel, in case you haven’t noticed,” said Tulio, “this island is very dangerous and I want to get off here while we can.”
   “I have to side with Miguel on this one,” said Chel.
   Altivo joined their side.
   “Okay,” Tulio sighed. Then he faced Anna again. “Your Highness, we accept your offer.”
   “Then let’s go,” said Anna.
   While the goblins left to head back to the Plains, the rest of us followed Anna back to Arendelle Castle.
   “Miguel,” called Beata.
   Miguel went to her. “Yes?”
   “I believe this is yours.” She snapped her fingers and Heddy and Abram got out a red jumper. It looked that was where the piece of red thread Grand Pebbie used to find him and Anna came from.
   Miguel smiled as he put it back on. “Great! Thanks.”

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