Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


6. Kristoff

“‘Where have you been?’” I said, taking like Sven who had been waiting for a long time outside of the Valley of the Living Rock, while Elsa and I went to talk to the trolls.
   “Well, I’m sorry for finding out where Anna is,” I said in my normal voice, giving him a carrot.
   Sven’s eyes widen. “‘Oh, really? Where?’” I went on like Sven.
   “Bulda and Cliff are going to take us,” I replied to Sven, as I got into the sleigh. Elsa got in on her side.
   “How far is this secret hole?” I asked the trolls as Tulio pulled Altivo closer to us.
   “It’s only ten minutes away,” replied Cliff.
   “Let’s go, then,” said Elsa.
   Then Sven began to pull us away. We were moving slow enough for Tulio and Altivo to catch up with us.
   “Okay,” said Tulio. “There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why are the goblins loyal to this witch in the first place?”
   “Well, remember what Grand Pabbie said about that goblins hating humans for taking over the island?” I said.
   “Yes, I get that,” said Tulio.
   “Well, since then,” I went on, “the goblins fled into the plains and met the Grand Witch Thora. They swore allegiance to her and she promised them freedom once this island is under her rule.”
   “Wait a minute,” said Elsa. “You’re the only human to know about these goblins? Why didn’t you tell me? Why have we wasted a whole week looking around the island when Anna has been – ”
   “Well, you heard what Pabbie said,” I told her. “We shouldn’t go to the Plains at all. So I thought we should go over there as a last result if we couldn’t find Anna anywhere else.”
   “Besides, they haven’t caused a lot of trouble in two thousand years,” Bulda told us.
   “Not a lot of trouble?” repeated Tulio.
   “What is the worst they have done?” asked Chel.
   “Oh, only to steal vegetables from farmers and rocks from our valley,” Bulda replied. “No serious kidnappings.”
   “Then why are they so desperate to come into our land to find people like Anna and Miguel?” I tried to work it out. “Something’s telling me that the goblins up to something else as well as trying to free themselves.”
   “Well, the sooner we find the hole,” said Chel, “the sooner we’ll find our friends and solve more of this mystery.”
   “Yeah, as long as we keep a sharp eye on everything,” I said. “And not get fooled easily.”
   “And I keep in control of my powers,” added Elsa.
   “If you’re in charge of your powers, how hard can it be?” asked Tulio.
   Elsa and I looked at each other. We never wanted to talk about that horrible winter if we could help it.
   “All in favor on going through this hole when we find it, say ‘Aye’,” said Tulio.
   “Aye,” said Chel.
   “Aye,” I said.
   “Yes,” said Elsa.
   “‘Yes’,” I said for Sven.
   Altivo made raspberry noises.
   “Well, five against one,” Tulio sighed. 

“Okay, stop here,” ordered Bulda.
   “Whoa, Sven,” I cried as I pulled his reins. Elsa and I got out of the sleigh and freed Sven from it.
   Tulio and Chel and helped the trolls off Altivo.
   I looked around and could see no hole at all. Just a huge wall full of rocks.
   “This isn’t a joke, is it?” said Tulio. “Because if it is, I’m not in the mood.”
   “Do you jump to conclusions very quickly?” I asked.
   “I’m just very tired from looking around for – ”
   “What do you think I’ve been doing for the last week?” I snapped.
   While Tulio and I were ‘talking’, Chel approached Elsa.
   “I’m sorry about my friend,” said Chel. “He gets tired, stressed and worried very easily.”
   “That’s okay,” said Elsa. “This Miguel must be a really special friend to you if you’re going through all this trouble to find him.”
   “So must be this Anna of yours,” said Chel.
   “Well, she is a princess of Arendelle,” said Elsa. “And she is my sister and my best friend.”
   Then everyone went quiet as we felt a little rumble. We faced the wall and a big hole opened. Then the trolls came back down to us.
   “Hurry,” said Bulda. “The lever only says down for thirty seconds.”
   “Okay,” I said. “Thank you for your help.”
   Then we all started moving.
   “Good luck,” Bulda called.
   “And, whatever you do, don’t start any wars,” cried Cliff.
   Elsa went in first, followed by Chel, Tulio, Altivo, Sven (the hole was big enough for his antlers to squeeze through) and finally me. The tunnel was very tight and small, so we couldn’t hurry through the tunnel but at least we had a little light from the hole we came through… for a few seconds.
   Now it was completely dark. Then a blue light appeared and the tunnel got a little bit chillier. All these were Elsa’s powers. She was using them to light the tunnel as she led the way.
   She kept it bright for a few minutes and then it went dark again.
   “Elsa, what are you doing?” Tulio asked.
   “I can see the other end,” Elsa replied.
   I could just see the light at the other end. We wasted no time to reach it.

We were all glad to be out of that dark and rough tunnel.
   “Now we’re here in the Goblin Plains,” Tulio said, “I suggest we take this opportunity to rest and catch our strength.”
   “Yes, I agree,” said Chel.
   Altivo and Sven all collapsed and immediately went to sleep.
   I noticed Elsa was the only one who was not settling. She was looking very worried towards the empty Plains. I went to her. “Elsa, there’s nothing more we can do for Anna tonight.”
   “But we’re so close,” Elsa protested. “We can sneak on them – ”
   “We’re too tired to anything more tonight, let alone fight the monsters,” I went on. “Unless you have powers to take them on by yourself, because I have no weapons other than my pick axe. And I don’t know what these two have brought.”
   “Nothing to defend ourselves,” said Chel. “But Anna’s with Miguel. He’ll make sure she won’t come to any harm. He’s that kind of person.”
   Elsa looked the Plains again, sighed and looked her hands. “Even my powers needs to rest, too. And I’m a little tired myself.” She yawned. “All right, let’s settle here for the night. But one of us must be on night watch tonight.”
   I quickly lied down next to Sven before she could ask me to do the job. After all, Sven and I have been searching very hard for Anna.
   I looked asleep, but I opened an eye.
   Elsa couldn’t ask Chel to do the night watch because she was already asleep. Then she looked at Tulio who was still on his legs stretching his arms and back.
   “Thank you for volunteering for night watch, Tulio,” she said as she made her comfortable on the ground.
   Tulio tried to speak, but we were all asleep. He just stood down and folded his arms in annoyance. At least, he didn’t notice my quick relieved smile.

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