Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


14. Elsa

I woke up. I found myself in my bed in my chambers. I was feeling better from yesterday, but I still had a headache. And I knew I had a busy day ahead of me, so I decided to go into the royal garden and have a bit of fresh air to relax before I had my duties to attend to.
   It was beautiful and peaceful morning even with the sun only just rising up. I never usually got up before sunrise. Anna, on the other hand, did. She was usually an early bird and always went out into the garden before breakfast. But this morning, I didn’t see her at all. But I did hear something. Something was moving inside the bushes. I started to walk closer to them, getting my powers ready for anything about to happen. It could be a wolf or a bear or maybe even a goblin who might still be trying to seize the kingdom. But I was relieved that it was none of those things. What fell out of the bushes was a man. “Miguel!”
   Miguel picked himself up then bowed before me. “Your Majesty.”
   “What were you doing in there?” I asked.
   “I thought I saw a trapped bird in the bush,” he said, “so I went to free it and got stuck myself.”
   “And why are you up so early?” I asked him.
   “Well, the sun came up,” he replied, “so I decided to get up and give Altivo food and water. Then I decided to have a look around in your garden.”
   “Have you seen Anna?” I asked.
   “Yes, ma’am,” replied Miguel.
   “You have my permission to call me Elsa,” I said.
   “Well, Elsa, Anna is accompanying Kristoff and Sven on their ice-breaking business for a couple of hours,” said Miguel. “You know, to have a little catch-up. But she said they will be back before this afternoon.”
   “Miguel, would you walk with me?” I asked. “There’s something I would like to talk to you about.”
   Miguel walked next to me. “Is it because I didn’t leave the place when you ordered everyone else to? Is it because I picked you up out of that rubble without asking your permission to do so?”
   That was how Miguel and I got out of that collapsing mausoleum. After that part of the ceiling fell on me, I was so weak that I barely noticed him freeing me from the rubble. Then he picked me up but the whole ceiling was coming down. I managed to build that ice block around me and Miguel for protection. After everyone unearthed us, I managed to touch the ice to thaw it, to free us.
   “Or did you find out that I’m wanted in Spain?” went on Miguel.
    Then Miguel explained everything he explained to Anna when he first met her about his early life, how he met Tulio, how they left Spain and went to become false gods of El Dorado and how they came to this island. The laws of Arendelle say that he and his friends should be arrested and either be thrown in the dungeons or sent back to Spain. And I would have done so if he didn’t do any of the good he’s done for my sister, myself and my kingdom. Also he was being very honest about it and I was finding him rather entertaining. Even after being with him for three minutes, I was enjoying his company better than all the princes and lords that I had to spend time to decide who I was going to marry with in a giant ice block together.
   So I decided, “Well, what happens in Spain stays in Spain. As far as I and Arendelle are concerned, you and your friends are heroes to us. Also, I just wanted to thank you and your friends, but especially you for everything you’ve done.”
   “Oh, it was nothing,” smiled Miguel. “Besides, Anna should get some credit, too. She’s very special and I’m not talking about being a princess or of royal blood, if you follow me.”
   “I know you mean and, yes, she certainly is,” I agreed.
   “I wish my sister was more like her.”
   “Miguel, why is Anna unhappy?” I asked. “Why does she want to leave this island?”
   “Well, she did tell me that she wanted to see other places,” replied Miguel. “And that she was feeling very lonely, that she didn’t exist in your eyes or anyone else’s.”
   “Her feeling lonely?” I was the one who had been living in the castle having to do my royal duties, while Anna was having adventures by going to other kingdoms and doing her negotiations.
   “And Anna has never been told how successful her negotiations had been,” went on Miguel.
   Maybe he was right. I hadn’t told her how good she has been at these negotiations since she started, even though I’ve been busy too with ruling Arendelle and dating all those men.
   “I had no intention to kidnap her,” said Miguel. “And I’m sorry if I gave anyone the wrong – ”
   “No, you haven’t,” I said. “You were just trying to cheer her up, give her some hope.”
   “Not just that,” said Miguel. “I’ve been feeling a little lonely, too.”
   Then he started to tell me about how after he and his friends left El Dorado that he was doing all the work and his friends were all ignoring him when Olaf approached us.
   “Elsa, the goblins have arrived for your negotiation meeting,” he said.
   “Thank you, Olaf,” I said.
   “Also your advisors requests a meeting about your future marriage,” he went on.
   I groaned. All that trouble with Raggard and everyone still wants me to get married? To someone I probably won’t love or even like?
   “Well, since you’re busy, I won’t take any more of your time,” said Miguel. “My friends and I will probably leave Arendelle now.”
   “No,” I said.
   Miguel looked worried as if I was going to have punished him.
   “I mean, please stay a just little longer,” I explained, as I began to make my way back to the castle.
   Miguel followed me. “I’m happy to stay, Elsa. It’s Tulio who wants to leave. And I’m going to need something like a piece of paper to prove that it’s your request.”
   Then I turned to Olaf. “Could you take a message, Olaf?”
   “Sure.” He grabbed a piece of paper and a feather. “Go ahead.”
   “‘To Tulio, I request that you, Miguel, Chel and Altivo stay in Arendelle until I say otherwise’,” I said. “‘Many regards, Queen Elsa of Arendelle.’”
   Olaf gave Miguel the message he had written.
   “So what’s wrong with these meetings?” Miguel asked.
   “Oh, just my royal advisors trying to get me to marry someone of royalty,” I sighed. “All because they strongly believe that it’s what’s best for the kingdom. And, what’s worse, it’s not just me. They’re doing the same to Anna.”
   “Does she know?” asked Miguel.
   “No,” I replied. “That’s one of the things I don’t have the heart to tell her. And now with Kristoff planning to propose to her – ” I sighed. “It’s too complicated.”
   “Did you parents ever have this much trouble?” asked Miguel. Then he gasped quietly. “I’m sorry. I’m getting too nosey.”
   “No, it’s all right,” I said.
   When I was a child, I was so worried and scared of my powers that by spending most of my childhood in my room didn’t give me much chance to know my parents very much. “I don’t know,” I finally said to Miguel, “but my father must been very lucky when he met my mother.”
   I slowly started to make my way up to my throne room where I would have all of my meetings.
   “Uh, Elsa?”
   I turned around. “Yes, Miguel?” A flying bag was flying towards me and I caught it in my hand. It was a small brown leather bag.
   “Look inside,” said Miguel.
   So I did. I was amazed to see what was inside the bag. They were the shiniest gold coins I had ever seen. Like nothing I have ever seen in Arendelle.
   “That’s real El Dorado gold,” said Miguel. “I picked them from the boat before we crashed it into the secret pillars. I was going to surprise Tulio with them when we get back to Spain, but you and Anna need it more.”
   I looked back at him. “It’s very kind of you, Miguel, and I know what you’re thinking, but – ”
   “If all your attempts to talk yourself out of this marriage business had failed,” said Miguel, “try buying yourself out of marriage.”
   “It might not work,” I told him.
   “Well, at least, try,” said Miguel. “Especially for Anna. For everything she’s done.” Then he started to walk away.
   Miguel was right. Anna did deserve something really special after all she has been through. And I have tried everything I could to try to get her and myself until I was given this opportunity.
   I took another look at the coins and then made my way up to my throne room.

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