Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


11. Elsa

“Hey, I think I can see Anna and Miguel!” cried Olaf, as he looked through the bars.
   Those words made me snap out of feeling sad about Anna not wanting to be with me anymore. Kristoff, Chel and I quickly moved closer to Olaf and looked through the bars.
   “Where?” I asked.
   “At the top of the mountain, I think,” replied Olaf, pointing to the top.
   We could see two people on the top, but, they were so high up, I couldn’t be absolutely certain that it was Anna and Miguel.
   “Elsa, can I have an icicle?” asked Olaf.
   I put my hands together and, when I moved them apart, an icicle appeared. I gave it to Olaf. He broke the top of it off and used it like a telescope.
   “Yes, it’s them, all right,” said Olaf happily. Then he gasped and dropped the icicle in horror. “Oh, no!”
   “What is it?” asked Kristoff.
   “They’re under attack by giant birds!” yelled Olaf.
   “Griffins!” Kristoff yelled.
   “Do you know anything about them?” asked Chel.
   “Well, I never met or seen them,” replied Kristoff. “But the trolls have told me that they are very big and very dangerous animals.”
   “Especially if they’re loyal to a powerful witch,” said Chel.
   We carried on watching Anna and Miguel on top of the mountain. Then Chel turned to Tulio, who was still sulking on the other side of the carriage.
   “Tulio, Miguel’s out of the mountain,” said Chel. “Don’t you want to come and see?”
   “Why would I want?” he sulked. “He probably doesn’t want to see me anymore.”
   I went to Tulio’s side and I touched one bar. It started to get very icily. Then all the bars went all icily too, including the ones Tulio was leaning on.
   “Whoa!” Tulio screamed, as he jumped.
   “Now snap out of it!” I snapped. “Miguel is in trouble and he needs your help.”
   “Yeah,” said Olaf. “Even if you don’t think of it, you and Miguel are still best buds.”
   “Oh, yeah?” said Tulio. “You listened to him when he told you all of this.”
   “Yeah,” said Olaf. “But maybe he doesn’t know you’ve come to rescue him. I mean, I never thought I’d see Kristoff or Elsa ever again when I was taken. So maybe, when they see, Anna and Miguel will be –  ”
   “Falling!” yelled Kristoff.
   We looked back at the top of the mountain and Kristoff was not wrong. A griffin knocked Anna off the ledge!
   “ANNA!” I yelled.
   I was trembling and shaking the bars to get out as I saw my sister fall from the mountain. But then I saw Miguel jumping off the mountain, too. He caught Anna and then they stopped halfway through the mountain. In his right arm he was holding Anna and in his left arm he was holding a thick and strong plant vine of some sort that was hanging on the mountain.
   I let out a sigh of relief, as I saw Miguel putting his feet onto the mountain and Anna climbing onto his back. Then Miguel started to walk down.
   “Uh, oh!” cried Olaf, as he was looking through the icicle spear. “The griffins are still coming for them!”
   “Why don’t they just drop and slide down the slope?” asked Tulio. “They’ll lose the griffins much faster.”
   “And their own lives,” said Kristoff. “That slope is too steep and too high.”
   “Maybe with something like ice, the slope might make it a smoother ride,” said Olaf.
   What Olaf said gave me an idea. I didn’t forget what the trolls had said about starting a war with my powers, but I made up my mind on what I was going to do next.
   “Into the middle, everyone,” I ordered. “It’s going to be a chilly blast.”
   Everyone got into the middle. I put my hands on the bars and they started to turn into ice.
   “Hey, what are you doing?” yelled a goblin.
   “Stop!” yelled another goblin.
   Then I closed my eyes and I pushed my arms out. I opened my eyes and I saw my snow powers had successfully pushed the bars away. We were in the prison carriage no more.
   I saw the whole goblin army coming towards us. I fired some patches of snow in front of them. The goblins laughed.
   “You missed!” roared one.
   They kept on laughing until something grew out of each patch: very big snowmen with icicle swords and spears. They were bigger than Olaf but smaller than Marshmallow. And they were strong and tough enough to keep the goblins busy.
   “I’m going to free Sven!” cried Kristoff, as he ran to the carriages where Sven and Altivo were imprisoned in.
   “Chel, get Altivo!” ordered Tulio.
   Chel joined Kristoff.
   Tulio, Olaf and I ran to the mountain. “Anna!” I yelled.
   We looked up to see Anna and Miguel still climbing down despite the griffins flying around them. And they didn’t stop moving down, but they did manage to look at us.
   “Elsa!” Anna cried.
   “Tulio!” cried Miguel.
   “You must let go of that vine!” I shouted.
   “What?” Anna and Miguel cried together.
   “Trust me!” Then I pushed my hands out and snow was climbing and covering up on the mountain. Soon the mountain had a glacier over it.
   Anna faced Miguel. “Miguel, let go!”
   “Are you sure this is a good – ”
   Anna let go and she fell onto the ice and began to slide down.
   “Miguel, what are you waiting for?” Tulio shouted to Miguel. “Let go!”
   Miguel closed his eyes and gulped. Then he finally let go. He opened his eyes as he caught up with Anna.
   “Look!” cried Tulio. “Griffins!”
   The griffins were still chasing Anna and Miguel. I had an idea.
   “This is your bunch,” I said to Tulio as I gave him a bunch of snowballs.
   But as he took them, he screamed and dropped them. “God, that’s cold!” he snapped. I didn’t have time to make more for him.
   “Here, Olaf,” I said, giving him his bunch of snowballs.
   And I had my own bunch of snowballs ready. “Aim for the griffins!” I ordered. Then I threw my first snowball at the griffin nearest towards Anna and Miguel, but it missed the bird and hit Anna’s hair. I tried again but it hit Miguel’s face.
   Not to criticize Tulio or anything, but he was doing worst than me. His attempt to make snowballs was the worst I’ve seen in my life; even four year olds could make better snowballs.
   Then snowballs were actually hitting the griffins. I saw the snowballs were coming from Olaf’s pile. Not only was he actually hitting the mean birds, but he was also doing it at the fastest speed I had ever seen. He was a snowman after all.
   Anna and Miguel had avoided the griffins, but they stopped sliding when they came to a dead end. And they were still very high up on the mountain and it was too steep to jump down.
   As if that wasn’t bad enough, one griffin was flying towards them.
   I fired more snow to the ground. “Quick! Make more snowballs! Now!”
   “Stop!” yelled Tulio. “Look!”
   He pointed to the griffin that landed a couple of paces away from Anna and Miguel. Then it glowed very brightly. Then the light vanished and then walking to our friends was a tall woman with black hair in a brown dress.
   “Thora!” yelled Anna.
   “You never were going to let us go, were you?” said Miguel. “Alive that is.”
   “And you’re trying to get this back, aren’t you?” said Anna, who was holding an emerald stone.
   “Very well played,” Thora smiled. “You know, it’s been a lot of fun chasing you and that emerald stone, but I’m tired now, so how about you just give me the stone?”
   “Okay,” said Anna.
   “What?” Miguel cried.
   “Shh!” she whispered.
   I hoped she knew what she was doing, because sometimes she doesn’t. One example was the time she quickly accepted Prince Hans’s proposal on the day she met him.
   Thora approached Anna and reached for the stone, but Anna threw it. And it landed next to us.
   Olaf picked it up. “Wow! This will look great on me!”
   “Olaf, don’t put it on!” I cried.
   Tulio quickly snatched it.
   “Uh, can I have my arm back?” asked Olaf.
   Tulio quickly realized that he was holding Olaf’s stick arm. “Oh, sorry,” he said, as he stuck Olaf’s arm back… into his face.
   Back on the slope, Thora screamed in a rage. She fired her arms up and was aiming at Anna and Miguel. I fired snow at her, but she moved out of the way. She fired yellow lightning towards us, but we all rolled out of the way.
   “We’ve got to destroy that stone,” said Tulio.
   “But how?” I asked.
   Then I saw Thora firing lighting at Anna and Miguel, but they quickly rolled off the slope!
I fired enough snow to under where they were falling and they landed safe and sound, but lighting spun around them as Thora jumped and hovered down.
   “Elsa, how about an icicle?” called Tulio.
   I hoped he knew what he was doing as I did what he asked. I created a new icicle and threw to Tulio. He put the stone down and tried to stab it into pieces with the icicle. It wasn’t working. Even my hardest and strongest icicles couldn’t break the stone.
   “Let me try,” said Olaf, as he took the icicle. He tried to stab it, but he hit the edge of the stone and it flew off. It flew off to where Anna and Miguel were trapped by Thora’s lightning. But the stone didn’t stop rolling until it got hit by one of the lightning bolts.
   The stone was shattered into dust and, when Thora landed, she fell down onto the ground. “No!” she screamed.
   Anna and Miguel started to run away from her.
   “No! I will not die alone!” Thora shouted.
   She pulled her hand out and Anna and Miguel fell down. Plant vines were wrapped around their legs. They tried to wriggle themselves free, but had no success.
   “Let’s go and help them!” shouted Tulio.
   Then, from where Thora was, a huge black cloud appeared. It overtook Anna and Miguel and then it quickly vanished.
   “ANNA!” I screamed.
   “MIGUEL!” shouted Tulio.
   We could see neither our friends nor the witch.
   “Where are they?” asked Kristoff, as he, Sven, Chel and Altivo joined us. “They didn’t just vanish into – ”
   “Yep,” sniffled Olaf, lowering his head. “They did.”
   Everyone silently lowered their heads.
   A waterfall of tears came out of my eyes as I fell to the ground. Last time I thought I lost Anna for good, she was thawed back to life from her frozen body by her true love act. But, this time, since I couldn’t find her body at all and I saw her vanish into the big cloud with Miguel, I felt certain this time Anna was gone for good!
   As I sobbed my eyes out, I banged the ground with my hands. I lifted my head up to take a quick breather and I saw that I had accidentally unleashed a path of snow leading towards the goblins. I also saw my snow warriors were nothing more than a bunch of puddles.
   I wiped my eyes and stood up. I headed over to Beata and the goblins.
   Beata saw me. “Just hear us out,” she said. “We didn’t know this would happen to your friends. We really didn’t. All we wanted was peace.”
   “And peace you shall have,” I said, lifting my right arm up. I pushed it forward and snow was fired at them, but they ran out of the way.
   I kept firing snow patches at them as I chased after them, until Chel and Olaf on Altivo got in front of, so I quickly moved my hand so my powers wouldn’t hit them.
   “What are you guys doing?” I yelled. “Get out of the way!”
   “No!” Chel yelled back.
   “What are you doing, Chel?” yelled Tulio, as he, Kritsoff and Sven came behind me.
   “What are you doing?” asked Chel.
   “That’s what I’m asking you,” said Tulio.
   “I’m asking Elsa,” said Chel.
   “Oh,” said Tulio.
   “Your Majesty, if you don’t mind,” I said. “And I’m ordering you to get out of my way.”
   “I hope killing these goblins will make you happy,” Chel said at me. “Because this will not bring Miguel and Anna back! Nor will it do them any favours.”
   What Chel was saying getting to me. “But they sent my sister and your friend to die.”
   “If they were here now, I don’t think they would like what you were doing,” Chel went one.
   “Well said, Chel.”
   “Quiet, Miguel!” snapped Tulio. “Can’t you see – ”
   Miguel? Then if he can still talk, then that must mean Anna –
   I immediately ceased the blizzard and looked around. I couldn’t hear or see any sign of them. Then a snowball hit the right side of my face.
   “Anna!” I shouted. Then I quickly looked to my right and saw… 
   “Miguel!” cried Chel.
   Yes, Miguel was there and on his feet. And so was…
   “Anna!” I cried happily.
   I ran quickly to my sister and immediately hugged her.
   “Oh, Elsa,” sighed Anna.
   “Are you all right?” I asked her.
   “Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” Anna smiled. “But I bet you’re mad at me for not returning to Arendelle, dealing with goblins and scaring you on the mountain and – ”
   “No, I’m not,” I smiled, as I hugged her again. “I’m just so glad you’re safe.” I have never been this happy in ages; a new waterfall of tears came out of my eyes, but this time they were tears of happy and relief, knowing that the only family I have and my very best friend since I was born was alive and unhurt..
   I let go of her and moved out of the way so Anna could hug Kristoff. He wrapped his coat around her shoulders and gave her a kiss.
   “Anna, you’re okay!” cried Olaf happily, as he walked towards her.
   “Oh, Olaf,” smiled Anna, as she hugged him.
   Then Sven licked her on the face.
   “You all came looking for me?” asked Anna.
   “‘Well, Arendelle has been rather boring without you’,” said Kristoff, talking for Sven.
   “Why, thank you, Sven,” smiled Anna, patting him on the nose. Then she turned to face me. “Elsa, you left Arendelle to – ”
  “Anna, you’re the only family I got,” I smiled, as I put my arm around her. “I love you.”
   Further away from us, Altivo was licking Miguel’s face. He was so proud to see him.
  “I missed you, too, boy,” smiled Miguel, as he hugged him.
   Then Chel hugged him. “We were so worried,” she smiled.
   Then Tulio caught him and hugged him. “You’re all right, Miguel!” he cried happily. Then suddenly his face widened and he dropped him. “What do you have to say for yourself?” he asked.
   “Really, Tulio?” said Miguel. “I’ve just climbed a mountain, fought a witch and a flock of griffins and this is the best greeting you can give me?”
   “You haven’t been listening to the little voice, have you?” said Tulio.
   “As a matter of fact, I have,” said Miguel. “It said if I didn’t do this, I would be stuck with the goblins forever and this island will never be rid of evil magic.”
   “And, in Miguel’s defense, the voice said the right thing,” said Beata.
   We all charged for them.
   “Now, come on,” said Beata. “Now, that Miguel and Anna are alive and well and we are free from Thora, can’t we have that peace thing we agreed?”
   “Well, how about this for peace?” I said. “Promise that you will never leave these plains and in turn we will never disturb you again.”
   “Not the kind of peace we were hoping,” said Beata.
   “And who are you to talk to me?” I asked. “Shouldn’t it be your captain?”
   “You mean, my captain of the guards?” said Beata.
   “What?” cried Anna. “You don’t mean – ”
   “Yes, Anna,” said Beata. “I am Countess Beata of Goblin Plains. I was the one who ordered your capture and I was the one who ordered to search and snatch someone like Miguel.”
   “You mean, the Captain is not your father?” asked Anna.
   “No,” said Beata. “But Abram and Heddy are my nephew and niece.”
   “Oh, I’ve had enough of this,” moaned Tulio. “Now that we’ve found Miguel, we’re getting back to that raft and sailing away back to Spain.”
   “And we’re all going back to Arendelle right now,” I declared. I turned to my friends. “Let’s go.”
   “Back to Arendelle?” said Beata. “Where you are no longer queen there?”
   I stopped and faced Beata again. “What did you say?”
   “No, it’s true,” said Beata. “And this time it’s your fault.”
   My fault?
   “You handled Arendelle over to Thora’s son when you left to find Anna,” went on Beata.
   No! It couldn’t be! Raggard was a prince, not a sorcerer. Or could he be? I felt very ashamed of myself for handling my people over to an evil sorcerer.
   “We can help,” said Beata.
   “How?” asked Tulio.
   “That emerald stone isn’t the only thing Miguel and Anna brought out of the mountain,” said Beata.
   I looked at Anna and I noticed she had a necklace with a little white diamond around her. I held it and I tried to take it off her, but it was stuck.
   “Careful, Elsa!” protested Anna.
   “You guys having any luck with Miguel’s?” asked Kristoff.
   “No,” replied Chel. “We can’t get it off either.”
   “Where did you get these, Anna?” I asked.
   Anna told me about how she and Miguel had to gamble to get the source of her power.
   “And we lost your loaded dice, Tulio, I’m afraid,” said Anna. “Sorry.”
   Tulio gave Miguel a disappointed look. “I thought I lost those dice during that terrible storm at sea,” said Tulio.
   “I wanted to tell you I picked them out of the sea,” said Miguel. “I really did. I was so busy with the rowing, it slipped my mind.”
   “Those diamonds are keys to Raggard’s secret chambers,” said Beata. “You will have to go there. It’s the only way to get them off your necks.”
   “But where are these chambers?” asked Kristoff.
   “I don’t know,” said Beata. “If you were an evil wizard or witch and wanted to protect your power source, where would you hide it?”
   We all thought as hard as we could, but it was harder than we thought. Even I, someone with snow powers, couldn’t even take a guess.
   “A cemetery!” cried Olaf.
   We looked at him.
   “Think about it,” he said. “People visit a cemetery to pay respects for their dead ones. So I’m thinking that’s where I would hide my power source, if I was an evil sorcerer.”
   No one else had any better ideas.
   “Then we shall go to the cemetery,” I said.
   “It’ll take us three days at most to get back to Arendelle,” Kristoff told me.
   “Humans, horse, reindeer,” said Beata. “Join hands together.”
   “What?” asked Tulio.
   “Do you want to get to the cemetery in three days or three seconds?” asked Beata.
   “Let’s do what she says,” I said.
   So Kristoff held Sven’s reins in his right hand and held Anna’s left hand. Anna held my right hand and I held Olaf’s right stick arm. Olaf held Miguel’s right arm and he held Chel’s right hand. Chel held Tulio’s left hand and he held Altivo’s reins in his right hand.
   “So how are we going to get to the cemetery like this?” asked Tulio.
   “Only Miguel and Anna can do that,” replied Beata.
   “Really?” said Anna and Miguel together.
   “What were you thinking about when the cloud nearly grabbed you guys?” asked Beata.
   “That we were away from it,” replied Anna and Miguel together.
   “Exactly,” said Beata. “So all you got to do is close your eyes and – ”
   We closed our eyes but we couldn’t hear the goblins talking anymore. I opened my eyes. We weren’t at the mountain anymore and we couldn’t see any goblins.

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