Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


2. Elsa

Usually my favorite part of the day was ice-skating in the castle courtyard, but my new skating partner, Prince Raggard of the Kingdom of Thurnheag, was not much of a skater nor did he seem to be really interested in it. He was a tall, muscular, black-haired and bearded man who was always more interested in telling all the battles he fought to protect his kingdom. As interesting as he made them out to be, he was really boring me to death. And him falling down every time he tried to skate on his own did nothing but embarrass me in front of my people who were ice-skating near us.
   After Raggard fell down for the sixteenth time, I decided that I have had enough ice-skating for the day. “Maybe we should practice ice-skating same time tomorrow,” I told him.
   “Yeah,” agreed Raggard, as he picked himself up. “This reminded me of the time when I first rode my horse and I kept falling down. But now, after so much experience, I can stay on a horse battle monsters with swords and spears.”
   See what I mean? It always had to be about him. But having said that, out of the sixteen princes that I have met for the last six months, he was the best. The others were good-looking, had nice manners and were off royal blood, but they only seemed to be interested in my riches, my looks or just trying to be king. Raggard maybe a war-hardened military leader, but at least he could offer protection for my kingdom if I chose to marry him.
   But I wouldn’t have done all of this in the first place if it weren’t for this ridiculous royal law where I have to marry a prince or a king or someone of royal blood. My advisors kept insisting a kingdom needs both a king and a queen, though I failed to see why it had to be that way.
I skated off the ice rink and took a deep breath. Ever since being Queen of Arendelle and learning to control my ice powers after the eternal winter, I have been under pressure with ruling the kingdom, but I always had the support from my sister Anna. But she had been missing for two whole months.
   I sent her over to the Kingdom of Juhlex to negotiate a peace between them and my kingdom of Arendelle. I was very happy to hear that the negotiations were a success, but not to hear that only Anna had been taken away and her escort party was left for unknown reasons. I sent them to search for my sister. I even sent Olaf to see what he can do, but now he was missing too.
   Then three palace guards approached me. “Your Majesty,” said one. “The search party for Princess Anna has returned.”

The guards took Raggard and me to my throne room. As I sat down on my throne, the search party bowed before me.
   “Anything, Captain?” I asked.
   “Nothing, I fear, Your Majesty,” he told me. “We searched as far as the land would let us and we have not found any trace of Princess Anna. Not even a single hair.
   “We searched every kingdom, questioned every villager and all the kings and the queens of every kingdom have allowed us to search their castles and dungeons,” went on the Captain. “We even put up your reward posters. Still no luck.”
   “Maybe some pirates might have kidnapped her and taken her on a boat,” said Raggard.
   “We asked every member on the watch tower, Your Majesty,” said the Captain. “They say there have not been so much a minnow, let alone a boat, moving in the docks.”
   Then the three guards reappeared.
   “Your Majesty, Kristoff is here,” said the second guard.
   I nodded to them to escort him forward. He bowed before me.
   “Kristoff, when was the last time you’ve seen Anna?” I asked him.
   “Four months ago, Ma’am,” he told me. “I’ve been busy with my ice breaking and she said she was busy with her negotiation deals with other kingdoms.”
   “Have you even seen Olaf?” I asked.
   “No,” he replied.
   I turned to the guards. “Guards, have you searched Kristoff for clues?”
   “Yes, Your Majesty,” said the third guard. “We also searched his sleigh and his reindeer. Not a thing.”  
   I have never worried so much ever since I created the eternal winter two years ago. I knew my sister was optimistic and curious, but she had never been missing this long. Everyone had tried their hardest to find her but had failed and seemingly beginning to give up on her. Then I remembered when everyone, including myself, gave up on myself and my curse for bringing winter to Arendelle, Anna was the only one who didn’t.
   But I couldn’t leave my kingdom. I never forgot since I and Anna left Arendelle and Hans was left in charge. I couldn’t do that ever again. But I was not ready to give up on my sister.
   “Your Majesty,” said Raggard. “If you want to go and find look for Anna, you can. I will look after this kingdom for you.”
   I turned to face him. “Excuse me?”
   “Once you return,” said Raggard, “whether you found her or not, this kingdom will be yours again. I promise.”
   I pondered all this. Then I stood up from my throne. “Prince Raggard, you will keep order in the kingdom until I return. Kristoff, you and Sven will accompany me in finding Anna.”
   Raggard bowed as I and Kristoff walked out of my throne room.

It was night time when Kristoff and I walked outside the royal gates. And not a lot of people seemed to be walking around the streets of Arendelle, which was good, because I didn’t really want anyone to know what they were doing and I hoped that we will find Anna as soon as possible.
   Kristoff and I went to Kristoff’s sleigh – the one I gave him two years ago. And it still looked brand new. Not a single scratch on it yet.
   Sven the reindeer was looking very fed up.
   “Well, what could I do, Sven?” protested Kristoff, as he got in. “We had to come here. Queen’s orders.”
   “‘Okay, I’ll let you off’,” he went on, pretending to talk like Sven.
   “Why, thank you,” he said in his normal voice.
   I got in on the other side of the sleigh. Soon we left Arendelle.
   “Where was the last time the escort party had seen her?” Kristoff asked me.
   “In Gyllen Forest,” I told him. “They didn’t even see who knocked them out. They spent two months trying to find her.”
   “And now they’ve given up?” said Kristoff.
   “Anna never gave up on me, no matter how bad things happened with my ice powers,” I said.  “So, this time, I’m not giving up on her.”
   “And I never gave up on her,” said Kristoff. “And I’m never going to.”
   I smiled. It was nice to know I was not the only one who was not giving up on Anna. “Then let’s not waste any time! Let’s make haste!”
   “You heard the queen, Sven,” said Kristoff. “Let’s make haste!”
   Then Sven went faster.

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